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  1. This would be much less of a problem if you were allowed to choose which role you are when you build your deck. In casual play you can do this, but not in official play. Personally I would like the ability to choose my own roll, instead of relying on the decision of some dude, I've never met, let alone spoken too. Seeker of Air is a really powerful role, and having 2 air provinces is neat, but I would have preferred the Extra influence and access to the Keeper cards. Allowing players to choose their own rolls has the added benefit of actually seeing some diversity between decks that use the same clan. Or as another idea, when you are building your deck, you could have the option of including the Officially Selected roll for your clan, which gives you access to an element and a role, a generic element without a role , or a generic Keeper/Seeker roll without an element. That is a system I could get behind.
  2. I don't want to change your opinion, nor am I trying to change it. I dont believe that dishonor is NPE. I think its a fun mechanic and enjoy both using it and having it used against me. Not sure what you mean by impartial, but believe what you want. And I don't really care one way or another what roll the scorpions have. It's all gravy. Have a good day, sir.
  3. Oh no..... Backhanded complement is going to nuke this game into the dirt, Whats that a card that directly counters BC, and it's neutral? Oh no..... This card is terrible. Facepalm. I almost spilled my tea.
  4. WotCh can be in every possible deck ever. BC can legally be in 4 possible deck combinations out of 49. That's like, what, 8%? I'm not worried. BC is only a game-losing threat if you are playing a deck that can legaly use the card, AND you have 3 (or lower) honor, AND your opponent has equal or more copies of BC in his hand than you have honor, AND you don't have anything in your hand that can possibly cancel the Event, prevent the event from being played, or can immediately gain you a single point of honor. That is a lot of factors and a lot of stars that have to align. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with the either BC or Wotch.
  5. My meta was obviously different then yours. It's kind of weird, Its almost as if I have my own, separate and different, experiences with the game, and that made me form my own opinions on the subject, Weird. Snowballing was an issue with the CCG, and you cant say that it wasn't. FFG specifically put in mechanics to help prevent snowballing. And yes, while I exaggerated a little about losing one providence costing you the game, I am not exaggerating when I say that most of the games I played generally came down to one pivotal battle. Whoever won that one pivotal battle, generally won the game. Not always, but overwhelmingly enough that I thought it appropriate to mention.
  6. I disagree with this statement. You very much CAN play around BC, and you can play around it easier than you can WotCH. The thing with WotCH is its a neutral card. It can literally be in any or every deck. You will never know if its in the deck or not, unless you happen to know the exact contents of the deck you are playing. With BC, you only have to worry about it if you are playing against that particular role, and only then if they are splashing scorpion.
  7. Clearly I was exaggerating. No, losing one providence didn't immediately end the game for you, But losing the providence, and your 5-6 defenders against your opponents 5-6 attackers really put you in a bad place that was hard to come back from. Not impossible to come back from, but certainly at a major disadvantage.
  8. Or the ever classic "Lose one providence, and never be able to recover from it?"
  9. I hear that Scorps maul crabs pretty effectively.
  10. I can not be the only one that would like to have some of these. Come on FFG, sell deck protectors with the Clan Mon on them. Make 2 sets, with alternate color schemes. As an example, Crane clan you can sell White mon on a blue background, and Blue mon on a white background. You will make all the monies, and an internet or two.
  11. If you are in or around the Crystal Lake area, My buddy and I will be giving a play demo of L5R today around 1800. Location is Affinity for Gaming, in Crystal Lake. I will be running Crane, splashed with Lion, and My friend has a Dragon deck. Single Core Format. Hope to see you there!
  12. A good catch any my apologies. The font is a little hard to read. I'll change it.
  13. Now now, none of that. There will be no spilling the tea in this thread, lest dishonor falls upon you, your clan, and your cow.
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