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  1. Thanks for the confirmation of how I thought it worked. The Rules reference wording isn't as explicitly clear as you were.
  2. Soooo, damage is assigned as per usual... Not to all units?
  3. Hi All, Played my first game last night and just wanted a rules clarification. With orbital bombardment, do all units take the same damage, or is it assigned like regular combat damage. ie. 3 x Eldar bombards (with 8 dice) Ork 3 units, 2 Warboyz (with two health) and 1 Nobz with 4 health... rolls 4 hits. Are all three units destroyed? or does the ork player have to choose to lose the Nobz or both of the Warboyz (or even one warboyz and soak 2 with the Nobz)
  4. We've done 3, 4 and 5 player games all of which have worked fine... (The 5 player game was a bit more brutal as one player virtually ignored the VPs).
  5. Hi, I’ve tried the below multiplayer variant a few times now and they have always been successful and fun games so I thought I would share. OBJECTIVE: To be the player who escapes the starting edge of the map with the most victory points. WHAT YOU NEED: Lists: Each player chooses 1 small base ship and upgrades up to a maximum of 35 points. Map: Any size map Obstacles: Enough to make the field busy. (ie we used 9 asteroids on a regular 3x3 map, 12 asteroids/debris on a 4x3, etc) (add proximity mines or other wave 7 goodies also viable) Targets: Find a random sample of ‘targets’, at least 4 per person. (We have been using all of the beacons, escape pods, shuttle tokens that you receive for the missions included in each expansion) Dice: Selection of different sided dice, at least one per Target (We tend to use bigger dice (D8s) for bigger targets, D6s for medium targets, and smaller dice (D4s) for smaller targets but any mix will work fine) SETUP: 1. Take it in turns to distribute the obstacles 2. Take it in turns to distribute the targets 3. In initiative order (roll to break ties) place all players ships on one edge of the board 4. Roll a dice for each target and place the dice showing the result on the target 5. Commence Play! RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: · Players who leave the board by any side except the starting side are considered eliminated with zero Victory Points (VP). · Once a player exits from the starting side they are out of the game but go onto the Leaderboard with any VPs they have captured · Players gain VPs equal to the dice showing on a target by shooting and killing a target · Targets have 2 Agility and 1 Hull (Range modifiers do apply for primary weapons) · When all players have left the board (either by destruction or flying off the board) the player on the leaderboard with the greatest number of VPs wins. I think the variant works well because in other 35-point scrums players often avoid combat, gang up on players, or do other anti-social play tactics that cause feel bad (especially for newer players). In this variant players have a clear early objective to chase VPs (though some people will take cheeky pot-shots), and as the game progresses to the mid-game it becomes clear which players have hoarded a large number of VPs and need to be eliminated for anyone else to win, and then end-game comes down to the last 2-3 players trying to kill the one player who can beat them and/or escape the board and win. For any of you who are looking for some casual multiplayer fun, I hope you give it a run and have as much fun as we did. Love to hear any thoughts or feedback also. Regards, Tren
  6. Tren

    So... HHHZ...

    I'm loving that we've had Wave 6 for however long... and new (tournament worthy) lists are still bubbling to the surface. Gives me some comfort that FFG have built a bit of depth into their releases and there is still room to explore.
  7. I think people are ignoring the fact we know nothing of the dial... And my prediction is that it's going to be similar to a Hawks...
  8. Is it just me who is happy that a lot of people are having to think and choose their own list instead of just grabbing what they hear is strong on the net.....
  9. Tren

    How to play a CR90

    <Disclaimer: I have never played Epic> A common complaint I hear from people is that the CR90 just does not make up its points, and never has enough energy to be effective. The common rebuttal is it's being played wrong and you can't just blast away with all your guns each turn. So, how do you fly it effectively? Note: I'm not asking for builds, I'm asking... What is the approach (do you fly in and maximum speed or go slow), how many weapons do you fire per turn, do you have a firing turn, then a non-firing turn? how do you make the beast awesome?
  10. I'm not going to get into the argument about the relative merits of Rebels, docking rules, or prequel / EU / etc whatever.... However, as was seen with the way that the EU organically built up over two decades, once something has be designed and added to the lore... it does have a tendency to start showing up in other media. As supporting evidence of this, I play the iOS Star Wars Commander game which has both the Defender and the Decimator. The former originating from the computer games and the latter from an old miniatures game (far as I understand). Therefore I wouldn't knock the chances of potentially seeing the raider in rebels... or a future star wars movie. Its first likely propagation though would be Armada, followed closely by the FFG LCG.
  11. Max damage if it hits... Sounds reasonable.... How does it work with crits?
  12. My personal opinion is that FFG included ordinance as a high risk / high reward option and overvalued it because of the ability to do high levels of damage in a single shot (even if it is improbable). Imagine how NOT fun an early wave 1 battle would be if an Xwing and an Advanced Tie clashed by jousting and in the first round of shooting a proton torpedo took out one of the combatants. That's a lot of setup for a very unexciting game, (ignoring all of poor strategic choices and highly improbably rolls / card reveals that could lead to such an event happening). To exacerbate the high risk / overvalued problem is the tendency for more competitive players to (stereotypically) prefer non-luck reliant strategies, which further reduces the likelihood of ordinance seeing play. Narrative-style and more casual players are more willing to use high risk / high reward strategies because they're more willing to tolerate (or be ignorant of) non-optimal performance so that they can get that high-5 story of the time that pulled off the miracle shot that won them the game. ("Use the force Luke" "Great shot kid") I think the good news is that newly released ordinance is getting closer to the playability (for competitive folks) and they are experimenting with various buffs to ordinance (munitions fail safe, Lt. Blount, Jonus, etc). However, if the aim of the game is to try and make the original ordinance competitive, the idea I liked (but have in no way tested) is that via a rules change or modification... When Missiles & Torpedoes deal damage, they ignore shields. It maintains them being a high risk strategy, but increases the reward exponentially.... And can be (somewhat) justified in the fluff.
  13. Tren


    @Kryzak: I think this game is pretty diverse... But you have to appreciate subtle differences like echo-phantoms with mini-swarm vs whisper-phantoms with doom-shuttle & soontir. If you just lump them together as "phantom lists" and don't how the small differences make a big difference to game play then I think you will be disappointed. I remember reading from the 2013 world finals that Paul heaver made an uncommon PS bid by upgrading from blues to daggers in his Biggs walks the dogs list. a subtle difference that apparently made all the difference. Also consider the face-off at gen-con of his fat-Han list in the semis with a dual falcons list... Both ran very similar primary ship builds but differences in the supporting cast made all the difference in the way the match played out. If you're expecting an ongoing meta where no one ship constantly tops the tournament schedule and is quickly duplicated and repeated any many other tournaments then I think you will be disappointed. As strategically complex as this game is, it is not so strategically complex that the collective intelligence of the player base can't solve it prior to the next release. (This problem is somewhat exacerbated by the extreme early previews the community is given of ships that are yet to be released, but that is another topic). And win-hungry tournament players will flock to whatever the hyped successful list is. For your own sanity either learn appreciate the subtle differences (even if it is the fifth match you've played against super dash in a row!), or follow the teachings of Master SableGryphon who is constantly developing (and doing well with) rogue builds. (Props to Sable and his great articles exploring lesser used ships/builds)
  14. Tren


    My prediction is an average dial (ie similar to an xwing, better than a z95 but worse than a Tie/ln.)... Potentially with segnor-loops instead of KTurns to make them more interesting and mobile.
  15. They could use a similar fix to the advanced ... ie a title that cheapens an astromech upgrade.... But what I've liked most about the way FFG has "fixed" ships is that they've used different methods for each ship (and kept it flavourful). To those talking second edition... I doubt they'll go that direction for a long time. As of 2015 they'll have a new 'cannon' movie per year through till 2020 to feed off of... not to mention Rebels. Beyond that, FFG has been releasing old cards that are "necessary" in newer products and Aces packs alike, and issued FAQ changes to the rules as required. And they continue to re-issue each wave currently... Don't have enough advanced? Don't worry a new print run will be in your stores as soon as the row boat from china gets here!
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