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  1. It's like you didn't read anything. Your name being spelled wrong is not a problem. A misprint of a hull value from the squadbuilder wouldn't be a problem. Those are immaterial mistakes. The issue being discussed are list changes. Everyone agrees that configurations are part of the ship. They are technically upgrades, but they are really part of the ship. They are only expressed as upgrades because the mechanism needs to have two conditions, which means two sides of a card. I get it. We all get it. Pittsburgh should have been able to play with the cards in most circumstances. Pittsburgh didn't play with the cards because the Pittsburgh captain, ME, chose not to ask to be allowed to add them. No other captains or teams were even given the opportunity to make the decision. I didn't give them that opportunity because I felt it was better for the event not to open that pandora's box. That was solely my decision and no one else's. Columbus had nothing to do with that decision, and you are completely out of line to accuse anyone on the Columbus team or any other team of cheating or trying to WAACs. Completely out of line. Multiple teams did not make the same mistakes. One team said they made a mistake and wanted to change a talent. Another team, Pittsburgh, omitted the configurations on their ships in one list. This wasn't a systemic problem. One team wanted to make a change, and Pittsburgh made a mistake. You are simply drawing conclusions that have absolutely nothing to support them. Pittsburgh chose the be sportsmen about the mistake and not put the other captains in an awkward position. It's that simple. No one tried to use Pittsburgh's mistake to their own advantage. I'll say it again, because I think it's very important. NO OTHER CAPTAINS WERE GIVEN THE CHOICE TO ALLOW PITTSBURGH TO USE THE CONFIGURATIONS. No one cheated, no one tried to screw anyone. Pittsburgh chose to eat it's own mistake. To us that felt like the correct decision, and it still does. And again, I totally get that omitted configurations are an oversight that occur as a result of the squad builders. If you go to a System Open and forget to add them to your list, the TO will allow you to do it. They are there by implication. I get that, I think everyone does. Pittsburgh chose not to ask, to continue to cement the standard that had been set when the rules were written and when the other team asked to make a change. The rules said no, so Pittsburgh wanted to abide by that. You can choose to live in your own reality and think the event that day had no relevance and that we didn't "play Xwing". But, that it a completely preposterous conclusion.
  2. The fact that we had a council to make the rules makes them not arbitrary by definition. I think you need to reread the definition. My decision not to bring it up was the correct call here. The rules were agreed to by everyone and I wasn't going to ask for a special exception. I've said all along that I agree that a missed configuration and a talent change are vastly different changes. But, a change is still a change no matter how minor it may appear. I hope someday you run or plan an event and have to deal with rule exception after rule exception in the name of "arbitrary" rules. That kind of thing can snowball out of control. There is far less damage to players by just adhering to the rules as they are written.
  3. The rules aren't arbitrary man. They were there for a reason and a purpose. The 5 teams that decide the rules agreed to them. You create a rule set so that you specifically don't have to make judgement calls in the moment. Everyone knows how things will play out because it's all been decided ahead of time. That's a Pro-Player position because no player has to worry that some group of people will decide he can't do something. The players all know what the rules are ahead of time, none are decided in the moment. Deciding things in the moment as they come up would be FAR more arbitrary than deciding things ahead of time.
  4. I think it was pointed out that Pittsburgh was missing the configuration out of irony more than something petty (even though it felt petty). The team that pointed it out never actually said Pittsburgh couldn’t use them, they just noted that they were missing. Pittsburgh decided not to ask for them or pursue the issue for the reasons stated above.
  5. I’m really not sure you know what in the **** you are talking about. The Composure/Trickshot mistake was not a misclick. That team submitted the wrong list. They said so. They originally wanted to do the failed boost into a rock to get a focus, but learned they couldn’t do that. At some point the list was changed internally for them, but regardless they submitted Composure. It was not a misclick. The conversation and discussions regarding the request to change Composure to Trickshot lasted way longer than they should have. At any event where there is a list turn in deadline, you can’t make a change after that. I decided not to push the issue with the configurations for the reasons I said. I had no intention of making anyone feel bad, or feel petty. I simply wanted to honor the standard that was set, and not reopen the discussion that was the Composure/Trickshot change. Don’t read into anything here man, what I wrote is what happened and that’s all that happened. I was the primary voice against the Composure/Trickshot change. I didn’t actually care if they made the change, but I didn’t want to set a bad precedent. If they’d been allowed to make the change, what’s to stop another team from stating they they meant to put IGD crew on Boba instead of Perceptive Copilot? Or that the ion turret on Kavil is supposed to be a dorsal turret? If you allow all of or any of those changes you are creating problems for future events. If Composure hadn’t been allowed, but the configuration changes had, now you have a double standard. So, in OutRyder IX, some team wants to make a small change. They are told no, but then they argue that Pittsburgh had been allowed to add the configurations and the change they are requesting is no different. Maybe it would be or maybe it wouldn’t be, but now the captains all have to determine if the requested change is small enough to allow. That’s a nightmare. No matter how that’s decided some team(s) are going to feel super wronged. Neither I, nor anyone on my team, wanted to open that box for future events by asking for the configuration cards. We all know how small and trivial adding the configuration cards are. I get it. But, it was less about that and more about protecting the event in the future. Nothing more, nothing less. Please stop assigning motives to people involved. You weren’t there, nor were you part of any of the rules discussions leading up the the event. I’ve tried to be as transparent as possible here, and I promise there is nothing more to see or read into.
  6. Here is what happened. Lists were turned in on 1/4, the event was on 1/12. On 1/11 one of the teams wanted to switch out Composure for Trick shot in one of their lists. They said it was an oversight. But, it was 7 days after the lists had been turned in. There was much discussion, but the rules don't allow for that sort of change. So, the team was told they must play with the list as is, with Composure. Hours later that same team pointed out that the Pittsburgh team (my team) did not have the configurations on their Xwings or Uwings (in what felt like some weird gotcha revenge for the earlier decision). The mistake was completely mine. As the Pittsburgh Captain I was responsible to turn in the lists. It was a simple oversight on my part. I had 24 lists to submit, plus many other things to account for (hotels, car rentals, etc) so it was just missed. Being that I was not only the Pittsburgh team captain, but also the main organizer for OutRyder I CHOSE not to even ask the other captains to allow us to use the configurations. We'd set the standard earlier in the day, and as the captain of my team I chose to accept the consequences of my oversight. Is there a difference between changing a talent and adding a 0 point configuration, of course there is. But, I was more interested in setting the precedent that lists aren't changed after they are submitted. There is a good deal of pairing strategy that goes into the event and seeing the lists ahead of time caused teams to make strategies based on what was seen. Do I think that changing Composure for Trickshot or adding 0 point configurations would have made any real effect on what teams had planned,? Of course not. However, the standard had been set, and if we'd allowed the above changes, what happens at the next event, or the one after? I'm pretty sure the other captains would have allowed us to use the configurations, but I was more interested on just setting the example that you shouldn't ask to make changes. Our player still scored all of his points without the configurations on his ship. Bottom line is that the configurations were left off because they weren't on the submitted lists due to my oversight. And, I never asked for us to be allowed to use the configurations, so no TO (or concensus of captains) ever made a ruling on way or another.
  7. You can keep playing this way if you want. It's incorrect, but go ahead and keep doing it. Eventually, you will run into a judge that will correctly rule against you, or other players will just stop playing with you casually. Be prepared to be disappointed when you try to interpret the rules the way you are. Multiple people have shown you how it works, but you are just refusing to listen.
  8. In a 2014 Store Championship I was running 2 Ion Cannon Blue Squadron Bwings, a BTL-A4 Ion Turret R3A2 Gold Squadron, and an Ion Turret Roark Garnet. In the cut I played against a Dash/Corran list. We were both running the original damage deck and I was able to put an Injured Pilot crit on Dash and leave him at 1 hull, and ioned facing a rock. Dash's next 1 straight ion move put him onto a rock, and due to the Injured Pilot, he had to suffer the rock like everyone else. Dash rolled the hit and died. It was very satisfying to kill Dash with a rock.
  9. It's 98 points. 24 + 44 + 30 = 98 QD went to PS8 specifically to stymie Thweek. I knew going into the matchup adapt on QD would cause me some issues. I chose to shadow QD with Thweek anyway to kinda force him to go to PS8 so that he'd be vulnerable to Ndru's harpoon. So, Thweek was a PS8 that game, not a PS10.
  10. Play the ball as it lies. There isn't anything you can do other than that.
  11. Thweek. Guri dominates generics, but moving last with that roll is too good against everything.
  12. The courier droid wouldn’t help much on an Epic ship. All Epic ships are placed seperately before any other ships in order of pilot skill. So, courier would only help you place after other Epic ships, or before them, but wouldn’t help at all getting a leg up positioning against fighters. Fighters will be placed after Epic ships no matter what Courier does to the Epic ship’s PS.
  13. Allowing green dice against bombs is a bad idea. The entire point of bombs is that they ignore normal defenses. Keep in mind that Bomblet was being developed most likely during the height of Palp Aces. Normal rationally sized guns were basically pointless against palp aces, so something needed to be done. What SHOULD have happened was that Palp and high agility arc dodging aces should have been brought down a peg (Palp was nerfed, but the actual ships weren't). The Palp nerf isn't what killed Palp Aces, Asajj's ability and advanced slamming bombing Kwings are. It's very likely that both Asajj and Sabine were added to the card pool to suppress and scare Palp Aces. Bomblet and Nym were likely further counters created, but they went too far. They just substituted one miserable to play against monster (Palp aces) for a different miserable to play against monster (Bombet Nym/Miranda). If you allow green dice rolls against bombs, you may as well just ban bombs. They wouldn't be very useful against the ships they were apparently designed to be used against, and you don't need them to handle the other ships in the game. The problem is that they made bombs too powerful. The correct answer is to scale back the power of bombs, not to make some ships much better against bombs with their agility rolls. Roll back Cluster Mines to not include crits. Erratta Bomblet to be 1 dice, or only take hits on hits and ignore crits. Limit Sabine to once per game (she'd still be super good) or limit her use to maneuver bombs. And even roll back action bombs to not immediately detonate when they overlap a ship.
  14. You definitely don't need Glitterstim and Expertise. Talonbane isn't likely to live long enough to use Expertise enough times to pay back it's 4 (3) point cost.
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