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  1. Actually, that's what happened: Some guys in a caravan were replaying the Battle of Endor in D6 and then they hit a speed bump and the windows were open...
  2. Currently I am GM but usually I am just a gamer. In almost all of the cases we have everybody at the same XP level because a) it helps having all players at the same rate b) we feel that the GM shouldn't judge people if they are playing "correctly" (we're doing if for fun not as acting class). But this is definitely something that will be different for every group with no universal right or wrong. Well, most has been said anyway, but I had an interesting encounter when I was a player in a different group with no overlap with my other groups, that underscores this viewpoint a bit. We played the first adventure and that took about four to five sessions out of which I was present for all but one. That turned out to be the last one where the other players got XP. When I showed up next time and was told that the first adventure had ended. When I inquired about XP I was told I wouldn't get any because I had not been present. Everybody else had been rewarded for their contributions and I did feel cheated out of my XP of the previous sessions. For this and for other reasons it was my last session with this particular group.
  3. Well, it could be purely scientific, like figuring out a new way to calculate the age and life expectancy of black holes or a model theory explaining the economic growth rates of planetary economies dependent on their proximity to trade routes. Alternatively she/he developed a cure or found a key to understanding a common parasite, disease or syndrome that afflicts a significant part of galactic population.
  4. What about active parties there? How strong is the Imperium, how independent is the local government, what are other interested(interesting) parties: criminal underground, rebel/insurgent/political factions, political houses (nobles, companies, guilds,...), powerful individual players.
  5. Well, we didn't play JoY like in the book - I tore out pieces to use in other adventures - but since no one else answered, I'll give you my 2ct: We did run similar scenes, though and what we did then (and usually do) is, that I have them explain their approach (who they talk to and how they approach them) and then let them roll. If they have good ideas the rolls become easier and people know only so much, so they need to use different avenues. If we ever run this scene, I'll give the players a day or to advance warning so they can do some slicing and legwork to prepare but some info will only be available during the bidding.
  6. That's what I hope, let's see if some copies make it to the Old World this time (I have a pre-order sitting at a small online shop, so hopefully I get my copy).
  7. And then the players are surrounded by a smiling security outfit next time they check in anywhere, because they couldn't set up an untraceable money laundering scheme and ISB agents really hate loose ends. (P.S.: I didn't like him for other reasons, namely what he brings to the table smells like set-up five miles against the wind, but that's a different topic.)
  8. And it is "Out of Stock" already???? So they had only contributors' copies printed? This is beyond weird... (or I am, maybe?)
  9. To be honest I am too stupid to find a reference to the Vong or any allusion to it in the teaser. Then again, I'd be more than happy to overlook ANYthing concerning the Vong anyway.
  10. Thanks Rick, for putting in the time and effort. I can download the file (from your second link), but all the "interesting" formulae come back as "#value" errors.
  11. What he means is that in this listing "between" refers to the people and the trees as well as the stones. So the stone is treated like everything else here. Ooooops, sorry, I missed that it was mentioned in the teaser (have to read it again).
  12. Wow, 9 pages into the discussion of "Dawn of Rebellion" and people are talking about Vong & the Force.
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