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  1. After a descent session we are faced with the following dilemma: After resolve servant attack against Berserker the player exausted the Counter Attack Skill... When he did it i played the Imitation Card to attack him before the counter attack... The players argued that the counter attack dont target my servant.... so the doubt is.... Can Imitation be used to attack berserker before he counter attacks the servant? Imitation card text: Play this card on 1 servant when a hero declares an attack that targets that servant. Immediately perform an attack that targets that hero, using the same attack type, special abilities, and dice of the weapon the hero declared for his attack. After this attack is resolved, if the hero was not defeated, he continues with his attack. Berserker Card Text: After an adjacent monster resolves an attack that affects you, exhaust this card to perform an attack with a Melee weapon against the attacking monster. After this attack is resolved, if the monster was not defeated, it may continue its activation. Best Regards
  2. Hello guys. i recently bought the new expansion (Mist of Bilehall) but the quest "Song of Bone" looks very wrong to me... 1) The only way to throw players in "Entrance" is if a bone horror use the Knockback in a hero when he is in front of the door but players will never stay in front of the door because terrain (9B) dont have nothing to force players to stay or to go back to him... so, in my group, after first turn, no players returned to this tile. making the job of "throw" players in entrace impossible. 2) What is the sense of remove Graves(Blue Objective Tokens)?Remove Graves don't give nothing to players and all objetive tokens are places FACED UP... so players know which token they must avoid (Players must run and remove all bone piles to win) This quest need an errata or i don't understand the sense of the quest?
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