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  1. welcome matey:-) damage decks are (probably) going to be irrelevant to you for now tbh. i am assuming you will start by playing casually with friends/family instead of diving straight into tournaments...? both sets are brilliant so neither will be the "wrong" choice. if i was you i would go for the set with the ships you prefer the look of most, me? old school. in everything. always:-) you/the kids? that could just as easily be the new set and fair play... aside from which set has the ships/pilots you prefer the most they both have something going for them; the old core set has got a slightly simpler initial play experience (both the old x-wing and the old tie/ln fighter have fewer action options available to them) the new core set has the updated rules booklet in it (however this is still available as a free PDF from FFG so you can get it for the old core set no problems)
  2. i must admit i wasn't super-happy about having to buy a whole new core set to keep playing tourney's purely for a damage deck and i was an advocate of FFG offering the new damage deck separately. which was (mistakenly imo) never offered. so people, including myself, bought the new core set primarily for said deck... having said that i am sold on the idea that a damage deck should affect you every time a crit is inflicted and believe FFG made a perfectly cogent argument for developing the new one. so; there i was, having been made to feel a little disappointed a few weeks ago having to fork out for a new core in order to comply with the new damage deck regulation. ok at least it addressed a known issue and helped the game stay balanced (game balance is VERY important to me - i don't want to feel i can't play certain ships because they're uncompetitive) and now here i am, a little disappointed (again!) that FFG have done a u-turn, invalidating my recent forced purchase AND leaving my with the feeling the game is that bit less balanced because the balance tweak is optional (which means it'll be applied to maximising people's particular situations maximising any imbalance there). i hope FFG does enforce one or other damage deck, and if the new one is the most balanced-we'll have that one please. i also hope FFG see's sense and sell's the deck separately...
  3. All the best man and good luck with your future endeavours. hopefully we'll get to welcome you back someday:-)
  4. agreed. if you want to share spoilers (and i'm fine with those that want to do this) please don't force spoiler info on those that don't want it (like putting the info in the title). It's like the bl00dy news channels giving out football, F1 (or even worse motoGP) results with no warning, spoiling some/all of the enjoyment of watching the games/races themselves...
  5. Bikeanimal

    Happy Friday

    Yo yo happy Friday Cuban The dials do look sweet-more shiney things-yey!
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    The original? Lots. Who'd pay through the nose for it if you don't need to. Don't get me wrong-I like to have a COMPLETE set of x-wing stuff so I already have the tantive 3PO but I bought it for the ship not the card. (Never actually used the card-I don't like following the crowd with "meta-lists"...)
  7. the relevant info is on page 4 of the x-wing tournament rules pdf on this page: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/x-wing/
  8. Awesome ideas-bet the end result would look amazing. You could potentially make it as near to "legal" as possible if you ensured the footprint/cross section of each "tower" equated to a standard asteroid size/shape. You could do this by altering the size/shape of the towers and, say, have spires/masts for the smaller ones, tips of domes for approximately circular ones and things like buttressing/walkways/balconies/landing platforms for the more irregularly shaped ones. Keeping the "place asteroids anywhere in the play area" deployment style equitable without having random "floating" towers not obviously contiguous with the lower cityscape would be more problematic but you could minimise this discontinuity with the design of the base layer buildings (most of a similar height perhaps?) I suppose you could even use skyhooks or bespin-style tabana gas storage platforms or even thunder clouds to represent the asteroid tokens if continuity with the base city-scape was an issue using the building shaped ones. the buildings would look mint though if you could pull it off...
  9. last epic GNK i played in someone took 10x blue squadron B-Wings with HLC's... that's A LOT of dice (and shields)... i didn't play against it (luckily) but i think it won the tourney... Me? I agree with stone37 - i like to have an overall plan for my list as a whole (and therefore an idea of how i want to try to accomplish it), I'm a fan of synergy and theme running through a list no matter what format i play...
  10. The core set doesn't come with either Howlrunner or VI. The point was to ape the new core set's "1 higher and 1 lower" (PS Imp vs Reb) not an insistence on a particular pilot. Howlrunner was simply the first pilot that came to mind that, with vi, would allow Luke to be the middle ps ship. Mauler would work just as well (with vi of course) and I'm sure card proxy-ing with the wife if required isn't a capital offense...
  11. You could always just ape the new core set intro game and ensure the rebel ship has a PS level between the two tie fighter PS's... If you insist on running luke as the rebel pilot give howlrunner VI to ensure luke's pilot skill still sits between the tie PS's.. If you are after defeating the luke/R2 combo with the parameters you are currently running i think the piloting/tactical advice above is all good... (as you improve as a pilot you'll find you will become able to bridge many of the shortcomings you are currently suffering...) p.s. note that x-wing as a game is really aimed at being a well balanced game at the 100pt squad level and deviances away from this will introduce a certain amount of imbalance so your continual loses may also be being affected by this...
  12. Dude that is awesome! you should totally get a vid visualising the lasers firing (like using a can of aerosol...)
  13. I think playing with the strengths/weaknesses of your pilots in mind is important (joust with an arc dodger or pwt? No! Split up your low PS ships to chase multiple individual arc dodgers? No! Plus all of the initial post fundamentals like avoiding asteroids, maximising actions etc etc etc....
  14. i totally understand the need for "bang for bucks" when you're starting out i notice you said "grab another original core set", i'm assuming you therefore have one already? if so i wouldn't suggest getting another one at this stage. I think you'd be better off getting some expansion packs for variety (you should be able to get 3 basic expansion packs for the same price of a starter set). This will let you get the same physical number of ships but instead of doubling up on pilots you already have you will gain access to the different ones found in the expansion packs (not to mention the upgrade cards). As far as expansion packs go, for imps i agree with spike (tie fighter/tie interceptor/imp aces/tie advanced) however if you like the look/feel of a particular ship go for it! there is no ship that is to be avoided. For rebels an X-wing/B-wing would be my first choice newbie expansions although again go with personal preference over anything else... If you are wanting to get 100pts asap it might well be worth considering a decimator for the imps as you can easily make it 50-60pts on it's own. if you prefer the slave 1 you can upgrade that enough to swallow a fair few points as well... Alternatively if you want the added value of additional dice/templates/tokens of a core set i'd get a copy of the new one over a second original one as, again, this will give you access to more variety of ships than doubling up on the old one... In all honesty i wouldn't overly worry what you get at this stage as you will, i promise you, end up with everything in the end unless you have a particular dislike for a certain ship... (ps i haven't mentioned scum at this point as i'm assuming you're initial goal is to get some playable lists from what you already have...)
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