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  1. I had missed the old error on The Game of Twenty Questions-sheet. Looking again now at the different versions, I’m finding a few new minor things. I’ll add all that to the first post then.
  2. The reason why I made this thread is so that people, both new and old, can find the most useful PDF-sheets to them. If they either want all their sheets to be in a non-printer friendly or printer friendly format. Or with as few errors as possible, and so on. The sheets that were released on the 12th of Oct 2018, weren’t fixed for over 5 months, and now the new ones that are available, are even worse than the ones that were initially released on the 11th of Oct 2018. Have anyone found anything else that is changed in the new The Game of Twenty Questions-PDF? Except that the symbols next to the Technique Types are now gone/missing, under Question 3? English isn’t my first language, but is Question 11 correct english? ”What activity most makes your character feel at peace?” It says the same in the Rulebook, but shouldn't it say: What activity makes your character feel most at peace? @Avatar111 Well, the sheets that are currently available have the pages in the correct order. But with more errors instead. And I know about the FAQ. I’m also wondering when it will be updated with all the new errata stuff that have been found, for the Core Rulebook as well as the Keeper Screen and Emerald Empire. @Daeglan I haven’t emailed customer service. So if anyone else wanna do that, go ahead.
  3. This post is about the standard Character Sheet, the Expanded Character Sheet, the Campaign Tracking Sheet and The Game of Twenty Questions PDFs. All of them, except the standard Character Sheet, were updated on the 22nd of March 2019. There are still problems with these new versions of the sheets though. I find it strange that there aren’t both non-printer friendly as well as printer friendly versions of these sheets currently available to download. And this has gotten even more strange now with this latest update, since now half of the sheets are non-printer friendly and the other half are printer friendly. Read below beside 22 Mar 2018, to see what is strange with this latest update to the sheets. I'm finding it really weird that we still don't have correct sheets available. Has anyone else found anything else in these sheets that you think should be fixed or changed? At the end of this post I have listed official FFG links to all the different versions of these four PDF-sheets. And here is where you can find all the currently available official, free PDFs for the Legend of the Five Rings RPG: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/legend-of-the-five-rings-roleplaying-game/ Go to the Support Section of that page and click on ”Player Resources” to see all the PDFs. A little history of the different versions of these sheet-PDFs To my knowledge there has been 3 times when these sheets has been updated on FFGs homepage. 11 Oct 2018 - These versions were all in a non-printer friendly format, with a light brown textured background. There were some formatting errors on the last page of the Expanded Character Sheet. (The right column isn’t centered, so it looks attached to the middle vertical line. And also the two ”brackets” that decorates the right side of that page is copied from the second page of the PDF, it should just have been one long bracket.) Also the second page of the Campaign Tracking Sheet has a very simple format/look, which seems to be an error since this is fixed in the next version released. There were some errors on the The Game of Twenty Questions-sheet. Under Question 1, Skill Increases (1), it should have said Skill Increase (1). Under Question 12, where is says Adversity (1), it should have said Anxiety (1). 12 Oct 2018 - These versions were all in a printer friendly format, with just a white background. The formatting errors on the last page of the Expanded Character and the last page of the Campaign Tracking Sheet were fixed. However, the pages of the Expanded Character Sheet and the Campaign Tracking Sheet were mixed up. So to print out a complete Expanded Character Sheet you had to print out pages 2 and 3 of the Expanded Character Sheet PDF and page 1 of the Campaign Tracking Sheet PDF. And to get a complete Campaign Tracking Sheet you had to print out page 1 of the Expanded Character Sheet PDF and page 2 of the Campaign Tracking Sheet PDF. On The Game of Twenty Questions sheet there were some changes to Questions 7 & 8. The (+5) and (+10) after Glory Increase and Honor Increase were removed, which to me seems like an error. These printer friendly versions replaced the old versions, so there was no longer any non-printer friendly versions of the sheets available. 22 March 2019 - Only 3 of the 4 sheets were updated this time, the standard Character Sheet wasn’t updated. The new versions of the Expanded Character Sheet and the Campaign Tracking Sheet are now in a non-printer friendly format again. And it seems that these two PDFs are really old (9 Oct 2018). So this means they have the same formatting errors that first versions had. And I found at least one more error that the first versions didn’t have. On the top right of page two in the Campaign Tracking Sheet, instead of saying ”Session Number/Title:”, there is an Minnesota-adress. The Game of Twenty Questions-sheet was updated again, still in a printer friendly format though. The error under Question 12 was fixed. But now the Technique Types symbols are missing under Question 3. Which to me seems like an error. All the errors for Questions 1, 7 & 8 are still there. However, now two of the four sheets available are in a non-printer friendly format and two are in a printer friendly format. Character Sheet 11 Oct 2018 - https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/fb/48/fb48f5e1-e975-478e-9735-d15c07a31d35/l5r02_charactersheet.pdf 12 Oct 2018 - https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/d9/c8/d9c819f4-99bc-49d9-af21-f2cdbc9351b6/l5r02_charactersheetlowres.pdf Expanded Character Sheet 11 Oct 2018 - https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/ad/2a/ad2a1c6c-0b54-41e1-8e22-615cefa3670d/l5r02_expandedcharactertrackingsheet.pdf 12 Oct 2018 - https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/58/15/5815fff0-884b-4a1c-a2f2-11cb8c9974b3/l5r02_expandedcharactertrackingsheetlowres.pdf 22 Mar 2019 - https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/94/56/9456df31-6f9f-444a-873c-582d16f647e4/expanded_character_sheet_v2.pdf Campaign Tracking Sheet 11 Oct 2018 - https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/78/75/7875d402-bd1a-451e-b7df-0235feaa0abe/l5r02_campaigntrackingsheet.pdf 12 Oct 2018 - https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/2a/36/2a36a5ea-2ebf-42e9-9789-81f53d5d5643/l5r02_campaigntrackingsheetlowres.pdf 22 Mar 2019 - https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/2f/ed/2fed42a2-7452-49e2-b0e8-c5c919c4c4a1/campaign_tracking_sheet_v2.pdf The Game of Twenty Questions 11 Oct 2018 - https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/5c/b2/5cb27d0f-dec9-451c-85c1-d917f4e9baed/the_game_of_twenty_questions.pdf 12 Oct 2018 - https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/e7/c0/e7c0fbda-72e8-452a-b80a-f76f2ea63001/l5r_twentyquestionslowres.pdf 22 Mar 2019 - https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/6d/1b/6d1ba9b8-900c-4a4a-b737-cb6a2e808e17/the_game_of_twenty_questions_v2.pdf
  4. Thanks as always for keeping this updated. Took a look after the update today and found a few things that perhaps needs to be fixed. - The EE and RPG keys are missing in the Key-list. - I was checking the Imperial Census for Kakita Ryoku earlier (since she was mentioned in the new article about the Winter’s Embrace adventure). She was missing then but has now been added in this latest update. However in your spreadsheet, she is listed to be mentioned in TAoHaE, but in this forum thread she is listed to be in EE. (TAoHaE isn’t used at all on the forum.) Is this correct? Because in your spreadsheet both the TAoHaE-Key and EE-Key is used. I also see another character with the TAoHaE-Key in your spreadsheet, Ide Takauji, who has a Y under the On forum-column. But I can’t find this character here on the forum? - Is the CotE-Key supposed to be for the three part Children of the Empire-story? I suggest to change the Key-description to something like Children of the Empire Part I - III. Also to not confuse it with the card game expansion with the same name. However I found that Akodo Toturi is missing the CotE-Key on the forum, but not in your spreadsheet. And when I checked for that in the story, I also found that Doji Satsume is missing the CotE-Key on your spreadsheet, but not on the forum? I haven’t looked for more characters in the three part story, so there might be more that is missing. Perhaps I am missing something here, but I see now that more of the Keys listed beside Akodo Toturi in your spreadsheet are missing on the forum. From the In-column on the spreadsheet the following is missing on the forum: TSWT, SF and WaDF. And then it is just CotE from the Mentioned-column that is missing, all the others are already included on the forum. Also checking Doji Satsume, I see that he is missing a Key on the Forum that he has on your spreadsheet, from the Mentioned-column the following is missing: CR. And then the other way around, he has a Key on the Forum that he doesn’t have on your spreadsheet: WaDT, which seems weird. Checking another one at random, Doji Kuwanan, is missing a Key on the forum, from the Mentioned-column on the spreadsheet: ItPotEC. - Ide Torao - This character has been removed, from both the forum and your spreadsheet I'm guessing. Is this correct?
  5. The changes to the Winter Court Letters looks good. As I said, all my feedback is just suggestions. Without this resource I probably would have given up on all the fiction and then also the RPG. I don’t know if you missed this one in my previous post, but you hadn’t commented on it: The character Michiru from the Beta Rulebook adventure is missing. And I read some more about the ronin Keinosuke and him completing the Twenty Goblin Winter in the Beta Rulebook. Reading about the Twenty Goblin Winter on the wiki, it says that the newcomers usually took the Moshibaru vassal family name? I’m just wondering why (Hida) Gakuto has his family name between parentheses and Hida Keinosuke’s family name isn’t? Is there a difference there? About the ”RPG”-Key, I forgot to mention that I meant to have Keys for the fiction/stories included in the different RPG-books. But i guess we don’t know how many more stories the different books will have. (I haven’t seen Emerald Empire yet.)
  6. First of all, thank you for this resource. It was a great help while I was reading through all the fiction. But I have some questions, and some suggestions for this great resource: - Hida Keinosuke - I’m new to L5R, so I’m not sure how it works. But this Ronin joins the Crab Clan, but how do we know he gets the name Hida? I can’t find anything in the Beta Rulebook adventure about this. - Hida Tomonatsu - Is this character in the Beta Rulebook adventure considered to be the same character as the one in the later fiction? To me she doesn't seem to be the same character. Perhaps there should be a note about this or perhaps add a duplicate, with an explanation? - Doji Shigeru - Shouldn’t the Key for the Beta Rulebook be added to this character? Someone suggested to add this character earlier in this thread, but back then the character didn’t have its own card. The character is mentioned on page 14 of the Beta Rulebook. - Matsu Mitsuko - Can we really be sure that this character is dead? It isn’t confirmed as I see it. - Isawa Juriko - This character isn’t listed. It is mentioned on page 5 of the In the Palace of the Emerald Champion-adventure. And when I look at your Google Spreadsheet it has the key RPG:P under the heading Mentioned, shouldn’t this be changed to RPG? Or at least add the RPG-Key? - Utaku Yamino - Change to: Utaku Yumino. - Brotherhood - (Hida) Gakuto - As I’m new to L5R, i’m wonder how we know this monk is of the Hida family? All I can find in the Beta Rulebook adventure is that the character is a retired samurai who belonged to the Crab clan. - The character Michiru from the Beta Rulebook adventure is missing. - In the Key-list: ACtDi - A Call to Diplomacy -> Change this to: ACfDi - A Call for Diplomacy The following is missing in the Key-list: ACtU - A Call to Unity, but change this to: ACfU - A Call for Unity. Then change all instances of ACtDi and ACtU to ACfDi and ACfU among the characters. However, all the ”A Call to…” and ”A Call for…” were just the names of the articles that the seven letters were released in. If someone download these letters from the support page of the Fiction line today, it just says, as an example: ”Letter from Akodo Toturi” and the name of the PDF is ”l5c_worlds_clan_letter_lion_lo-rez.pdf”. I would suggest to change the Keys for these to something like: ”2018 Winter Court Letter - Lion Clan” instead. So that those who download these letters today will be able to find them here. - The key: RPG:P is in the Key-List, but doesn’t seem to be used anymore. Remove it? What were those Pre-generated characters? Where can they be found? - As I understand it the ”RPG”-Key includes everything RPG related, including the Beta Rulebook, but doesn’t include all the adventures, which have their own Keys. I was hoping that every RPG-book, accessory and so on could get their own Key, so it will be easier to see in what book a character can be found. If not every book can get its own Key, I was hoping that atleast the Beta Rulebook could get its own Key. Because atleast in my opinion, the Beta Rulebook isn't canon. Perhaps add a note to each adventure-Key in which product the adventure can be found in.
  7. The Mantis Clan PDF has been updated today, fixing the things reported in the Typos and Corrections thread. There might be more changes, as I also noticed that two of the page headers had also been changed.
  8. Most of the downloads for the new Core Rulebook were updated today. They are now printer friendly though. If you liked the older versions better you can still download them from the links that are listed earlier in this thread. At least for now. The last page of the new Campaign Tracking Sheet has an updated look. However they seem to have to mixed up one of the pages of the new Campaign Tracking Sheet and one of pages of the new Expanded Character Sheet. Hopefully that will be fixed soon. They have also added a Blank Folio for the Beginner Game. I haven't seen this mentioned before, but for those that downloaded all the Beginner Game Clan Folios right after they were released, the Unicorn Clan folio was updated a day or two after they were released. The only changed I found then was that one of the Ring values were changed. For those who don't know where to find the latest downloads for Legend of the Five Rings, they can be found here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/legend-of-the-five-rings-roleplaying-game/ Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Player Resources, under Support.
  9. A new FAQ was released for Edge of the Empire yesterday, the 12th of August. But since the News section doesn't seem to update correctly anymore, atleast not for me, maybe some of you haven't seen it yet. The post can be found here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/8/12/laws-of-a-lawless-region/ I'm happy to see FFG releasing a new FAQ. Was a little afraid they wouldn't, since it been a long time since they released the last one. Hopefully they will be releasing FAQs for AoR and FaD as well.
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