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  1. Awesome oh SpinMeister! Do you work in sales?
  2. So they are about 4x the length of an X wing? That's pretty heavy! Just about on the cusp between a flotilla and something like a Decimator I'd say. P-Wing?
  3. Yes. You have just REVEALED the original dial. You haven't SPENT it. Would need to check the wording on Dial reveal and use, but I the ink the RAI is that it is a substitution of the original dial and not an addition to it.
  4. Touchy Feeny. .. Dice all the way, and I'm not really a kinaesthetic!
  5. And. Meta is an over used word.
  6. Actually is doesn't say ONLY. When written there was no way for an attacker time SPEND a defender's token. It may be the intent that the ability actually ACTIVATES the token, it is spent and creates the effect. No idea about the fluff of how Sloane actually does it. Perhaps it's a hack/slice on the target'driven computers that makes it erratically maneuver (scatter) or reinforces a shield (brace ) etc.
  7. I think a support slot on a carrier is highly appropriate. However, I'd give it command 3. IRL carriers have to work very predictably, large amounts of time cruising into the wind for launch and recovery. The extra command also allows for more stored tokens, reflecting C&C avionics etc.
  8. The last 6 weeks in Calgary, for the Sunday Gaming days labelled as "X-Wing Days", Armada has outnumbered X-Wing players close to 4:1. Honey we're moving to Canada! Mind you don't start a stampede!
  9. And adding Counter 2! Quite correct, missed that, and it invalidates that part of the point. Squadron Points are Weird. Either Speed, Counter, or both are stupid cheap.... I mean, +1 Speed, +1 Blue Die, +Counter2 = 3 Points. Which would lead that all 3 are valued equally. I am sure the Formula, if one exists, is completely arcane and involves a lot of "Coutner is worth x per hull point, and y per speed... Escort is worth z per hull, etc", in a vast, overblown math sheet, which in the end, divides the whole total by 100 and rounds to the nearest number. Many, many years ago I was involved with a LARP company, there were equations used to "point up' monsters and traps, encounters, etc. All I can say is that the equations used, and I assume any ffg use are far from simple ones where THIS is worth n points per die, and THAT is worth y points per level. There could be multi-dimensional matrices relating colour (YES I'M BRITISH!) of dice to the hull value, speed, etc. With modifiers for tokens, etc. What I'm trying to say basically is that trying to reverse engineer a points value based on previous ship/squadron values is not going to be as simple as... 4 blue anti squadron is 3 points, hull is 2 points per, add 3 points per shield. OK, this process, based on what we already know can get close on occasion, but nothing better.
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