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  1. I wouldn't be sure there's any more in Wave 2. They said at GenCon that "more would be revealed in November" in reference to the prequel factions. They're never withheld any part of a wave that wasn't a direct tie in to an upcoming movie. I'd bet that even with 7 factions, 3-4 releases is all we'll ever get at once, but in general, releases will be more frequent than they were in 1.0.
  2. TIE Swarms and any imperial list that relies on or benefits from formation flying will fun Iden. She's too good to not.
  3. They're paying it for the Fang, which is about the same size. PRobably slightly longer, but the wings/guns on the Vulture are deeper than the Fang Fighter. The Vulture isn't THAT small it's negligibly different in length from a TIE Fighter.
  4. Oh when it came out it was an Arc Dodger. The best in the game. Nigh uncatchable, and with a focused and locked 4 die primary and focused 4 dice defense if you got a sliver in arc. But those were the Dark Times. Before the Nerfs... To be fair, other things came out that obviously needed nerfs, but man, Phantoms were stupid good when they released.
  5. Yeah they're similar in length to a TIE Fighter. They definitely have a slim profile, but so does the Fang. Single Vulture on a standard small base makes the most sense.
  6. White 5K and 3 S Loops.
  7. I'm not liking the multiple ships per list idea. Might could warm up to it for TriFighters, but not for Vultures. The Wookieepedia lists them as about 7 meters, which is 1/4 of a meter shorter than a TIE Fighter and longer than the length of a Fang Fighter. In terms of X-wing Scale, that's almost imperceptible (less than a millimeter shorter than the TIE Fighter miniature). They have a super slim profile, to be sure, but so does the Fang. I'd seriously doubt they'll be more than one to a base.
  8. Engine25


    Yeah... I've played since 2013 and have vehemently resisted choosing a faction. Since there are now going to be Seven, I'll likely have to stick with 1 or two, and that bums me out.
  9. Dryden's ship, which a quick Wookieepedia search revealed to be the First Light. It's incredibly tall and skinny. I think it's probably too big for the game, but the wiki doesn't yet specify a size. We also don't really get a look at it next to something with a firm scale with which to compare. It's a cool design, though, and if it's within the realm of scale, who thinks it'll make it to the game?
  10. Oh maybe it's 4 weeks? The FLGS owner just announced he has received the next two packs. That's 2 packs a month since release. Faster than they've ever released miniatures, admitting that it's been two months.
  11. I would guess we don't have to wait long. In an interview, an FFG employee involved with distribution said something like, "We sat around a table and figured out how frequently we can produce releases, and we are sticking to that number." I expect going forward the "Wave" Style releases will be essentially eliminated or become few and far between. Look at the way Legion is releasing. They've been consistently getting one or two new products every few weeks. Since X-wing is going also apparently to a "your faction will get all usable upgrade cards" model like Legion, I think this way is more sustainable. For example, if you only play Empire, you don't need to buy the monthly rebel and scum releases. Players who still want every release might feel the pain, though...
  12. Some ships have multiple primary weapons, and some of those are mobile The Firespray has a locked forward and locked back arc, but the Shadowcaster has a Locked Forward Arc AND a single mobile arc that can be rotated as an action. Those arcs can be set adjacent to one another. Other ships have ONLY a single mobile arc and no locked forward arc, and others have two mobile arcs that are opposite one another, aiming front and back or left and right but not both.
  13. Almost a certainty that when Resistance and FO drop for 2.0, they will also release more ships for them at the same time. Obviously no guarantee those ships would have a crew slot, but more ships at least brings the possibility.
  14. You're right, most things are worse than the best stuff in 1.0. This is the new power level of X-wing.
  15. There's a chance that Corran and some others will have a force upgrade slot even though they don't have a force value.
  16. He probably knows it was inevitable and wants the game to succeed. Also, his name is still on the 2.0 core set. The principals he created are still in 2.0, just a little more refined.
  17. Engine25

    Dengar 2.0

    Charges will be used going forward for any ability that is essentially "On or Off." In Dengar's case, his ability turns on at the beginning of a round and turns off after you use it. Some abilities will allow you to recover those charges; others will not.
  18. Said it in another thread, this is primarily a casual game type and balance is probably a pretty loose estimate. I'd wager that one Threat 3 is *very* roughly equivalent to three Threat 1's, but that roughly is the key factor. It'll be close. It'll be close enough to be fun. It won't be any sort of precise.
  19. There's a lot of text here I don't have time to read at the moment, but I will say that the OTHER choice was all those ships we've spend hundreds of dollars on are instantly unusable when 2.0 drops. This is, by huge unquantifiable margin, the lesser evil of the two. Second Edition was an inevitability, and it was always going to be a weird transition. I don't think anyone can really argue that they'd rather have a second edition wherein all of their current product becomes paperweight and is illegal going forward.
  20. There are rumours that certain upgrades will have variable pricing and cost more for certain pilots. If that's the case, this sounds like a time they would apply higher costs depending on the combination.
  21. This is a purely casual game type. Its likely that balance is just a loose estimate.
  22. Yup. We're getting an entire TV Series based in that timeline. It make take a little while, but we'll be getting a bunch of new ships from that era.
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