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    My wife is a great player with little to no interest in the game. On our once a week game night Ill give her my Rebel list that Im experimenting with just to see how well it is... Shes such a better pilot its sad, but being able to see and play against a list I love is amazing. Also, she's my best friend and its fun to just chill and play a game lol
  2. My first real games were at a tourney last week as well lol. During the week I scrubbed up the cash to get a Falcon....I know you said the odds of getting one were slim, but I cant suggest it enough! All that to say, have fun, ask a ton of questions and remember that you will only get better As mentioned, my first game/tourney was last week, and in that time ive learned a ton about actions, combos and ships. I, like you, prefer starting in the deep end Imperial Rebel's list above is solid. I took 3 super modified ships and can tell you... you can never overstate the importance of a 4th ship.
  3. Hey all. Im just getting started in X-wing and Ive fallen in love with it. Im also a competitive mini-wargamer (see Warmachine) and want to get in deep here. My only concern is that Disney would not renew the License and the game would reach a dead end in the future. Does anyone know when the license is up for renewal? I dont think Disney is some horrible company with our game on the chopping block, but Im interested to se what happens. If anything, I could see Disney making the renewal cost a bit too high for FFG... but we'll see.
  4. Thanks for the awesome replies guys, just had one follow up question: Unless a card says otherwise, you can only do one Action a turn right?
  5. hey all, I just picked up the core game and tried it with a few friends tonight. Anyway I had a few questions about Actions... Can someone explain a "Target Lock" What is it and how do I make it work for me. how is it different from say, the "Focus" Action. Likewise, how is "evade" different from "Focus"? Ive read through the rulebook, but many of these things just seem redundant. Anyways, thanks in advance for any help! Im not new to mini war games and look forward to contributing!
  6. Hey all, I just picked up the Core Box and have been practicing a lot with my wife and friends. I come from a warmachine/ 40k background, and competitiveness is in my blood As a community, do you have/ know of any resources to help a newbie grow as a competitive player? Of the 2 factions, Im more interested in the Rebellion, if that offers any insight.
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