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  1. swarsmike

    Missing a lot of upgrade cards...

    I am getting this issue as well. Cant seem to see outmaneuver as an option but i do not know about others.
  2. swarsmike

    Species Master List?

    Any updates to this list with the information from Unlimited Power or Knights of Fate?
  3. swarsmike

    Draft - incorrect die - Play as is

    The store I draft at has us draft the Die and they loan us a copy of the card from the singles collection they have. Since mismatches are usually solved in a single box the fix can be easy to find in the same draft or right near it.
  4. swarsmike

    Leia and Dooku confirmed for Way of the Force?

    What is the hero card that lets you return a defeated character to play?
  5. swarsmike

    Another Character Generator

    My editing skills are not the best. I was wondering has anyone completed the Padawan survivor tree from dawn of rebellion and would be willing to send me the data file for it along with instructions where to put it until the program gets updated?
  6. swarsmike

    Worlds Lists

    Edwin was on the stream 3 times in the last few matches. If you watch all 3 and take notes you probably can come up with the list he used.