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  1. I am getting this issue as well. Cant seem to see outmaneuver as an option but i do not know about others.
  2. Any updates to this list with the information from Unlimited Power or Knights of Fate?
  3. The store I draft at has us draft the Die and they loan us a copy of the card from the singles collection they have. Since mismatches are usually solved in a single box the fix can be easy to find in the same draft or right near it.
  4. What is the hero card that lets you return a defeated character to play?
  5. My editing skills are not the best. I was wondering has anyone completed the Padawan survivor tree from dawn of rebellion and would be willing to send me the data file for it along with instructions where to put it until the program gets updated?
  6. Edwin was on the stream 3 times in the last few matches. If you watch all 3 and take notes you probably can come up with the list he used.
  7. i would love to get that mat. I wish it wasnt the world champion only
  8. Mandalorian Manuvers once per encounter when using a maneuver to move may add 1 setback die to incoming attacks until the beginning of her next turn. equipment: two blaster pistols Mandalorian Jetpack Mandalorian Battle Armor encrypted comlink various explosives and detomators pair of artcannon airbrushes with extra pain and propellent canisters tool kit
  9. Sabine is a Survivalist/Gunslinger. Those two cover all of her talents. I had to do some digging to track it down as i wanted to build a character like her for a game. The only thing that Sabine has that does not exist is her Mandalorian Manuvers. I cannot find the ability anywhere but on her.
  10. If you are keen on blowing up their ship and they are not super attached to it, you could set it up that they find a better ship to get off the planet at the end of the adventure. This can make it seem like they are getting an upgrade while you are making sure they do what you need them to do.
  11. Think of it this way, would you call Vader a nemesis or rival? He had a boss in the Emperor.
  12. I would guess it is listed to be used as a refill for both kits and tanks. Its listed with a cost much the same as an ammo reload for a blaster.
  13. Thats a good idea to do. My local store was allocated and did not even get enough in to cover their subscriptions. I feel lucky i put my subscription for the game in early enough that i got a pack.
  14. Not sure if anyone mentioned this yet or not. I do not mind the new thinner boxes but I found the one major issue with them already. When i opened mine the rules sheet was torn and bent from the flap that closed on it. The box was in fine shape with no sign of damage so i would have had no idea it was damaged until i got home. I would suggest a simple compromise to FFG use the thinner material but use the old design of a slip on top. That way if someone wants to use it they can reinforce it and if not it still takes up almost the same space. Plus with a slip on top there is extremely little chance the components will get damaged.
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