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  1. I have heard this argument before, so I re-watched the movies looking for any mention of the wholly EU forms. They are never mentioned, nor are they ever attributed to any characters.
  2. If you sell F-16s to a primitive tribe and they roll it down a hill at their enemies, yes they have managed to use it as a weapon, doesn't mean they have a handle on the technology. It is established in the first movie that they didn't build any of their technology and tat they also can't actually repair any of it. Switching out a motivator is an easy task, but the best they can do for the R4 unit it disguise the problem until it blows.
  3. I have to agree with James Rowe. Whether any one of us finds the species attractive to play or not, there are clearly enough players wanting to play them. I would be supportive of having rules for their sakes.
  4. I realise that this is a deleted scene, however it was only deleted for time constraint reasons and it speaks to the intent of the filmmaker. Here we see Darth Vader calling out to Luke on Tatooine while he is on the Executor. They are light years apart and he has no idea where Luke is.
  5. Thanks for all the posts guys. This a all great input. Perhaps some of this will be looked at during the next product planning session...
  6. Within Star Wars source canon there are many instances of Force Users speaking to others with their thoughts and picking up the thoughts of others. Luke calls out to Leia to save him over Bespin, as does Darth Vader to Luke many times. Darth Vader telepathically reads Luke's thoughts about Leia being his sitter during there confrontation on the second Death Star. During a deleted scene (yes, I know that does;t really count, but it does speak to the writers' intentions) Darth Vader and Luke have a conversation over light years of distance. However, there does not seem to be any clear and usable mechanic in any of the FFG games that would allow for this phenomenon. I wish to have this in my games without re-writing any of the RAW, can someone help me out here?
  7. The vehicle modification that I had really expected to see by now is the straight up cargo pod. An attachment that increases the Encumbrance Capacity of a ship (and thus increases it interior size). After all, an XS freighter is just a YT-1300 with a large cargo pod mounted to it's port docking ring, and a YT-1930 is one with two small pods mounted on the back. The many unique configurations of a Nebulon B is just a multitude of different pods mounted on spars. There could even be different types of "utility pods" available for vehicles. A cargo pod to increase Encumbrance Capacity, a passenger pod to increase Passenger Capacity (perhaps with a luxury version that costs the same, but increases it by less), and for larger vessels a "facilities pod" that increases the Consumbales by having cafeterias, freshers, and water and sewerage tanks. I would have thought that this would be a given for Fly Casual or Stay on Target. However if the Consular-Class Cruiser is going to be introduced in Desperate Allies, it could be introduced there and be an integral system of that ship.
  8. I have never started running a new game, nor opened up slots to new players, without at least one player asking if they can play a jawa. Whether it's attractive to me or not as one person, it is certainly attractive to the greater community of players.
  9. I would greatly appreciate being told which is the correct forum for this post. Which forum to use did not seem immediately apparent and I assumed since there are already similar posts here.
  10. Is there any plans for a YT-1760 casting and/or expansion pack in the pipeline. I know little about the model casting process, but it would seem that with both a T-1300 and a YT-2000 mould already having been cast, that that would be an easier model to make.
  11. The listing for drugs mentions chances of addiction for each drug, but the rules seem unclear on how this is handled mechanically. If a character uses an addictive drug (intentionally or otherwise) what check would they use to deal with their addiction? It seems straight forward that Resilience would be used to resist the *effect* of the drug, but not to resist it's addictive effect. I'm not talking about the addiction Obligation, I'm talking about addiction as a result of using.
  12. I'm not really seeing the problem. I don't believe that there was ever an intention of maintaining a middle ground. The game is designed to represent a universe with a clearly defined Dark and Light side.
  13. In Force and Destiny the crystals in lightsabers are treated as Attachments. Modifications are they done to those attachments. In the rules for modifying (modding) attachments states "If he fails and his check generated at least one [despair symbol], the attachment is also rendered useless by his tinkering." Does this mean that if a player is trying to mod the crystal in their lightsaber and they generate a despair that the crystal itself is destroyed? *poof* 10K gone?
  14. Raykados, you are proposing a "solution" to a problem that does not exist. The game is designed around heroic tales of good characters struggling to do good. The -20 Morality is there for those who wish to play a character riding that razor's edge of falling and, presumably, struggling to their redemption. The game is not designed *for* playing dark-siders at all. If you are choosing to do so, you are already well outside of the intent of the rules, so do whatever you wish with them. What you proposed are great house rules for those wishing to play dark-siders outside of the intent of the rules, and should be re-posted in the forums for the game after it is published. However, these suggestions have no place in the published rules and thus no place in a beta test forum.
  15. Agreed, the Character Creation section is quite clear about the concept that PC droids are special in the fact of being sapient. As opposed to most other droids which are simply advanced machines.
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