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  1. If I wield two melee weapons with defensive 2, how many black dice does this add to the opposed attack roll? 2 or 4? The book is very gray on the subject.
  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of X-wing!
  3. I had a great Christmas. Small family gathering and I got money which went towards buying a Gonzatti cruiser (the rest is being saved towards wave 8).
  4. Please let the door hit you on the way out since Star Wars is now ruined for you. TFW was infinitely better than the prequels.
  5. TL:DR. My only real thing I've found annoying is only one Juke and comm relay in the tie fo pack.
  6. This little man starts out at a PS 12 as long as he has no damage cards assigned to him. Does this apply to deployment since he hasn't taken a damage card yet? Does he get to deploy as a PS 12 or a PS 4???
  7. Tomax Bren with lighting reflexes, tie shuttle title, rebel captive, tactician, and the mk II engine mod = most maneuverable tie bomber ever!!!!!!! I just hate the attack dice because there are only two of them.
  8. I need a bit of clarification on when crack shot actually triggers. Does it stop focus results that change to evades with the spending of said focus? Please help...Thanks everyone in advance.
  9. If a ywing using an unhinged astromech takes the damaged engine crit is the turn 3 red or green. Thanks guys.
  10. Oh thank heaven! I thought it was just me! For a bit the other day I thought I had lost something that came with the punisher!
  11. I played that exact loadout just the other day! The problem I had was poor old Redline kept blowing up before he could fire all that stuff (Mostly due to bad flying on my part). I like the ship though and wanna keep trying it out. It was the first time I had it on the table. Juno Eclipse though....I think I'm in love again. She is so much fun to fly!
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