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  1. Of course, if such a ship existed, Luke and Biggs would not be pilots of said ship and so sadly no Biggs + AT for you! Access to AT will be incredible on said hypothetical vessel. I, for one, would purchase several of said snubfighter for my metaphorical squadron
  2. The first lot of B-Wings were crooked, the first lot of Lamba's couldn't deploy their wings properly and the first lot of Firesprays couldn't stay on thier stands. FFG addressed and fixed all of these issues when they did a second print of them...they're good like that Mistakes happen, little printing issues and such. Let's be honest, in the grand scheme of things, what you pay for is absolutely incredible
  3. Nicely done dude, this will be a handy resource for people making homebrew squadrons
  4. +1 for the fluff, it's very refreshing
  5. Assuming we are talking purely about the fluff, not the standard game, you're looking for the Leman Russ Annihilator Have a link: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Leman_Russ_Annihilator Pretty sure it's a Forgeworld / IA thingy
  6. A thought occurs...Ackbar + Advanced Gunnery Team on an MC80?
  7. Please don't throw that phrase around without good cause. This is good cause.... And stow your political correctness. It's a word. I cannot believe you'd be such an staggeringly unsympathetic person to think using the word **** is acceptable when buying toy soldiers, that's disgusting. Chill out, and remember the proper meaning for the word: Spoil or destroy (a place):timber men doubt the government’s ability to ensure the forests are not raped
  8. Yes, officially hanging up my paintbrush, I am a noob :L
  9. This is some of the best mini painting I have ever seen in my life. Your notes and codices were also a thrill to read, too. I am in awe!
  10. Placed my W2 preorder today, bring me up to a grant total of: 3x Nebulon-B 3x CR-90 1x Assault Frigate Mk.II 2x Fighter Packs 1x MC-80 2x MC-30c 1x Rogues and Villains pack I have no idea how people manage to store two complete factions...so glad I'm only doing one (additionally: the waifu would likely kill me)!
  11. My FLGS has been told the 28th of August. Not that this means anything... *shakes fist at Esdevium*
  12. The Keldabe-class battleship is also, I cannot stress this enough, GORGEOUS. I wonder how they'd represent Mass Drivers in Armada...
  13. I can find the tokens on their site and ebay but not these markers you speak of. Can you post a link please? Its not just the sliders. I think they are the least of the problem. I can understand why people get concerned though. I think the bigger issue is the movement took for the ships which already has some give in the clicks and they only seem to weaken with use. When you are dealing with ship arcs and line of site, those few degrees can be the difference between getting the shot or not. Here you go! http://www.cogotwo.com/armada-compatible/armada-movement-rulers-detail
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