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  1. Primed thrusters Temmin it is then.
  2. Tried searching but couldn't see an answer. So you get stress before or after you get to trigger Temmins ability? For example of you tallon roll can you still boost before the stress?
  3. I always put it on Jan in 1.0 and can't see it being bad in 2.0 - some games you get lucky and it gives you the extra evade you need to never get hit other games lose it first shot. Due to (almost always) having 2 focus you should have one free for defense - you could also try to find the extra point for Elusive for the HWK.
  4. From what I've flown of Guri she doesn't need much and afterburners are just a Luxury upgrade, the only time it's "amazing" is on the initial engage so you can go 3 bank, boost and barrel roll and on the 3 Sloop where you can boost after to get behind and back in to a good position for chasing. Sunny would probably do better with HLC (Bullseye isn't as hard as you think to line up) with some luck you'll roll in to 4 hits and make it 5 - more chances of it then you'd get with Ion Torps unless you trying to set up a one turn kill after it. Boba with Perceptive is almost a necessity for the Offense and defense it gives - Han for those turns where you bump or want to target lock but still want your two focus. But I do like your build this is just my opinion and what I would fly. M3-A Interceptor - Sunny Bounder - 35 •Sunny Bounder - Incurable Optimist (31) Heavy Laser Cannon (4) StarViper-class Attack Platform - Guri - 68 •Guri - Prince Xizor’s Bodyguard (62) Outmaneuver (6) Firespray-class Patrol Craft - Boba Fett - 97 •Boba Fett - Notorious Bounty Hunter (80) Perceptive Copilot (10) Marauder (3) Han Solo (4) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  5. Dash/Jan was my go to in 1.0 but due to the change to how both work and the loss of TLT It may not be the best idea anymore, I'd suggest Dash and Kyle for 2.0 as it still gives you some form of action economy on the turns where you can keep Dash in Arc and range of Kyle while keeping Kyle on target. HWK-290 Light Freighter - Kyle Katarn - 67 •Kyle Katarn - Relentless Operative (38) Trick Shot (1) Perceptive Copilot (10) Stealth Device (6) Moldy Crow (12) YT-2400 Light Freighter - Dash Rendar - 133 •Dash Rendar - Hotshot Mercenary (100) Trick Shot (1) Stealth Device (6) Outrider (14) Han Solo (12) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  6. I'll start this by saying every time I build a scum list I keep wanting to put 4LOM and Torani in it then find something to fit with them. They are fun to fly and have deceptively high damage output and last longer than you'd think for 1 agi ships. Escape Craft - Autopilot Drone - 12 •Autopilot Drone - Set to Blow (12) Just to use up the extra points (could throw a few hull or shield upgrades around instead) M12-L Kimogila Fighter - Torani Kulda - 58 •Torani Kulda - Rodian Freelancer (50) Crack Shot (1) Proton Rockets (7) This hits very hard both with using the Proton rockets and just standard Primary, the after effect is a real nice bonus too. G-1A Starfighter - 4-LOM - 57 •4-LOM - Reprogrammed Protocol Droid (49) Predator (2) Fire-Control System (3) Zuckuss (3) With Pred and FCS you should usually be getting all hits on something in your bullseye, Zuckuss there to give us stress when at R1 and we want to pass it or if we just need them to roll one less evade. Customized YT-1300 Light Freighter - Han Solo - 73 •Han Solo - The Corellian Kid (54) Trick Shot (1) Qi’ra (2) L3–37 (4) Lando’s Millennium Falcon (6) Dengar (6) Trickshot and Falcon title don't need any explaining. Qi'ra so we can lock a rock early and abuse it for most of the game with Han's ability + Trick shot. L3 is a great defensive card, especially on low Agi ships. I've not used Dengar yet but on a big base arc it feels like it should do well to add some additional pain - also can be switched out for Hotshot for the token synergy with Torani - will need to drop Pred to Trick shot or Crack shot on 4LOM to do this however. Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder Thoughts? Anyone else you'd run with the 4LOM/Kimogila pairing? I've been thinking a Shadow caster maybe asaaj if I can somehow find the points.
  7. I'm the rebel player They only really get shredded if Luke gets on them. Finding in 800 point games they last decently unless vs a Gatling ATRT or Luke, vs Inf squads they do quite well.
  8. Couple times in the starter scenario I've seen the Speeder squad take a rebel inf squad down to 1 or 2 models multiple times as first activation before Rebs get a chance to pop in to cover.
  9. If you want a really fun competitive board game (also from FFG) I'd suggest picking up the DOOM Board game, grabbed this the other week from a FLGS and it's super fun, one of you plays as the Demons/Invader and 1-4 other players play marines.
  10. I was using the Poe2/Rey2 Deck, in all my testing and in a store champ it ran very well just let me down on the day, 2 games I had where FN just went nuts and Palp + Force speed in to dmg rerolls murdered me two of my 4 losses. Other losses were quiet close just pulled wrong upgrades (Pulled Poes as he died, etc) Oh well it was fun while it lasted with the 2 week meta. Onward to Hera support decks.
  11. Always remove Poe's dice if you have a chance, even if they are blanks. If you are ready Villain Best Defense ruins Poe's day if he doesn't have hit and run.
  12. No as that would be resolving 3 dice.
  13. I just wish this had been the 2nd set not Spirit, I'd of loved these adding to the Meta from Awakenings but Spirit made the game too fast that it may be too late for supports in this block, maybe next block. I'm still going to play a Hera/Maz/Pilot deck tho. Already proxy tested one and its super fun, Good vs Mill if you can bounce with Hera fast enough, still losing to fast decks like Rey, maybe Recycle and T47 can give it the help it needs.
  14. That was me Was still a close game! Had you gone for Maz first it would of helped. I got lucky having both Dets and New orders with getting 2nd for the shields and still able to get my battlefield in.
  15. Spirit was Rogue One Heavy but we still saw Force Awakens and Prequel characters. If not Bossk maybe Cad Bane.
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