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  1. Alright. I am currently in a campaign with the great homebrewer, and someone I think we all respect, Errant Knight. I have been in the campaign for nearly a year now and I have been extremely happy with the results of my character and I would like to think I added a lot to the group. Now that my character is fairly high rank, I need some more help to get the many projects I have in mind done due to the fact I am only one person/machine/genetor/thing. Anyway, Skitarii are basically the equivalent of Imperial Guard for the AdMech, though as we will all admit more durable though far less in numbers for various reasons. So, my group may need some expendable assets that are a little tougher then imperial guard but can still get into those places our Baneblades and tanks can't get into. From what I understand about the Skitarii they can be made though basically growing a human and forcing them to be loyal to the AdMech in question. So, lets assume this assumption is correct. That means that if I were to grow a human, does anyone have any idea how long that takes in Canon? Second, due to the fact that I am currently also working on... several different projects, some of which might be deemed heretical by the Mechanicus if they ever found out about them but that is not important, I will need to get some tech priests to work on this for me. I was considering going to get full blown Magos to work on this project for me, and lets assume I find someone that is specialized in making Skitarii as I am sure there are Magos that do that. How long does it take to train a Skitarii? A single Skitarii. With all of the hyper-indoctrination and all of that nonsense, how quickly can you make something that can function as a Skitarii. All of this will be done on one of our planets that can support this level of activity. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this idea.
  2. I would personally allow it but that would limit you majorly outside of horde warfare but I guess if you are in a set of Terminator you aren't worried about getting a crossed a battle field quickly.
  3. It is called a Vindicare Assassin at 3 miles. Surprise Round. Or Greyknight... or better yet. Greyknight with Vindicare assassin back up. Or just go with the Assassin designed literally to murder him. Culexus Assassin. Lets see him use Boon of Tzeentch against a man who literally turns that power back on him. Also I would argue that because he is possessed, and in canon Culexus Assassins can walk past daemon in the open and they can't see them I would argue that he would get minuses to even see the assassin coming even if he used Divination. Or go with the Rogue Trader route. Orbital Bombardment of his position because even Greater Daemons can not take a lance strike to the face and live, even according to the rules if the player is all about the rules. All of these are... valid choices to knock him down a beg or two.
  4. Well... My personal inquisitor is named Lord Inquisitor-Commissar Sir. He was a veteran of an Ork WAAAAG where he fought and killed a high ranking orc in single combat, by placing a plasma pistol to his face and blowing his brains everywhere. This gained him, along with his other things, the rank of Lord Commissar. This was in his 'early' life and then he was recruited by the Inquisition and did enough work for them to be a full blown Inquisitor... which he then gained the rank of Lord in as well in a hundred years or so. He carries around Archeo-tech Bolt Pistol and Plasma Pistol along with two force weapons. His house has ever shifting pictures down a long hallway of the heretics he has killed in combat or though 'trial' The pictures are not the same any time the characters go down the hallway, and they ask every time if the pictures are different and they always are. This hallway is possibly the length of a football field and is just covered in full blown portraits of this people. Needless to say, my characters decided session one that Lord Inquisitor-Commissar Sir is not someone to be ****** with and they basically leave him alone as much as possible because honestly they know he most likely doesn't care about them that much considering he is both a Lord Inquisitor and a Lord Commissar. That being said, Lord Inquisitor-Commissar Sir is a very nice guy (for the standard) and honestly is even what our modern day people might call 'reasonable'. But I always play it by ear.
  5. Oh ouch. 34 sessions of Black crusade and my noisemarine player still didn't know how to spend XP without me walking him through it. If you guys need another player let me know. I will help you guys out in Black Cursade or ADnD
  6. So... I am curious... is there a quality that you can get for vehicles and what not?
  7. I am sad to hear that this will never get an upgrade, but i am very happy to hear you have full time work and I hope you will have all the success in the world.
  8. I am interest in this. If you are still looking for a player i can easily do the explorator if you wish.
  9. So, how do you do surveying a planet? Do you just have them roll a tech use for something or what? Also how much would it cost for someone to get one of your Homebrew Orbital Docks... because my players are interested in that.
  10. That is also what I am worried about it, but I am making it VERY clear that this is not going to a money profit kind of thing, as from what I can tell PF is not always a money thing.
  11. looking forward to whatever else you can give us!
  12. Good. I like these ideas and I have taken them in mind, if anyone else comes up with something let me know and I will look at that as well. Also, I did not think they would make VERY much money on this, unless someone could convince me of a way they should or could. I am considering giving them this level of PF because they are basically getting an 'ally' of a major forge world. They might even be willing to take a money loss to get into the good graces of the Adeptus Mechanicus.
  13. Ok, so my players thought of an idea, which they will say because I forced them to make this move because they didn't kill a cult before a ritual could go off, and it summoned a greater daemon of Khorne and they then shot it from orbit with enough damage to basically rip a hole into the mantle of the planet. They are now unable to use this planet because of the tectonic plates of the planet are in consent flux right now, and it will most likely not give in for awhile and most likely will cause other problems later on, but getting away from that. So, they now want to create basically what amounts to a space straw, where they are going to pump out the liquid mantle of the planet. I made this planet roughly earth size, so I have a rough idea of how much stuff there is in the mantle of the earth. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mantle_%28geology%29 They have basically said that they would sell all of this to a 'local' forge world. Before it get there though, they have a Mass Conveyor transport, which from here on i will call MCT, which they retrofitted using the money they gained from basically hulling out several pirate ships that tried to attacked them. In this MCT, they filled it with what basically amounts to a refinery, liquid and solid storage for the magma they plan on pumping into the MTC from the space straw, or the tanks rather. They plan on refining the magma into it's base compounds, which I figured all of which a forge world could use. My main issue is this.... How much money do you think is fair for them to make off this? Given all of the stuff that you guys now know within this post, I would like to have people's thoughts. I am considering to allow them to make 3-4 PF off this, after expenses and what not, but I am wondering what you guys think.
  14. I am interested if you are looking for someone
  15. " Did it!" said the Khorne Beserker as the Lord of Change just shakes his head.
  16. I am interested in doing the very same thing in my game, that is why I am asking about how it works. So in order for someone to basically gain assess to... lets say Imperial Date Class 0-2 class map, I am assuming that the Astropath would need to do what? Call up Sol or something like that and get their date and then what?
  17. So, I hate to ask you this as this is a very very stupid question. What do you mean by Imperial Date. And how does that work with creating charts and maps. I looked at how the normal System works by how close it is to the Sol System or is that just how close you are to the Sol system gives you a bonus?
  18. I am still currently running it and my players are enjoying it more then anything else. Got to be honest.
  19. You can easily look at the quotes and figure out what was said. I will continue to look though this thread to see what people think, so if you wish to place constructive advice here then by all means do so. It might help someone who is alittle better at this then I am figure it all out.
  20. Alright, thank you for your advice. I will be revising and retconning this as all of your points are valid and I realized that there are major issues with what is happened. Thank you for your time and effort posting, and I am sorry for wasting your time with such a stupid idea. I did think that I knew what I was doing, but this is why I posted it here to figure out what I missed. I am sorry for wasting all your time.
  21. This is exactly why I asked. Thank you for your input because I completely forgot about those facts and you bring up a good point. Thank you.
  22. I suppose I should explain, as this would see like I do have no idea what I am doing. The emperor has been on the throne for too long, and there are radical Inquistors who do believe heavily in the Star Child theory. These two things combined basically reacted a plan years in the making, and allowing the emperor to finally pass, which he allowed because honestly I can't think of really anything that could kill him if he didn't want to die. He knew this was coming and he accept it because he also saw he would raise again. As for the ramifications of this action, I have thought this though. Due to the fact that millions of worlds require the Astronomicon to function to travel though the Warp, the worlds that are unable to supply the food they need will die (IE Hive/Forge Worlds) this is a given fact of life and it is going to happen. The Agri-World will most likely be alright, as they can feed their population. There will also be massive power vaccums that occur within every square inch of the imperium due to this happening, as everyone scrambles to keep things together (or to not die whatever). This also includes Space Marine Chapters, and due to the fact that the emperor is gone, Chaos and everything else will also come in while the Imperium is weak. I am very much aware of the ramification of my actions. I will be posting a full list of the ramifications tomorrow and you guys can tell me if I missed something, which honestly I most likely will because I am human and I do make mistakes. My original plan is to have them literally go from Planet to Planet attempting to 'restart' the Imperium, at least at the smallest of scales, and when the Star Child is reborn then they will most likely hand it over to him/her to give him/her a foothold to start the Crusades again. This is my current thing that I would like them to do, but they will have to deal with the power struggles along the way, as you would expect. This will lead to enough plot hooks and other things for me to keep them busy for the 20-200 years it will take for Emperor to finally get hold and start pushing his/her power over the Imperium again. I am simply asking this question for the thoughts and opinions of the people of what you believe would happen when the Emperor did finally die and the time inbetween the death and the reincarnation. If you believe I have done something wrong, (AKA a reason besides "it is against canon" ) then let me know your reasons. I have no problem hearing negative reviews as I did post this on the internet and that is going to happen, also I think that this might have been a stupid choice and if you think that give me your reasons why.
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