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  1. Wow, thanks for the response, everyone. I appreciate this!
  2. Hey everyone, new GM here. I had a question about a decision one of my PCs made during our last session. He's a Bothan smuggler-pilot who started out with Heavy Clothing giving him 1 soak plus his brawn of 1 giving him a total of 2 soak. He later purchased Padded Armor and argued that he should be able to wear that type of armor over his Heavy Clothing if its like the Padded Armor law enforcement might use. (another PC had to point it out because he didn't try to discuss it with me) All in all it only gives him a total soak of 4 but I couldn't find anything in the CRB that said he specifically could not do this. I just wanted to see what other GMs, experienced or not, thought about it. Like if he is breaking any rules or not.
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