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    link for the SUpa fighter almost replaced the viper ALMOST !!! http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Supa_Fighter
  2. the phantom was seen in rebel assault 2 and in the strategy game Empire ar War Forces of corruption there it was one of the newer tie variants alongside the New implemented Tie Interceptor, scout and Defender
  3. My favorite ship of all time is by far the Tie Interceptor i love to fly that speedy fighter love the arc dodging love to outmaneuver my foes and so on. it has a pretty epic design mybe the best in the whole star wars universe ;P. the pilot that fits my playstyle is Lt.Lorrir for sure with these 1 banking barrel rols hell yeah !!! i dont care about meta just fight my 4 interceptors list the Red Guard and u will start to beg for mercy. iam going to paint 4 of em into my colour sheme
  4. u just cant say that any generic should get an EPT. thats ridicilous sure it would make most of em better but that alone let other generics die out or even some named ones that dont have EPT going to get unused. look at the named Tie Fighters only 3 named are most flown by this community, Howl; Mauler and Stabber
  5. e wings are pretty **** strong they do not need a chaardan refit like fix now go away and learn to win with ure E-Wings newb
  6. well what i predict we will see is another big scum ship maybe the Haunts tooth for rebels ( even if i dislike this scum ) i want to see the K-Wing as thier next addition cause that fits within the E-Wings era to make him more special a 2 wide and 1 lenght base the dots and fighter placed very central but cause of its wideness hard to flieng ship that will make fun to master using him i guess. for the Empire i would like to see the Tie-Avenger, Tie-Hunter or the Alpha Class Xg-1 Starwing. just let it be one of these pls T_T
  7. the best example for a guy with no life and to much money. think of how huge his pilot and upgrade card pile must be... oh the horror of sorting out the cards. and i thought that iam crazy buying 4 times imperial aces + many people asking themselves where the **** the minatures are ??!!! yeah the answer is u !! U BOUGHT EM ALL !!! ( lucky that i live in germany so no chance for u to buy of all the good stuff first hand)
  8. AAAAAAAAND still no updates about huge ships for my empire T_T
  9. i have many favorated pilots but i like to fly Maarek Stele with Swarm tactics and Cluster Missiles. pretty fun to fly and with swarm tactics i can push up one of his his wingmates
  10. ok ok i edited the thing that it wasnt a bomber BUT it carried proton bombs. thats why i called it a bomber >.>. but still thx for the nerd rages ;p
  11. as u guys already now cause of the title. iam here suggesting the V-Wing as the one of the next ships for the pirates. like the x-wing was the backbone ship from the rebels the V-Wing fulfilled this role for the mandalorians, hutt cartel and many other syndikates. the V-Wing is a clone wars ship yes and had the role of an Interceptor er like ship that carried bombs with it. ive always played the V-Wing in Battlefront 2 and was quite skilled with him even in SW Galaxies so i think i know how i would make him cost and look like on the battlefield. His stats should be exact like the x-wing 3/2/3/2 many will think now what ? really ? is this guy insane ? Yes and YES !!! the thing is the V wing had shielding and was pretty tanky, had OK agility. to make this fighter feel different from the X-wing tough comes in play in terms of dial, action bar and the upgrade bar. well lets begin then. to the dial. his dial should show that he was quite capable in dogfights as heavy fighter llike the wookiepedia tells us and my own experiences as pilot with it. Speed 1 - He will have red 1 tiurns like the defender showing that he can du such a manouver but with high risks with losing action. his 1 forward and 1 banks should be green to shed the stress. Speed 2 - 2 turns white, 2 banks white and 2 forward green. Speed 3 - 3 turns white, 3 Banks white and the 3 forward green. SO far his dial has 2 reds and 5 green manouvers. Speed 4 - 4 Forward Red showing that even an old heavy fighter has its limits keeping up with the modern fighters. Speed 5 - 5 K-turn like the tie bomber showing that it has even aspects of a bomber like ship. with these the V-Wing has a total of 16 moves to chose from like the most with 3 reds and 5 greens in it Now to the Action Bar Focus, Target Lock and Boost many will think why boost ? well the answer is simple heavy fighters do turn pretty well if u fly em at low speed so they can get better aim at thier prey. making him again a dangerous threat imagine one push the limit V-wing with boost and target lock chasing a Falcon that cant shake him of + getting out of the V-Wings arc. to the Upgrade Bar. It should have the missile upgrade slot, salvaged astromech slot and the bomb upgrade slot. no ilicit or system upgrade slots cause with the 3 upgrade bars u can customize the V-wing well enough. the ship should start like the X-wing at a minimum cost of 21 up to 28 something. my predictions. it is the pirate like Tie-Advanced/X-wing fighter. i came up with a title card aswell for those that want to use Torpedos instead of Missiles the title card should be called V-Wing Ver.T ( version torpedo ) cost 0 points. Change the Missile upgrade icon with the torpedo Icon. i chosed to make it a title card so that the V-wing still can benefit from modification cards like stealth device etc. the colour of the should be the dark orange grey paint sheme. for later V-Wing aces u could use the blue/gray paint sheme to represent some mandalorian heroes. i Hope u enjoyed reading this stuff and that we will see the V-wing in the near future with these stats and possibilities or something close to it. iam sure our designers will make a great job like they always did so far. ive watched/heard the interview and man like they said its not like they can bring a patch ver 3.456 to patch a ship ;P. heres the link for the V-Wing: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Alpha-3_Nimbus-class_V-wing_starfighter
  12. palpatine should cost 60 points with that u can summon a deathstar with limitless tie fighter reinforcement rule.
  13. becaause..... i have already one V-49 decimator ;D
  14. arent there the 3 azzemen brothers one that worked for the empire, one that worked for rebels and the other one was the scum in the family ? thats why i think that we will see his 2 borthers joining as crew or even pilot cards for the empire and rebels ^^
  15. ive met today a guy in a local store touarnement with 2 lambdas and 1 tie bomber. captian jonus with wingman 1 omricon with HLC and advanced sensors and colonel jendon with HLC, weapon engeneers, advanced sensors, st-321 and so on. it was a nightmare to fight i maybe should have flanked him but nah i flew into his arms and died. he won the touarnement. with out moving 1 inch on the table. sure this game is all about moving and yeah theres the joke if u dont move wheres the moving ?`well iam sad and hope that this gets erata that such actions are not legal or something
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