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  1. I don't have wave 2 yet. From wave 1 my favorite ship is Gladiator especially with Demolisher. My favorite squadron is Tie/Int. I think swarm is great and Howl is queen of this ability .
  2. Dear God! Somebody stab my eyes with an Icepick! Dork Empire must be forgotten! Sorry, not a fan of those comics. Can you tell? Er, said "X-Wing 3D" and I meant "Rogue Squadron", forgive me Wedge for I have sinned. Remember these bad boys? (and the ever-popular "V-Wing") Yeah, but the World Devastators were originally from Dork Empire. It was a blight on Star Wars. One of the things I was GLAD Disney abolished from the cannon. One of the greatest SW comic book ever. Artwork was amazing.
  3. Raider looks pretty hilariious for me. Gladiator looks much better.
  4. This is not best SD I've ever seen but the name is really bad. I want my Allegiance SD or Bellator.
  5. To satisfy me, all I want is them to have dignity. Not looking like total dumbasses. Maybe them winging a main character, maybe a TIE Fighter actively dodging a laser bolt here or there. Maybe some rebel mauve shirts biting it to a stormy or TIE. But really. Not looking like utter dolts would do it. It's not asking much. I'll remind you, I like rebels, I get why things are as they are. But I will post against inaccurate data. I'll say again. A Hero is defined by his villains. Rebels has very good villains, the named ones like kallus and the inquisitor, those guys kick butt. IMO inquisitor is rather hilarious. His lightsabre is one of the most idiotic weapons od SW I've ever seen. I will probably see next seasons but by now the show isn't very exciting.
  6. Squadrons for the win. I'm using by myself with a good result .
  7. Tyrant was Imperial I-class destroyer . Perilous and Ultimatium are from the new canon(Tyrant from old). Kill them with fire .
  8. If I remember Gammam squadron bombers should have white stripes on solar panels.
  9. What does the Tector even look like? I'd rather prefer Allegiance-class battlecruiser. IMO this is one of the most beautiful ships in EU and not 14134254653656563 km lenght . Bellator-class Dreadhnought is also nice. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Bellator-class_dreadnought http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Allegiance-class_battlecruiser http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Tector-class_Star_Destroyer
  10. I want whole Vader's Death Squadron!!!! Muhahahahahhaa!!! But actually I think I will buy 2 ISD .
  11. Wondering how many shield points the ISD II has:-)? Should has more than the 1st one.
  12. For the time being, X-wing, Armada, IA are legends games and Raider is legends ship. I hope they will not add new ships or create a new game format- FA. I'd rather like to see old EU ships then another Interceptor-SD hybrid . This isn't ugliest ship I'v ever seen but I'd prefer Dreadnought or Carrack. We have enought cosmic triangels. They're cool but in Galaxy are many shipbuilders and many ship conceptions.
  13. Lancer and Strike Cruiser are classic EU ships. I don't know why people don't like them. Also don't know why people like Imperial Rider. Another triangle (they should make fighter triangel) with Int's solar panels. Boring . But despite od this I will probably buy one of these.
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