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  1. Thanks for all reply's and extra info everyone. I have high hopes, and have already found a place I can purchase after the weekend. Wish me luck To give hope back to others, when I first got together with my wife she didn't play any games, and had a bias against anything sci-fi or fantasy based. My strategy has been slow exposure (like hunting, you don't want to spook the game.) I started with Parker Brother games (uck), then setting neutral games like Settlers of Catan, then slowly pushed into better games. The actual game that started her getting comfortable with playing with miniatures on the table (which was a big hurdle) was X-wing (surprising because she hates Star Wars with a insane bias passion), but the simple rules and fast style of play made her forget that it was a star wars game. My only other rule that have helped make this transition happen is, "Never refer to or mention D&D in any way!!! Even if it is a game based on D&D (like Lords of Water Deep). Same goes for Warhammer, 40k, and Lords of Rings. I mentioned any one reference to anyone of those brands then she rolls her eyes and humours me, but she will never want to play the game again if I suggest it. Thanks again to everyone, cheers
  2. Hello all, As the subject suggests "how viable is 2 person play?" keeping in consideration that neither of us will have played a dungeon crawling game per say... My wife and I are on a constant search to find a game that we can play at home together and really enjoy. We both enjoy board games, but since we have young kids it is normally just me and her. We tried playing Tailsman, which we both enjoyed, but found it was too long to finish a game, and our house isn't conducive keeping boards set up over one evening. Would this be a good buy for me, or should I keep searching? Also, please feel free to recommend any games that you might think we should try Cheers P.S. we are currently playing "DC comics deck building game", "Tailman" (kind of, when we can), Horus Heresy (she doesn't hate the game but she hates 40k universe - my bad for trying to teach her to play the table top game), Settlers of Catan 2 person card game)
  3. Hmmmm, Thanks for all your responses. Still not quite sure what I am going to do. I want to believe that she will enjoy it if she gets playing, but I am worried she won't be interested in giving it a chance, and then it will just be boring. If I so go for it I will definitely take everyone's advice Thanks again, Cheers
  4. Hello all, I am wondering if Talisman will be a good game for my wife and I to play together. She enjoys playing board games like Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride but doesn't really play any fantasy related games. I have got her playing X-wing with me, and she is starting to show a slight interest in playing Magic (we have played a few games but I am not sure it is going to catch). If the rules are too complicated or the strategy too deep I find that she looses interest and doesn't want to play (She won't even consider playing Warhammer with me.) I am looking for a game that could fit a little bit of both our styles. We do have a couple friends that we might be able to play with but the majority of the time we only have each other (which is why we don't play Catan and other games as much as we would like). So the question is; Is Talisman a good purchase? (Keeping the above criteria in mind) I am really wanting to find a 2 person game that we can play together and put a lot of hours into. Any advice is appreciated Cheers
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