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  1. There was an article about the new mode I think it was IGN that posted it but TIEs have the ability to get a speed boost where as rebel ships can get a shield boost, so it definitely seems like they're keeping everything canon and balanced which is nice to see.
  2. As someone who has never played a tournament and genuinely has no idea how these are set up for table top games and such, if he had told the TO before hand, what would have happened? Would the runner up to the top players then be able to move up in ranking? Or would everything stay as it was and it would still have been a win for Player A?
  3. Zarovichx, you're right he did assist in the death star rescue. EU Obi-wan I'll admit I don't know as much as I would like, so I can't comment on that, movie wise though he didn't do anything regarding the ships other than ride on the way to the Death Star. I always looked at Obi-wan as more of a guide rather than anything else as Luke continues his quest to become a fully fledged Jedi. That was his biggest contribution to the rebellion which admittedly is a huge contribution, but he never assisted in any way regarding ships... but as I said earlier, if Obi-Wan shows up I won't be yelling NOOOOOOOOOOOO like Vader in episode 3, I'll be happy as heck, just don't see it as being thematic, but to each their own
  4. Actually Starkiller, I disagree about when the timeline actually starts... I'd argue that it actually starts at the beginning of A New Hope or even a little bit before like Dark Forces (hence Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors). The tantive 4 and it's pilot Captain Antilles are both in the game (at least for epic play). I still agree with you however that Obi-wan as much as I love him just wouldn't fit thematically as a crew member for the game. Would I be upset at all if he showed up? No I love seeing all the star wars characters show up in some form of another. I just don't think it fits thematically.
  5. I'm not saying he did nothing.... he was a great general during the clone wars. I'm saying he did nothing for the rebellion.... he helped take care of Luke when Uncle Ben wasn't shooing him away on Tatooine. He then is finally called to help out the rebellion and unfortunately is killed before he can do anything to actually help the rebellion. I'm not saying he's not deserving. He's an awesome character, one of my favorites in the Star Wars saga. The issue is more so that thematically he wasn't in any dog fights during the rebellion period. After Revenge of the Sith he stays on Tatooine. He was a crew member when the Falcon was captured. No dogfight what so ever. Leia copiloted the falcon when the 4 fighters came after the escape from the death star. Not only that but she is actually a crew member on the ship she came with... on top of that she helped coordinate ships in combat during the battle of yavin as well as at Hoth... her ability therefore makes sense in the game. Palpatine was only shown coming out of a shuttle and then was death star from then on. In extended universe lore, force users have the ability to help sway the battle through morale and such. Again though, I'm not arguing that Obi-wan was a great character, he just unfortunately wasn't alive and doing anything during the events of 4-6. He was a VERY helpful ghost who helped Luke become a jedi...
  6. Wrong, both the Rebellion and the Rebellion Era didn't start with the Battle of Yavin, it started before Kenobi died: Battle of Toprawa My actual point though is how many pilots were dead, by Episode VI, that we use in the game? Plenty. I don't know if you are confused about the card you keep quoting because it's not a force ghost picture, or you just are ignoring where I said a crew slot with a free crew slot makes more sense than a modification slot for a force ghost version, or you're just being annoying on purpose. X-Wing: The Miniatures Game starts with the Battle of Yavin and at this point Kenobi is dead already. If you think that I am annoying I just have a single advise for you: Don't use internet forums. I would agree that Ben Kenobi couldn't be a crew member... at least not living. For the rebellion he never did anything... (except make sure Luke didn't kill himself on Tattooine) especially not for the pilots and such. As a ghost he helped guide Luke at the battle of Yavin, so I mean some enhanced focus could work with Ben, or turning in your target lock for something, but that's basically dead eye anyways. Unfortunately if there's no prequel stuff Obi-Wan just wouldn't really fit as a crew member with the rebellion ships.... just my 2 cents. Nice idea though.
  7. My concern with Maarek is more so along the lines of why many people weren't happy with Rexler. He's an end game player and if you can get everyone's shields down then that's great, but with not a high attack and so forth I don't know how often you'll really be able to use the ability. It would be pretty awesome to pull it off though. So I guess question to further the thread, not just how would you outfit Maarek, what other ships would you put alongside him to maximize his potential?
  8. 16 years vs how many years of training for Vader? Not to mention again Vader is supposed to be super powerful (granted he doesn't do anything in the films... he only beats Obi-wan because Obi-Wan lets him, then he beats Luke in Empire because Luke just started training, and then he gets whooped really quick in Jedi... but still!) Also instead of ending the sith reign right then and there he walks away to let them continue to rule while he joins a rebellion... It was fun for a side story that is not canon what so ever, just a what if, but as canon it was bantha poodoo.... so happy Disney changed that when they took over.
  9. I disagree.... I hated the story because it made Vader and the Emperor to be wusses. They're supposed to be these all powerful sith lords and they just got whipped around like nothing by this kid who finished his training in like a week under Vader. I liked the Prequel movies A LOT more than the story of the force unleashed games.... but to each their own...
  10. the last thing this game in general needs is a large base turret Scum's fat ships are the firesprays and aggressors, and they don't need any more I understand with the anti large base turret but with both Rebel and Empire having a ship with that option it only makes sense to even the playing field and give S&V at least one to play around with. Besides the YT-2000 is such an awesome ship
  11. YT-2000 for Rebels or Scum And Villainy (preferrably Scum since Rebels have enough turrets, but it's my favorite expanded universe ship so I just want it to show up) Scum - Slave 2 I don't know the name of the ship itself though. Pretty sure it was the same as the Enkidu in X-Wing Assault
  12. Boba's always been my boy, I dunno why there's usually so much hate for him, I was loving Outmaneuver on him with navigator, but I found that Veteran Instincts worked better due to phantoms with VI, but I never really thought of using recon, up until now I always thought recon was a waste of a card, so thank you for giving that card new light for me, cause I finally see it as not being a waste!
  13. Rax01

    Ground attack

    If you do want to run a death star trench scenario, I and several other people I've seen have used this http://www.rpgnow.com/product/106202/Warscapes%3A-Star-Base-Trench-Run you can just print it out and place the pieces how you see fit. It took me maybe an hour to create the whole thing. Might be something worth looking at if you want to make the board but don't want to spend a lot of time doing it. There's also a couple different rule sets out there for it that people have made. Boardgamegeek has a bunch of stuff for it. Your first point is pretty valid though, for just play testing it can be a pain in the butt for people who aren't as interested as you or I.
  14. Rax01

    Ground attack

    Because playing more involved missions requires more work. Not everyone has reasonably scaled at-ats or snow speeders to use, and it needs to look good because the visuals are a big part of the appeal. Playing a scenario like that requires that the participants have appropriate extra pieces, that someone needs to have done the work to create the extra rules needed, that everyone involved agrees on all the new rules, and even if you might be able to pull all that together, there is always the subconscious suspicion that the scenario won't be balanced and will end up not being fun to play, so a good scenario is assumed to require a lot of play testing to get right. Given all that work needed, it is easier for most people to simply go with the "official" default scenario which they already know is going to be fun and which doesn't require any extra work. I'm sorry but I disagree. It doesn't have to be the battle of Hoth with ships you don't have, it can be anything. It does require a little work but honestly not that much. I've created my own death star and death star 2, and have set up several different objective missions and you really don't need that much to do it. Play testing can come in to play, absolutely but that's part of the fun, changing things up and fine tuning everything so that it's a great battle. My friends aren't that big on the regular 1 on 1 dogfight so I've had to be creative and set missions and that's pretty much the only way that they'll play, but it's worth it every time.
  15. Rax01

    Ground attack

    In my opinion (for what it's worth) working out rules for gravity and stuff is a little too in depth, and probably not worth it. From the Rogue Squadron Books that I've seen and the Rogue Squadron games I've played they never delved into it, so me personally I wouldn't worry about that, but to each their own.
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