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  1. Yes they do but only at a few (very few) Forge worlds. On a Side note Nova Cannons are COOL. And I thought Cyclonic Torpedos Messed up Tectonic activity. And The Exterminatus Virus Doesn't mess up the life cycle of a planet it eats all organic matter at a rapid rate turning it into goo and Oxygen then the fleet in orbit fires one round to flash fire the oxygen and the surface reducing the planet too a lifeless rock. and only Space Marines have the Exterminatus Virus. (I think)
  2. Yes you are Correct, I mean Battlion (Spelling?). I always get the 2 mixed up.
  3. I also use the canon from GW products like the IG codex and Warhammer 40K rule book.
  4. A Imperial Navy ship can carry around a company on its own. With a barracks it can carry a full regiment. Now using Cadian Troops as a standard about 200 to a company, maybe 4 companies to a Division and 2 or 3 Divisions to a Regiment. This is what me and my brother are using. There is a series of books that have some numbers in it "Gaunts Ghosts" they have about 3000 men at full strength.
  5. Cool. Now I want to look at Necros and see how deadly they are.
  6. Have too look into that. I know they are in DW, I even think there is a whole adventure around them, maybe..
  7. : P Pre-Heresy yeah they could. Post, Not so much. There are still planets in the Calixis Sub-Sector that still have resources to be used.
  8. Which book is the Necrons in? I thought they only had Necrons in Deathwatch. And before anyone says anything yes i know you can cross all the systems.
  9. The thing that the Imperium produces that keeps it running is people though, not productive colonies. Their main planets get ripped apart of anything useful and either set up as massive grain mills, or giant hive cities to produce billions necessary to fund the Imperial Guard and the God-Emperor's diet. That is correct but the Imperium still doesn't use up a planet that is rich in resorces in only a few years. Decades maybe but not only a few years.
  10. Me and my Brother are going to create our own rules for this and once we do and have a workable (ish) mechanic we will post it here and see what you all think of it. but if anyone has any other ideas about this or know stuff that might be helpful please post.
  11. Void Shields regenerate each turn I think. and as for Macrobatteries salvo them will net you 6 hits (as per your example). I could be wrong it has been awhile since I played RT.
  12. Still rolling a 99 on the Abundunce table you can use it up in 4 years maybe 5. it doesn't make any sense.
  13. figured that out. Orks are fun I love reading the ship components in BFK.
  14. I did think of that, but at that point you can run out of "Plentiful" resources after 3 or 4 years. even the Imperium is not that fast at mining.
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