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  1. Okay all, we have three pages just in this thread. I am going to do one last scour of the rest of the Runebound forums this week and then get the petition site ready to go. I truly believe we can get this done and strangely, it was the announcement of a new edition of Dungeonquest that I think is an encouraging sign that FFG has not abandoned older games. So please contact any gamers you know that you think would be interested in Runebound - either a 2nd edition reprint or a new 3rd edition and get them to add their voice here and to the petition site that I will link here hopefully next week! Terrinoth awaits!!!!!!!
  2. Treebeard does deserve to be that good and remember Ana, it's a good idea thematically to bring him in exhausted because as we know, the Ents are "waking up" and wouldn't it be too hasty to have him ready? Anyhow, I really think that both The Road Darkens and the Ring-Maker cycle are going to be an absolute blast to play.
  3. I am guessing that the transportation by ship is an economical decision by FFG. WotC/Hasbro has a lot more dosh and shipping by air is not a problem for them. I doubt that FFG has that kind of capital. Remember too that shipping by air is based upon weight and is quite expensive whereas shipping over sea is measured in volume and the cost difference is significant! When I moved to Europe I had considered moving everything by air. I am a professional musician and magician and I would have loved having my instruments and books with me on the day I landed here. But the cost to ship it all was in the five figure range by air! By sea, the whole thing cost just over 3,000 USD door to door and that included packing and insurance. The downside was that I had ti wait five weeks for my stuff to arrive. LOTR has become a huge game. The number of blogs and other resources for the game seem to only be rivaled by MTG. Perhaps FFG hadn't anticipated the potential of the game that has become "pasteboard crack." But, I have rediscovered other games in addition to replaying LOTR with new decks. If The Road Darkens and the first APs for VOI don't come out by mid-June, then I am going to pick up a couple of expansions for Thunderstone: Advance - which I might add is a brilliant game and not at all expensive. Just think though my lady/fellow adventurers, in a couple of months' time, we'll be debating what cards are now really "have to build a deck around these!" necessities. Namaarie, Vlad
  4. I couldn't agree more Mndela! Ever since the MTG bug bit me in the antediluvian days, opening packs, boxes, etc., has always been a sort of ritual. I like the "one minute per card" approach by the way. I tend to rush at 20 seconds per card!
  5. Many may scoff but every moment with this game - even the frustrating moments - is simply superb. Nate and Caleb have truly created an immersive game with sound mechanics and dripping with theme.
  6. I read some impressions of this game on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, and the writer stated that Shadows of Mordor made him want to play Assassin's Creed. This one is simply not worth the money even if the combat is tight. I think that certain properties such as LOTR do not need changing or rebooting. Perhaps when it plummets to 10 USD on a Steam sale I might pick it up provided there are no APs being released.
  7. I simply cannot believe all of the infantile whining I've read in this thread. I am as anxious for the next Saga Expansion and the APs for The Voice of Isengard as anyone else. That said, why would FFG "lie", i.e, intentionally make a false statement? As much of a cash cow and precious (sorry) licence as LOTR is, the last thing FFG would do is make intentionally misleading and/or false statements. The Lord of the Rings intellectual property is quite jealously guarded as it should be. I am confident that FFG is well aware of this and would do nothing to lose that licence. I will assume that most if not all of us have most/all of the LOTR: LCG sets. With the immense possibilities of decks yet to be built in the card pool as it is, why not try some deck building and take on some quests with a whole different approach if you are so impatient? If that doesn't strike your fancy, how about doing something else until these new products are released? Here are a few ideas: Explore the known universe: http://en.spaceengine.org/ Play MTG for free and with every card: http://www.slightlymagic.net/forum/ I especially recommend Manalink, Forge and BotArena Read great books! How long has it been since you have immersed yourself in The Lord of Rings, The Silmarillion, The Lay of the Beleriand? Volunteer at an animal shelter! Play a boardgame that isn't a money sink such as Mageknight, Thunderstone: Advance, Tomb and Tomb Cryptmaster, Mice and Mystics, the D&D "big box" games, Pathfinder ACG, Talisman, Arkham Horror, etc. Star gaze Pick up a hobby! Sleep in! Stay up late and watch MST3K!! Namaarie, Vlad
  8. You make some valid points but again I would just remind you that if you use the Doom Track or some type of threat tracker, the game really does take on a sense of urgency. What makes Runebound so very cool is that you have to make choices because that Doom Track is ever growing; it's a harbinger of the coming destruction. In that way, Runebound feels very much like the best high fantasy novels. Think (obviously) of The Lord of the Rings, or Terry Brooks' Shannara series. There is a threat looming to obliterate everything. As much as people may say it's a tired trope, it isn't because that threat hangs over us in our every day world - just ask a Ukrainian. Anyhow, if you don't play with a Doom Track then yes, you can take all of the time you desire and faceroll Margath. And I will concede that multiplayer can be weak when you add in more than two or three players. I agree as well that some rule tweaks would help to speed the 4+ player game. I play a bit of solo and also two player and every game has been unique and every game has literally come down to the wire - as it should be IMHO. Also don't forget the variants like travel hazards! Those are a blast and perhaps when (I am being very positive) the 3rd edition sees print, travel hazards will become a more integral part of the game. It makes sense doesn't it? Borrowing again from Tolkien and Brooks, if an ancient evil is stirring, there's going to be nasties popping up virtually anywhere in the world. I also agree that for some people it could be tedious to watch others in combat. For me it's a blast and even more so when players ask for advice as it makes it feel like we are companions with a common purpose. Yes, it should be painfully obvious that I am a "theme" w****e. And I love the unexpected and in that respect both Runebound and Talisman both shine! Runebound is an experience. It's not just a dungeon crawler. It's clear that FFG put a lot of thought into the lore and some of the flavor text in Runebound drips with it. With it being hard to find now - especially the small expansions - Mageknight is for me at least the closest experience. It's a great game too but in the long run, I still think that Runebound has the edge as there is so much more that could be done! The Sands of Al-Kalim even broke with normal convention by having as its focus each player essentially creating her/his own story to be remembered in Terrinoth. Watching other players create their stories is a fun experience for me and this too is something that FFG could develop even further. I know that you love Runebound or you wouldn't have posted in this thread that SolennelBern so kindly started. I believe that after we convince FFG that Runebound is a product that veteran and newcomers want, FFG will look at our suggestions. Keep the faith and please spread the word about the upcoming petition? Let's not allow this wonderful experience to be forgotten. Namaarie, Vlad
  9. Letter in progress to FFG; petition site almost ready! I saw the comment about Runebound being PvP. Wrong! As stated, in multiplayer it's a race and if you waste time engaging in PvP combat remember that the world's "clock" is ticking; this isn't Talisman where you have all the time in the world to screw over your opponent. Lastly, Runebound plays beautifully as a solo game. Try it using the Doom track or the Threat counter. You have to balance between leveling up in encounters and getting to cities to get good loot. I wonder if the person who mentioned Runebound as being meant originally for PvP was thinking of Runewars as that game is absolutely PvP.
  10. Hi all, I am readying the petition, the letter, and I'm even going to phone - and international rates are expensive. But, I think we can do this folks! I would like to ask for the next two weeks for everyone here who has stated that she/he will sign the petition to get the word out to gamer friends/acquaintances/enemies who are not registered on FFG but who you think would like to play Runebound to create an account and add their voices here. Also, when you see other threads about a reprint, PLEASE direct the poster to this thread? I really think it would be a good strategy to have a huge thread to show to FFG. I really have a LOT of faith that this can happen. What I will do also is post the letter I will send to FFG here first for community approval and suggestions for editing before I send it to FFG. By then I will have the petition site set up as well. Best, Vlad
  11. +1 to SolennelBern's And I'll add a googolplex. Look, this game has an insane amount of permutations - perhaps the number SolennelBern's number.It would be interesting to do the mathematics on the possible number of playthroughs of this game and without counting successes or failures. Permutations are appropriate here because order does count. So, take all of the cards and tiles together and do a factorial calculation. I am, among other things, a sleight of hand artist and my specialty is sleight of hand card magic and gambling exposes. Think of Poker or Blackjack and furthermore, let's just consider Blackjack in the context of a one deck shoe - which of course is never used as Blackjack is played out of at least a five deck shoe. Order is important in both games. Now, there are 52 cards in a standard Poker or Bridge deck. The permutation for a deck of 52 cards is 52 factorial, mathematically notated as 52!, so you multiply 52*51*50 ... *1 to get the answer. The answer by the way is: 80658175170943878571660636856403766975289505440883277824000000000000 So, while the OP complains of lack of components - and in my estimation, DQ is feature laden considering it is a boardgame version of a rogue-like, he fails to understand the truly astronomical possibilities of DQ. Just do the math on the 117 tiles and your computer might fry: 117 factorial. 330 cards? Insane number, but, break them down in their component decks, i.e, dungeon, catacombs, traps, etc., and the number are crazy huge. (Non-official math designation ). Six heroes? With the luck factor added in, I think six heroes is really the ideal number. Simply put, this game is MUCH larger than the OP realizes.
  12. Thanks! I will definitely give this a go!!!
  13. It's great to see the responses in this thread. I've copied and pasted the link to this thread to other parts of the forum. So please help spread the word? Even if people can come and post here just a "+1" then we have something to show FFG who still has not made any stirrings about a Runebound reprint, but, again, I DO believe that if FFG sees considerable interst either a reprint of Second Edition with some tweaks and variants and a few additional scenarios in the base set OR a bona-fide Third Edition could happen. More and more people are discovering the game and either have to pass it up because of the sharks on eBay selling it at shylock prices or spend a fortune on it - and FFG is losing revenue. I recently watched a YouTube video where a gamer lists essential solo and co-op games. Runebound was not on the list. I asked him why he omitted Runebound, and he stated that he was unaware of the game! This is a pretty well informed gamer, but, things have been so silent on the Runebound front that even gamers have posted on this forum that they just recently discovered Runebound. While I understand that FFG is doing very well with big franchises like The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, Runebound is a completely different experience as others have noted. Comparisons to Mage Knight are of course inevitable and I love that game as well, but, Mage Knight is not a game that lends itself well to easing new players into boardgaming. Additionally, Runebound can be played in less than half the time of Mage Knight so it would/could attract gamers that don't want to invest a lot of time with games like Mage Knight. Let's keep it rolling! And you know, it might be interesting for FFG to explore doing a digital version of Runebound. Really, the only digital game on the market that closely resembles Runebound is King's Quest. Imagine a version of Runebound in which one could design maps, quests, have a random map generator and I think that this could be a great game. Age of Wonders III will be released in two weeks, Worlds of Magic and Warlock 2 will be released this year. There obviously is a demand for these types of games when you also take into account related games like HoMM, Disciples, Fantasy Wars, Elven Legacy, the freeware Battle for Wesnoth, etc. If FFG can be convinced that a new or reprinted Runebound and a possible digital edition would be financially profitable, then it's a win-win situation for the company and the community. Best, Vlad
  14. If you want a Runebound 3rd ed., please read and post at: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/100012-group-positive-thinking/ You can also read the steps I plan to take in addition to the posts in this thread!
  15. If you want a Runebound 3rd ed., please read and post at: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/100012-group-positive-thinking/ You can also read the steps I plan to take in addition to the posts in this thread!
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