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  1. ... Wow!! That is seriously awesome man. It looks like it will work really well with the character and the weapon I'm developing. Thank you so much. I'mma have fun with this
  2. Thanks. I'm going to try and design a sword that's bound into it's sheath (effectively a Bokuto with a Katana inside but better). As he is now the character is built to be both fast and heavy hitting so probably something in between leaning more towards fast. No bonds or the like although I might keep the Physical Increase stuff he has from psychic (this is yet to be decided with my GM before we rewrite). I've been working with Block but I leave that to your discretion. I like it.
  3. Hi ElricOfMelnibone. I have a character who has just been training under the Guardian in White during the "Time Skip" of 8 years (You know this guy http://th02.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/f/2012/341/c/e/anima__guardian_in_white_by_wen_m-d5ndjdb.jpg) and I was hoping you could help come up with what sort of techniques he would train me in cause I have no ideas. My character would prefer to avoid killing others if possible while not being afraid to do so if forced.
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