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  1. Over a week later and still nothing reported from them directly but a silent cancel (unless I missed something). Now with less than 2 weeks remaining, there will be some people showing up at the event there that weekend with more frustration than what I had when I first heard about it through a friend who happened to be reading a forum. Now there are sympathies in my view for those who don't even know that their practice and travel is for naught.
  2. Cascade has already replied to me and another on Saturday and mentioned that discussions/decisions were already made and decided upon that it wouldn't be that weekend. So I don't expect that to change.
  3. Like I said, it's not about the choice to exclude oneself from this and be part of a boycott. It's about the choice to not plan an alternative for their player base and just drop everything and say "oh well, we can't do anything". FFG can and should be doing something so that an event still takes place somewhere in the vicinity on that same weekend. There are even several stores in New England that can host hundreds of people for events, and I am sure there are stores or other options down there to host people nearby. Not enough has been done, not enough thought has been provided to this situation, and it has been marketed terribly as to what their thoughts are moving forward other than them mentioning they will 'likely be doing something at a different date'. How informative. It's a total mess. They just don't care enough about their player base, and I am sure its not just me that is going to now be boycotting FFGs products. You can't treat your customers poorly and expect them to keep coming back.
  4. Fair enough on the boycott of the convention and not the other way around. I have edited my statement above in certain segments. Perhaps there is no proper approach to handling this available, but I can only assume that the options of hosting the events nearby have not been exhausted and cancelling a large event on short notice is going to effect a large quantity of individuals. I can't risk going to more conventions to play at this point anymore. It has unfortunately determined for me the end of competitive play; even if drive-able. There was too much time invested into it in preparation and different times means more practice. And if they were willing to just drop everything and not have an alternate solution for their customers, then they have made a grave mistake. It sounds as though they have already made their decisions on this.
  5. NOT Ok. It seems as though there were some negative connotations against Cascade Games with respect to the Anime Matsuri convention. I had heard of it through a friend and then had to do some digging. It could be related to this article or something similar here although they do not go into details much elsewhere http://www.houstonpress.com/news/anime-matsuri-organizer-accused-of-sexual-harassment-7541555: Edit: It seems as though it was Cascade who boycotted the convention and not of a boycott of anyone of their employees or they themselves. So the above has been stricken out. Their decision to boycott a convention with shady business is perfectly reasonable. But a response in an e-mail mentions that Cascade was not aware of these issues they encountered, nor of the player boycott at the convention. Which is reasonable given the circumstances if that is the case. And does this responsibility now fall upon Cascade Games? Meh, maybe. But they are just the crew that was assigned. If they cannot be there for the event then it surely is FFG responsibility to make corrective action and have an event somewhere. Cascade has mentioned otherwise. They mention that they are sorry and that the event will just have to be a different weekend. Well, that is not ok. And it was also mentioned that this was a discussion made on both parties with Cascade and FFG. Step up FFG. Do not leave your players in the dust. Afterall, I have spent prepaid money on a flight and hotel to the event, bought tickets and taken vacation time off for. I have also been practicing for weeks/months in preparation for this event. And now, I am going to a convention to which I do not even have interest in. Another weekend is not ok either. I can't just travel several hundred miles down there a secondary weekend for multiple reasons. I understand they are offering to help with cancellations going through, but let's be honest. That isn't going to go smoothly and I likely would have to suffer a loss on one of the paid components of the trip. If they were writing a check to those registered at the time for their events covering all losses, that would help. But my time is also lost in prep. And this seems to have been done quietly. Were you expecting for people to just show up at the convention with a shocked look on their face? Why was their no official announcement on this on the FFG website (perhaps there was and I missed it; even though this wouldn't excuse anything). Instead, you will see that the Kotei has just been quietly removed from the list on their page. Well, what do they intend to do about it? They are cancelling it with plenty of time still left to have someone attend the event and run it for them. In light of the edit above, it makes sense that they wouldn't send someone to the convention in Cascade's place if they are boycotting the convention. What about a local game shop nearby that could host up to a hundred people? It's just not the right play for your players to do nothing but find some other time frame to do the events. If this is the result, then I am certainly not coming to any of your events again. Why would I risk it? If this is how you will treat your community when something goes off the rails. I wanted to hope the community would have some support for this. If they were in a similar situation travelling and prepping for a competitive event somewhere, I am sure they wouldn't want this to happen either. And to be clear, even if I can get my travel money back and hotel after a bunch of conversations with airlines/hotels, I have practiced for this event for weeks/months. And I likely cannot go to another coming up with short notice. Even if I could, the meta has changed with the new pack releases and now the work that I put in has been in vain for practice. It's a real downer.
  6. The opponent should decide. Unless you want to be forgiving to them.
  7. What you can pass with a specific one if you wanted? Why is that a thing? Wouldn't that also cause the unicorn character for first military bonus to lose his bonus if you use that to advantage?
  8. Yeah, I agree. This is just nonsense. Just because the card doesn't have good text, the intent is very obvious. Someone arguing for that is not something worth playing with.
  9. I am just having a hard time understanding the difference so I can apply reasoning to other future stuff, even though I understand they work this way. I mean you do have to remember which characters were out when you fired the stronghold in this example when other characters enter later from hand, dynasty cards or outside the battle. You have to go back in that case and say "hey, you only had those two out when you fired it, not the other two" as you recalculate strength. But in the Berserker case he doubles and then later when you change his stat it doesn't have us remember and just doubles the characters new calculated value. I am just missing what the interaction differences are.
  10. Except apparently in the case of the Vengeful Berserker. In that case it specifically is rechecking. I believe this is due to the 'till the end of the conflict' wording, but not really sure.
  11. Yeah interesting. Not sure what they could be tracking during the tourney on the sheets that would indicate that.
  12. I would agree. Costs are always up front with effects for those costs afterwards. The cost system could use some improvement in its design though.
  13. It sounds as though you would like to find an alternate approach to these situations. Perhaps, one compromise to make would be to allow for the return of your ally in play along with the resource cost to put them out. Essentially, telling them to wait around while you and 'x story ally asset' handle a couple things. Then you don't lose all the investment in your ally that you had out; except for the action later to replay them if you would like for them to be out later. This at least doesn't inherently break the in-game limits which could get overly powerful in some scenarios now or those of the future. I always get bitten with Marie Lambeau when the Baron comes out, so usually one of my first investments with her is Charisma for that reason.
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