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  1. Squad Leader requires the ship equipped with it to perform an action (it starts with "Attack:"). Wedge has to use his action to activate Squad Leader, but since he is stressed, he cannot take an action, and therefore cannot activate Squad Leader.
  2. That is for Team Epic games. Epic Dogfights (1v1) are 12 small base ships.
  3. But is Echo a male or female dolphin? Gender is the issue under discussion, not species! Stay on target!
  4. If you think it's confusing, think how Echo feels
  5. "If a player destroys all of his opponent’s ships, his opponent’s squad is worth 100 squad points, even if it is worth fewer squad points to begin with." edit: I downloaded the Tournament rules about an hour ago, was cut off like the OP's. Just downloaded it again before posting this to look, and it had been fixed.
  6. Page 16: "Q: Can a ship choose to attack a friendly ship? A: No." LOL! That's funny. Why would you ever want to do that? To activate an ability that only triggers from attacking, and only friendly ships are in range and fire arc.
  7. Agree with the above, Echo just acts like a normal Phantom, using the 2 straight for decloaking. While the thought it funny, it is incorrect. Munitions Failure causes you to discard a secondary weapon Upgrade card. Secondary weapon Upgrade cards are noted with the header "Attack:" which Chaardan Refit does not have.
  8. For future reference, the epic point value of each epic ship is listed in the epic tournament rules document.
  9. No, the target lock from FCS must go on the defender of the attack. You could put a weapon's engineer on the shuttle, though, and the second TL granted by the WE from the FCS could go on any ship in the play area, I believe.
  10. Colonel Vessery triggers immediately after rolling the attack dice, so you roll dice, his ability triggers, then you modify dice, so he can spend the target lock on the attack he gains it. Fire-Control System triggers after you perform the attack, so it would be after all dice rolling, modifications, and damage is dealt, so it would not be available for the attack that triggers it.
  11. This is true. I was thinking, but gave no indication in my post, that from my (admittedly limited) experience with CR90 builds, usually it will have a quad equipped on the front section to help cover the 1-2 range hole of the primary weapon, and that is what I was thinking of when responding, since we were starting to go with more real-world builds.
  12. Kagi ability states that when an enemy ship aquires a target lock, it must aquire it on him. If you are at range 1-2, and inside Kagi's firing arc, you would be able to aquire a target lock on him using R7-T1's action, so if you used that action, you would have to aquire the TL on Kagi.
  13. Provided the Firespray is in range of all your guns and you have energy to fire them all. These are not both likely to happen because nobody should ever be running 3 single turbolasers. No, they shouldn't. THAT would be absurd. However, if the Firespray borders range 2 and 3, I believe it can shoot with Quads or Turbos, and could then fire with all four weapons No, Quads have a range of 1-2, the single turbolasers have a range of 3-5. A ship cannot be in 2 different ranges, the Firespray would be at range 2 or range 3.
  14. 1)Han's pilot ability triggers on attack, and is not limited to number of times per turn. Since Gunner actually causes a second attack, Han ability triggers for both the first attack, and the second attack caused by Gunner. This is 2 attacks, so it is 2 different opportunities, so he can use his ability both times. (note: this is why Han with Gunner upgrade is so popular.) 2) Blinded Pilot stats that the next time you attack, you roll no dice. So the next time Han attacks, he rolls no dice and flips Blinded Pilot face down. Since he attacked and missed, Gunner triggers, Han rolls dice like normal, since he no longer has the Blinded Pilot crit, and he can use his ability to reroll those dice.
  15. Yes. Any time a ship with PtL takes an action, either its normal action during the Activation phase, or a free action, it can activate PtL to perform a second action. (As long as the action activating PtL does not give a stress token first, of course).
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