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  1. Thanks for the info...so he does it from one sheets hey...hmmmmm.....EXCELLENT :)
  2. png jpeg its all the same :) Thanks alot Reedstilt. I'm thinking of getting some cards printed up like Bludgeon has from his friend in Poland, I'm pretty certain he needs the actual cards as image files as opposed to sheets. Thanks again :)
  3. ReedStilt, Do you by chance have the cards as jpeg files also?
  4. wow look at me being stupid! I saw the purchase card option on the main New - Menu, but I never actually seleceted to make a purchase card; which would have shown me all the different options. Please forgive my denseness! Thanks Jon :)
  5. Actually I think I have worked out how to edit my plug in convert a card I don't use (like omen card) to make it the Smithy With that being said, Jon would it be possible if you could pop up the Smithy back jpeg (I am having trouble print screen copying it the right size) for me to use please. Am I right in thinking the front of the cards just need to be purchase?
  6. Hi all (Jon mainly) I am in the midst of making some cards up for Talisman and I really like Jon's Smithy Expansion, but the way I print out my files I cut and paste the images back into Strange Eons and make the cards again so I can get it right for the way I print (I print double sided). I was hoping that the Smithy card was an option in Strange Eons but sadly it isn't. Is there anyway I could add the Smithy back to Strange Eons? Many Thanks Jack
  7. no problem, I look forward to seeing them uploaded on talisman Island
  8. Thanks Jon :) I remember now it was the SE2 that I used and had to edit over an existing symbol to get it on the bottom left part of the art. Thanks for the heads up mate. I think I may just emit the symbol for now
  9. Hi Bludgeon Sadly the dropbox links aren't working. Do you have these wonderful files uploaded anywhere else on the net? :) Valdi : Is there any particular format you would like the cards to be in to print them? thanks Jack
  10. Hello all, long time no see! I have recently got right back into playing Talisman (I know shame on me for having a break!) and I have also gotten back on track wanting to create my expansion planned in Strange Eons. I have stumbled into an issue however, I have installed the latest Strange Eons edition from the official website and installed the talisman plugin from the plugin menu. I have created my icon to use as the expansion symbol and can see it in the expansoion icons list. But no matter what I try the expansion symbol appears in the top right hand of the card (right in the way of the card art!) Is there any possible way to get it to appear in the bottom left of the art like all the official expansions?? Thanks and sorry if this issue has been previsouly raised (I've had a look through the old threads but not seen this issue) Thanks Jack
  11. Never say Nether! Amazing update, my favourite is the Nether Deck Can't wait Jon
  12. Wow a 5th edition I can't say I am suprised by this. GW has realised that all of their 'sideline' games are actually a huge market. I think with Talisman that will make all of the games I loved as a child being re-released in recent years (expect Necromunda and that is coming out soon apparently) I haven't got much faith in GW to do a good job, but it is Talisman so I am eager to see what they make of it. Certainly it has the potential for greatness, but I also fear like most of you it will be AOS world and end up being a big old pile of poo HAHAHAHA I love some of the spinoff ideas : Talisman - Lord of the Rings could work excellently!
  13. I agree I really like the the idea of putting the best treasure from adventure deck into relic deck So will your friend take orders?
  14. Wild Boar would have to be a number 2 and Dragon be number 7 :)I re ally like the idea of Talisman playing cards!
  15. jackyboy


    Hi mate Sadly you are a little late to get expansions at normal prices. I would recommend all corners for starters! Now that would cost you alot on its own
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