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  1. Wow, I've been running an EotE campaign in Denver off and on for year (after taking some time off for the birth of my daughter). Small world!
  2. Re: Tokens I like them because they enhance the cinematic atmosphere of the game. I don't use them all the time, but they are fun to use on a map and it's not like the game slows down for people to measure out how far they can move, it just helps track where everyone is and they look great!
  3. I'd like to see stats for the: Gladiator Star Destroyer, Imperial Raider Corvette, Havoc H6, G-1A, YV-666, IG-2000 I'd like to see cards (like the NPC cards) for ships and weapons I'd like to see more tokens sets and maps I'd like to see a Corporate Sector book
  4. I'm hoping the No Disintegrations book has stats for the Gladiator, Raider, YV-666, IG-2000, G1-A and H6 Havoc. Really looking forward to stats for those.
  5. I wonder if that means they are saving them all for the Bounty Hunter career book.
  6. Hi, FFG has stats for the Byblos Drive Yards G-1A and CEC YV-666 in X-Wing, and the H-6 Havoc in Armada. I have scoured my collection of FFG roleplaying books but I can't find stats for these ships. Anyone know if they've been released officially? Thanks!
  7. Hello, Has FFG released stats for the H-6 Havoc and YV-666 yet? I've got almost all the books but I can't seem to find the stats for these two ships. Thanks!
  8. I'm trying to find the general price of common cargo items. I know that FFG encourages GMs to just make stuff up, but I'd really appreciate any direction for the following cargo loads: Water Foodstuffs Minerals Low Tech High Tech Luxury Goods Medicinals Raw Materials Passengers Thanks!
  9. My idea was for the Lambda Shuttles, DX-9s and even GR-75s to be on squadron bases. Larger ships like bulk freighters would go on small ship bases.
  10. I was thinking a cool expansion would be a Transport Set, which would allow for all sorts of convoy escort, convoy ambush, boarding action type scenarios. The set could come with GR-75 medium transports, lambda/sentinel shuttles, and maybe EU ships like bulk freighters, mobquet freighters, DS9 stormtrooper transports etc. Does anyone think FFG would do something like this?
  11. I guess I would just like to see the Neb-B given an opportunity to play with the Empire.... since they made it and all that.
  12. Well, FFG has been willing to use the same ships for different factions in X-Wing, I figure that they'd be doing the same in Armada.
  13. I'm wondering if there's anyone who plays Armada in Denver or Colorado Springs?
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