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  1. When you use Heal, if you didn't spend any dark side points to fuel the power (not whether you rolled any), the target(s) can heal strain in addition to healing wounds; Harm is saying that if you did use a dark side point to fuel the power, you can inflict strain on the target(s). So for Heal, if you rolled 2 Light Side and 1 Dark Side for the power, if you only used the Light Side points on the power/upgrades, you get the Strain bonus, but if you use the Dark Side point, the Strain bonus doesn't apply. Similarly with Harm, if you only used Light Side points to activate the power/upgrades you don't get to recover Strain from yourself, you need to spend the Dark Side point to get that bonus. And check out page 283 for resisting force power checks. The Nemesis should have had a chance to oppose the weapon being pulled from his hands. The player would have had to use Discipline, and the Nemesis would've used Athletics, or if they're force-sensitive, Discipline (your choice). For the jetpack and airspeeder, you could've allowed the opposed check to have been against the respective characters' Piloting (Planetary).
  2. Both Bind and (Heal/)Harm can inflict criticals, but those call for specific checks/ are more of direct extra effects of upgrades. Bind for instance calls for a Discipline vs. Discipline check and as long as one Dark Side point was used to activate other effects a critical gets applied and any other force points spent increases the crit by 10. Harm is similar, you're doing Harm with Medicine vs. Resilience, and then if the attack deals wounds, it auto deals a critical and then each 2 Advantage on the check is used to increase the critical by 10. As opposed to Unleash which is closer to a normal attack and has specific crit ratings for first causing a critical and then increasing it.
  3. Yes, a droid can definitely get Lightsaber as a career skill and/or take ranks in Lightsaber. And they actually can learn Parry since it isn't a Force Talent; same goes for those other small handful of talents that focus on Lightsaber but aren't marked as Force Talents.
  4. It lets you reduce the cost of the new attachment by whatever the value of the attachment you're breaking down is. So say you don't like the Light Blaster Cannon on your ship and want to get something more powerful. You use the Resourceful Refit to remove and break down the Light Blaster Cannon, and then you're using the parts to basically piece together and find/outright trade (since you still need to make a check against rarity) and get something like a Quad Laser Cannon for 4,000 credits less.
  5. I don't think there's any real big compiled post out there like that, at least not one that's quite that comprehensive. This should help you out a little, it's a list of each of the various books so far. You can use rpggeek.com to see various people's ranks/comments on the books. And at least item wise, you can use this to see what's in each book. Basic info on whatever bonus rules are included, can probably be found with searching for the book's name on the forums and finding whichever threads have a particularly large page number. If you want a hard recommendation, I'd say at least 1 Core (whichever one(s) would fit a campaign you want to run), a GM Kit, and some extra dice. If you want to get more extra stuff before playing the game, Fly Casual, in my opinion, has the most generally useful stuff regardless of the Core you use, and all of the Adversary decks are incredibly helpful if you run a less heavily structured game.
  6. Historically, none of the Beginner Games used their Core's mechanic, so none of the EotE Beginner Game characters had a mechanical Obligation, for example. Adventure is set prior to TFA, as per the product page. Side-note: seems whoever wrote the description forgot to change one of the paragraphs when copying the box contents description from the FaD Beginner Game, as it describes the TFA map as being the same as FaD's.
  7. Confirmed standalone product by the devs. And in case you're wary, and not sure if the devs are just holding back a Core announcement, the Production Code for the Beginner Game is "SWR09". With SWR 01-05 being the Adversary and Crit decks. So while that doesn't necessarily stop them from putting out any sort of Core-neutral supplements under the "SWR" line, it does pretty much confirm that there is no new Core or full product line associated with it coming.
  8. It did, got revised in a Beta update. In the FaD core, it's page 175, it's basically the "... for rules purposes, any weapon that is listed in this section (Lightsabers) is considered a lightsaber," line, which was revised from the original Beta's "... any weapon that uses the Lightsaber skill is considered a Lightsaber ..."
  9. It's probably less that they found a scan sitting around online somewhere, and more that they probably got into contact with somebody (former employee or a collector) to give/lend them a physical copy or forward a scan they made for themselves. Basically, getting a hold of the full thing is probably less about googling or searching the typical places and more about getting into contact with generous people or just waiting patiently for somebody to post the full thing now that there's been a burst of interest in it.
  10. This is likely more of an oversight than anything for FaD's core, since the "multiple times" call-out for strain has been present in pretty much everything else, including the FaD GM Screen and Beginner Game. For the Boost Dice/Setbacks in particular, no. This is for a handful of reasons: dice bloat (imagine constantly adding ~4 Boost Dice on top of whatever you'd typically roll), it promotes being uncreative ("I miss huh? I'll just pass everything into Boost Dice to the next player"), and it could become an unusually large boon (as taking the default table listings once puts a cap on the number of Boost Dice you can pass, which is up to 2, and one of the die has to be used specifically by the next character). But as Richardbuxton mentions, if you're hitting multiple times and choose to spend the Advantages/Triumphs towards something that could make sense to be activated multiple times, I could see allowing it. Like if two dual-wielding gunslingers are in a duel and the player wants to spend his advantage/Triumph to trigger his second shot, and then proceed to have both shots force the opponent drop his guns, I'd say sure, if that's how he wants to spend his ~8 Advantage (give or take with Triumphs, talents, and attachments).
  11. If you go by, at least the new canon explanation of restraining bolts, you can program desired actions into the restraining bolt itself if you wanted to, so slapping on some restraining bolts that you set up through your computer onto your droids is probably easier in general for the average joe than popping a droid open and slicing into its brain. It's also probably easier that way to sync multiple restraining bolts to a single caller as well.
  12. I don't think I've noticed if they used the song before in Rebels, but did the music of Chopper luring the Stormtroopers in the carrier sound a little Indiana Jones-y to anyone else? I was definitely getting some slight Marvin vibes from the droid. At least from the way it was worded in the most recent Rebels Recon, it definitely seems like AP-5 will have a recurring role at the bare minimum. Which is good, since he not only seems like a solid character on his own, but he has a pretty great dynamic with Chopper.
  13. Letting it be just maneuvers (or a maneuvers and actions) by default, would get out of hand pretty quickly since you'd be giving even the weakest/newest force-sensitives the ability to trigger 2 or 3 powers in a round; not to mention it gives them more liberty and willingness to abandon a poor roll and avoid the Destiny point flip/ strain to use dark/light side points since they can just try the roll another few times. It would probably move them into the overpowered side too quickly. As-is, there's options for pulling off powers as maneuvers in conjunction with other powers/checks (Force Assault, Protect/Unleash), and to do it as a one-off per session thing (The Force is My Ally); and in all likelihood, there might be something vaguely along the lines of a longer lasting Force is My Ally as a Signature Ability. I find FFG's approach reasonable and it keeps the ability to more freely use force powers limited and almost entirely for the more dedicated of force users.
  14. It moves. https://twitter.com/pablohidalgo/status/683418491802664960 And draining a sun/star and moving into place takes time. More than enough time for an assault to be led or for people to evacuate, not to mention everyone should be relatively fine if they just hop into their starships and get out of a planet's orbit before a sun is completely drained and then they could freely move to another system.
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