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  1. Hi guys! New here, and planning on running a 40k RPG for some friends of mine in the near future. We've all played various RoPRGs before but never 40k. This is abit of a jump off as we've also never played together and the players will be going in blind, I figure it's best to give them a setting none of them know well rather than one or the other having lots of knowledge. So I'm trying, primarily, to work out which of the games to use. I have Rogue Trader and Dark Heresy at my disposal, and am intending to buy a GM set for the game I decide on. I'm not sure which to play, however. It seems to me that Dark Heresy would allow for a very set group of people that I can direct with the Inqusitor, but Rogue Trader seems like it would allow for player mistakes more readily. I'm also curious about the "pre packaged" adventures, as I'd like to start with one that is designed for new players and GMs so we can learn together. Does anyone here have any suggestions?
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