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  1. Don't forget, these new Imp crew members can also go in a cheaper TIE-Bomber shuttle.
  2. Should you take it to a tournament? No. Will it tear things up in Epic? Definitely! It will be easy to get ships and epic ships in arc when you play epic games.
  3. I'll be honest, I didn't know they used leaks as a means to increase their business. It makes sense. I'd still prefer to so the articles first before anything else. It just seems that there has been so many leaks that we may start seeing new product leaks before FFG announces them.
  4. If it was intended for the public...wouldn't we already have all of this information already?
  5. who said I did? But I am a part of several xwing groups on facebook and you can't miss the spoilers. My point is Id rather get the information strait from FFG rather than some blurry photos that need to be translated. If spikeybits wants to do a review or someone from another country gets one early, in my opinion they should wait for FFG to release their article first. If I was one of the developers who worked hard to get these ships on the gaming table. I'd at least like to be the one to present it first.
  6. I like finding out new xwing content as much as the next guy. But these spoilers I hope will not be the new norm. I'd much prefer to see the new content in a FFG article (even though they make mistakes every time) then get it piece by piece as it gets translated from some one who got it early.
  7. Chief Hugh


    Can someone explain why Maul is good in epic?
  8. This just makes it harder for FFG to really fix the x-wing now. This should be a title. If a fix eliminates all of the other astromechs than its a terrible fix.
  9. These forums and threads used to have people that would actually leave comments that had substance or were at least relevant to the op. Now it’s a lot of people that leave comments that don’t add to the conversation. It’s typically the guys who’s comment count is in the thousands.
  10. I was thinking that FFG has shown how good they are at balancing their own game. All of this is "in my opinion" so if you disagree with this it's okay. The following ships have received a fix. Even if it wasn't effective. -TIE Advanced, X-wing, A-wing, Y-wing and B-wing (debatable as they were both given titles), Starviper, Kihraxz fighter, M3A Interceptor, TIE Interceptor, TIE Defender, TIE bomber. I think a case could be made for a few other ships that FFG was targeting to be fixed such as the TIE SF (light weight frame), TIE Punisher (they've tried multiple times) and the TIE fighter. The following in my opinion have received nerfs. - TIE Phantom, Jumpmaster, K-wing, and maybe a few others that I can't think of. The following in my opinion need a fix. - X-wing, U-wing, B-wing, TIE fighter ( would like to see TIE swarms be competitive again) , Firespray, TIE punisher, HWK...maybe..., G1A star fighter, E-wing, Quad jumper. The following I think are balanced very well. IG aggressor, TIE aggressor, TIE AP, Decimator, YT-1300-2400, YV-666, Lambda shuttle, T-70....maybe..., TIE striker, Z-95, TIE FO, I'm on the fence with the Wookie gunship but I'm leaning towards nerf that reinforce token, Shadow caster, Attack shuttle, ARC-170, the ghost, Sabines TIE, K-wing. I've left a few out but this is the general picture. Kinda sad that most need a fix, have one, or have been nerfed.
  11. I would love to see a Rogue One era aces expansion. Mostly to get a T-65 fix, new Y-wing pilots and K2SO as a crew member that would add a dorsal like turret effect to the U-wing.
  12. During the Palp Defender meta, Bossk/Kath were often a good counter. Bossk would shoot a missle and his missle would bypass the evade token and his abilty would trigger doing two damage for one crit. They worked well together and before out latest meta they were good together. But my main point is I don't really see why not bring back the old card text when before the jumpmasters it didn't have ton of impact on the game.
  13. True. But my point is I think everyone would enjoy the game more if being alpha striked wasn't as effective as it is now. Heck if you did that and change tlt a bit, I bet we would see bwings again.
  14. You've never played against Bossk/Kath have you?
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