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  1. This is actually not new, FFG quite often includes just the minimum amount of dice necessary to roll by one person without special effects on (see also Battlelore 2nd ed, imperial assault...). I don't mind too much personally, I think it is enough to play the game and I don't find passing dice and noting results for rare special attacks so cumbersome. In the case of doom I think it is actually quite easy to just get around the problem with normal dice, which you might have lying around or can buy cheaply and use in other contexts. Just roll one normal D6 for each die in the pool (both black and red). A result of 1 is 0 hits, a result of 6 is two hits, any other is one hit. Then add 1 hit for each black die in the pool (if you have d6 of two different colors it gets even easier ). And that's it, that is the number of hits. I think this game doesn't really need custom dice, apart from the aesthetic factor, they are more useful when results are complex as in games like imperial assault, but with simple numbered dice with such an easy distribution it is really not that essential.
  2. I have won with 4 heroes. I managed to deal half of the damage to Snak in the first two rounds, the remaining half in the last three. I won at the very last attack as well.
  3. I have personally never drawn a single legendary fortune card in my plays when I had them in the pool. These legendary items are really legendary!
  4. I'm 1-2 against him. When I beat him, I had the Waywatcher's legendary trap kit that inflicts two wounds on an enemy that engages a hero. I also had her aid action fully upgraded that allowed me to inflict a wound on up to 2 enemies engaged with the target hero. Essentially, that allowed me to put 9 wounds on him before getting to the final round, where I rolled a total of 12 damage between two heroes to finish him off. The Trap kit does not work against Snak Kraggle seeing he never engages you. He never leaves the shadows unless you have a way of drawing him down form the shadows. You can engage Snak Kraggle yourself with your attack action and use the trap (it has been clarified that whether you engage the enemy or the enemy engages you makes no difference in game terms). This quest is definitely very hard! I still haven't beaten it myself, even though we got quite close with 3 players (no ironbreaker), but we never actually used the WW free damage against Snak. If we did, or maybe if we managed our actions better, we would probably have won.
  5. A shop was selling copies on various Amazon European websites with reasonable prices yesterday, with release date on November 22nd, but they have been removed as well.
  6. For sure there will be the possibility of leveling up. It has been said that each character starts with 4 basic actions, and have an advanced version of each action. Going on with the game, a character will be able to progressively substitute his basic actions with advanced actions. It was said that it is possible, but difficult, to upgrade all 4 actions, and even in that case they will be available only during the last scenario, therefore choosing which advanced actions to take first is important Al. It is possible that new advanced cards will be added for the existing heroes, but I think it is more likely that heroes will stay "self-contained" and simply new heroes will be added. There is already variation in the advanced skills chosen and in the gear that is found, and, hopefully in the future, in the way the party is composed. Also, from a design point of view, I think it would be much easier to add new heroes than adding a new set of actions to the existing heroes, balancing would probably present less challenges.
  7. So, what sort of card game is this going to be exactly if it is not a an LCG? I am not speaking of mechanics. I am speaking as to card acquisition. Will this game be one that is exact in what you buy each time or are they random like MtG, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, etc? I really have no idea folks. The only FFG games I am somewhat familiar with are Talisman 4th and WF-RPG 2nd/3rd. So I really have no idea how the card games of FFG are set up. Your help is appreciated. There will be no card acquisition in the sense of those games you mention. It is a normal board game, not a collectible or living card game, it just happens that the components are mainly cards. You don't have to buy tons of expansion packs and to build decks to play. Think about games like 7 wonders or Space Hulk Death Angel: the components are basically only cards, but still they are a "standard" board game. There will probably be expansions if the game turns out to be successful, but they will probably be fewer in number when compared to an LCG, more like the number you can see for standard FFG board games. Definitely there will not be any randomness in the component you get. I think it was clearly stated by people from FFG in the interviews or in the forums, if I am not imagining this, that this is not an LCG, so I guess that puts a nail on it. The name of a temporary file doesn't mean anything. Hell, LCG in this context might even be an acronym for something totally different.
  8. Agreed. Unless the game is different in some way, I would personally have no reason to play with this instead than with the boardgame.
  9. I feel quite happy with just one base set. In my opinion: 1. Having constraints on the number of units of a specific type is, in my opinion, a plus. Constraints make choices more interesting. I know I can have at most five citadels guards and I live with it, it is part of the game and I have to find some alternative. 2. With the expansions, there will be plenty of units to vary the army composition a lot, and it will be possible to deploy two legends. 3. If you feel the lack of some units in particular and you and your friends don't mind, you could use some proxies (e.g. take some giant monster from some other random fantasy wargame and use it as a chaos lord).
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