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  1. In the rrg under cohesion is say When placing a mini in cohesion, it cannot be placed onto a different level of terrain than its unit leader, unless that mini’s unit leader has just climbed or clambered. Minis can always be placed onto the same level as their unit leader when being placed in cohesion.
  2. The token is just an indicator of which piece of terrain is the objective
  3. Thanks for that 😀
  4. When do you do dauntless, is it straight after the rally phase or can you do an action first ?
  5. I agree with that and if they get a bounty each then you would get two victory points
  6. It’s say under bounty A player gains 1 victory token in this way for each unit they control that meets these requirements To me that says if both fett and bosck have collected there bounty and survived you would get two victory tokens. For each unit certainly says that they do
  7. Just curious how you unit managed to get 8 suppression tickets on it and it did get whipped out ?
  8. How does he get cover if the 2d line goes along the table it would still not cross any terrain. See the visual example by willkill the line still would not cross the terrain as it runs along the table
  9. I believe the card remains there until end of turn as it said in the rule quote above you can’t play those cards during command phase as for turn five and six you would just play standing orders which is always returned to your hand.
  10. Page 54 of the rules reference A mini with at least one wound token assigned to it is wounded. When assigning wound tokens, wounded minis must be chosen to suffer wounds before minis that do not have wound tokens. If the unit leader is wounded, it must be chosen to suffer wounds before minis that do not have wound tokens. If two or more minis in the same unit are wounded, the unit with more wounds must be chosen to suffer wounds before minis with fewer wounds.
  11. My friend and I played four rounds and it took about an hour a turn. I had 16 activations and he had 19, was a hard slog. Characters get cut down easy due to the amount of firepower you have. It was worth a go and I was surprised at how little I could take as I played two atst and didn’t have any points left for speeder bikes . I’ve done it once, would I do it again . . No . Takes to long and was rather boring towards the end. Was great to see six units of storm troopers all together
  12. Once you decide who is blue/red player you have you orientation as it doesn’t matter how you rotate the card there will always be a long table edge on both sides . Take disarray for example if you are blue player what even long table edge you take you will be deploying in the bottom left and top right .
  13. Yea my bad was suppose to say can’t do it
  14. Saw this under attack It’s step number three Declare Additional Defender: If there are any weapons remaining that have not been added to the attack pool, the player may repeat steps 1–2, forming a separate attack pool with the new weapons. if you have arsenal you can shoot the mortar as you can’t target any from range 1-3 and the dlt19 can as you can’t shoot something you can’t see edit : after thinking about it I realised that the mortar can’t shoot as it says you repeat step 1-2 and step one is choose the defender so there is no way I can think of to get around it so long as the mini is in line of sight and in the right fire arc ?
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