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  1. So drail14me your design blocks the large tanks from getting close to the middle of the board ? The board should allow free movement for all units . A pretty board is one thing but to use in a game or tournament game then it also has to be functional and fair, that was one of the bigger complaints I believe in the last invader league with the terrain.
  2. But not when drail4me says that the terrain will specifically block, and it’s a lot easier to block the big tanks since there base is so huge
  3. Pretty sure designing terrain to block certain models is a poor sport thing to do
  4. Well ask yourself “why do I want to change the model is it” 1: because it looks cool or 2: to gain an unfair advantage guess which one gets you into trouble 😋
  5. Didn’t some post an article about the range rulers that showed what the move distances are on the marks that are already on them
  6. Just check with the TO before hand if they are allowed to be used, if they say yes go for it
  7. battlekiwi has firing templates for sale
  8. In the rrg under cohesion is say When placing a mini in cohesion, it cannot be placed onto a different level of terrain than its unit leader, unless that mini’s unit leader has just climbed or clambered. Minis can always be placed onto the same level as their unit leader when being placed in cohesion.
  9. The token is just an indicator of which piece of terrain is the objective
  10. Thanks for that 😀
  11. When do you do dauntless, is it straight after the rally phase or can you do an action first ?
  12. I agree with that and if they get a bounty each then you would get two victory points
  13. It’s say under bounty A player gains 1 victory token in this way for each unit they control that meets these requirements To me that says if both fett and bosck have collected there bounty and survived you would get two victory tokens. For each unit certainly says that they do
  14. Just curious how you unit managed to get 8 suppression tickets on it and it did get whipped out ?
  15. How does he get cover if the 2d line goes along the table it would still not cross any terrain. See the visual example by willkill the line still would not cross the terrain as it runs along the table
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