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  1. Are the Only War characters supposed to be particularly baddass veterans? That seems counterintuitive. Also, are there implementations of "standard" Space Marines in Deathwatch instead of Uber-Mega-Stern-Veteren Marines in DW?
  2. This thought did cross my mind. It would probably be easy enough to do a little conversion. Although I don't think I will be touching WFRP 3rd with a 10 foot pole. Lot's of neat components does not a great RPG make. I wish I didn't give away my second edition book.
  3. Hey folks, I was noticing that the RT core book lays out the equivalent experince differences between starting Dark Heresy and RT characters. What the are the starting experince levels of new charcters in the other games in the 40k line? Can all the charcter types generally work in the same system besides thematic differences? Also, I have this perverse desire to create an adventure featuring the lowerest rung characters in imperial society. Surfs, peasants, citzens, etc. Are there any of the books in the line that would help to figure out how to generate a schlub? I know the RT core book has the "colonist" npc listing that is pretty useful. Any ideas how to generate one? Just start a charcater with lower stat rolls and give them a homeworld?
  4. Hey everybody, OP here! Sorry I was away. I was in the basement making terrain while getting snowed in. Thanks a ton for all the helpful commentary. My current selection of players are pretty un-jerky and I don't foresee too much problem with implementing the balance between characters. Like I was saying before, I was just puzzled that the core book didn't seem to have much of a discussion on the topic. An issue resolved by your thoughtful replies on the nature of running the ship. It still strikes me as an odd sensation however, something that probably would come up in a Star Trek or any other game with "rank". It is interesting how all the RT character classes fit into the total machine of the ship, particularly in regards to technical and de facto power. I will let you know who it goes once we start up. My next gripe: Storm Bolters are one handed basic weapon? Really? I remember when those suckers could only be carried with terminator armor. (Are there any 40k troops bare-handing storm bolters?) Also, does an item's rarity really prevent a charter getting something after a couple games, short of the GM not allowing it?
  5. Hey folks, I am a long time GM and I was thinking about running a RT game for my group of friends/players. One thing the struck me while reading through the core book was that I was looking for a discussion of how to modulate the desires of the the non-Rouge Trader class characters against the IMPERIAL MANDATE of the Rogue Trader class. I know there is some cursory discussion in the book of how all the senior staff (PCs) of the ship/fleet is the combined dynasty of the Rogue Trader charter, but when it comes right down to brass tacks, the Rogue Trader IS the hier of the charter and it is his/her ship. At first glance, they concievably have the power to tell the other PCs what to do Does this not require a story-setup that keeps the everyone on a more level plane of influence, like shipboard interest/factions, language in the charter, or just a level of explicit trust in the RT player? I am suprised there just wan't more discission of this issue in the core book. How does your play-group set things up so the RT doesn't go mad with power? Assasination and a ready heir?
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