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  1. Hello there, first and foremost i'm glad you're thinking of getting into warfare its a sweet game and that's coming from a warhammer enthusiast. Secondly I would suggest avoiding this forum, FF games so the distribution rights to the dust ip, which may explain why there arn't any posters here. I prefer the Dust-Devils forums. In regards to your axis question, I play axis myself and really enjoy the army. The Hvy recon grenadiers are a great unit to go with because of their damage resistance and crazy 4/1 damage output. another option is to build a Schwer platoon, the command section, the Hvy Kommandotrupp Is a pretty versitile unit. My favorite aspect of that unit is the Fliegefaust the engineer carrys, If shot with burst it negates cover saves. I'd ramble on but you might never come back to this forum, if so feel free to ask some more questions, we could even swap army lists. Have a good one!
  2. From what i've seen you can only purchase the assembled models. I think much of the affordablility of tactics and warfare is the production line model making and assembly .
  3. Hey, I'm reasonably interested, First question would you be willing to Unbundle a few parts? I only play warfare, so i'm not really interested in the tilesets, let me know because i'd be very happy if we could work something out.
  4. My freind is playing allies, and one of the platoon's special order is to call in a long tom artillery strike. It seemed kind of ambigious wether he actually needed a long tom model to use that special order. Thanks for answering in advance!
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