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  1. Quick answer: I followed the baseline Genesys rules for learning magic. All Magic Actions are available, so long as you have points in the Magical School for the base action. I think this plays well with Elder Scrolls' sort of free-form magic system that has been prevalent in the games. It's not 'spellcrafting' per se, but it does give Mages the leeway to 'craft' spells (on the fly, even).
  2. Ever had an opportunity that seemed really good on paper, and then in reality it consumed all of your time and motivation? Yeah, so this new job sucks. I have ambitions to finish this, and I have an inDesign file that looks really pretty, but I've been hard pressed to find the time to get it done. I'm making progress, but... Well, slow and steady wins the race. Hang in there, turtles.
  3. I'd prefer a necromancer, personally. Fortunately, however, I am alive. Due to a myriad of changes with my professional life, my free time has been limited, and this last leg of the project has been a lengthy one. This is still on my radar, though progress has been slow. Just to prove I am working, here's a teaser of some of the progress I've been making with page layouts, etc:
  4. Hey guys! First off: Yes! There are updates. But, they're not in a form I can really post yet, as most of them involve wrapping all of this up into a fancy looking PDF, and documenting all of my new talents for those that would prefer to use the Talent Pyramid. Secondly: Progress has been slow. Took a new job with more intense hours, so I apologise for the seeming standstill. I still exist, and I am still working! I hope to get all of this posted by the end of next month, but I can start sneaking out some teasers as I work.
  5. Long time Horde Player/Roleplayer, so I can atleast help out a little While there aren't many formal Orc Clans left in Azeroth, many of them have attributes derivative of their former clans, and would have different attributes. I think, for simplicity-sake, 4 Major Orc Clans could be considered to be unique on Azeroth as of the current timeline, and here are some suggestions just off the top of my head: Warsong - Probably close to your baseline Orc, now. Free skill ranks in Coercion and maybe even some free weapon skills. Either could be further enhanced by some sort of special ability. Frostwolf - Probably give them some bonuses to Survival/Discipline, and maybe some cold resistance. No access to Battlerage, since they culturally try to fight against it. Blackrock - Bonuses to Smithing/Crafting/Mechanics (whatever skill you think is more prevalent). Resistances to Fire, and maybe even an extra point of Soak. Dragonmaw - Bonuses to Riding/Animal Handling. Some sort of bonuses to breaking in beasts, and attacking from above. You could additionally add the Mag'har, the uncorrupted Orcs from Draenor, since you also have Broken. Mag'har - Bonuses to Discipline/Lore. Some special bonuses to resisting corruption/charm/etc, to represent their resistance to the Legion, or something to represent them sticking to their roots. Ofcourse, every Clan other than Frostwolf would have access to your original Battlerage ability. Just a initial shot in the dark, but maybe a useful jumping-off point for you.
  6. This is really nicely put together, and I was waiting to see some Warcraft in Genesys. I agree with a lot of your decisions being based on the Lore rather than WoW. One curiosity I had was why Humans had distinction by City, but Orcs didn't have any distinction by Clan? For example, Frostwolves not having access to Battlerage, but having a better ability to bond with animals.
  7. This is really cool. My group was just talking about running a few 'episodes' of a Stargate game to give ourselves a break from our regular scheduled programming. Sadly, I probably won't have time for the Discord Games, but I'll gladly jump in to chat with the community - and as soon as you're willing to share some rules, gladly GM a few games with my peeps to work out some kinks.
  8. In my ES Conversion, I basically treated these as a Magic Action with a predefined dicepool, based on the quality of a Scroll. I.e. a Greater Scroll of Healing would use the Heal Action with, say, 3 Yellow Dice, without having to be trained. This may add some added complexity, but also represents the uncertainty of magic even when it is pre-prepared (**** enchanters do exist, after all).
  9. Working on it now! My day job has been growing intense over the past few weeks, but I've been doing a lot of playtesting, which has found some places for improvement. The delay is centered now around the fact that this next release is a big one and will be close to the final one. Hang in there (though I appreciate the enthusiasm).
  10. Awesome Tron! My players are also fighting Dwemer, coincidentally, but are not doing nearly as well against them I'll be updating a less massive bestiary as I go, so if you have to make any custom monsters/change statlines, send them to me, and I can stick them in the booklet.
  11. Awesome guys! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I have another Fantasy-esque world in my noggin that I planned on starting with after Elder Scrolls is wrapped up. I will, no doubt, do some borrowing of my own from your ideas!
  12. By all means! Borrow away! Just make sure you give credit where credit is due. Thank Tron! Please let me know how your games go, and if you have any feedback. I'm always looking to improve and expand things.
  13. Glad you think they fit! I was originally a bit worried about them feeling confusing, but I think they do a good job of narrowing skills down and feeling more like the setting. In other news - I finally posted my big April update I've had planned for awhile, including some previews of my properly formatted booklet. I could type it all again down here, but I just did it up there and man are my fingers tired. Go check it out! I was going to make this update yesterday, but I was too busy coming up with a good prank that I forgot to do. **** you, Mad God!
  14. Glad to hear it! If you have any specific feedback from your first session, feel free to send me some details in a PM! Meanwhile, I'll have some big bombad updates this weekend, so if you endeavour for a full campaign, you'll have some better resources.
  15. Yup! No worries. Intention of linking a Drive directory over a specific location was so the link would be semi-permanent. I'll be changing the contents of the directory, but never the directory itself.
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