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  1. Question Folks---- What are some of the hardest list you have had the AI play? Thanks for this tool! i love it!!
  2. Thanks Sandrem- i really appricate this game and everything you and the other guys do.
  3. does any one know if you can change the AI's starting ship placement? i would like to put them in all together. thanks
  4. thank you very much that worked. and i was not trying to complain i am very excited to have this and very grateful for it as well.
  5. i might be vice president? if you are willing to do it i have spent money on dumber things, according to my wife anyways.
  6. hello i am not computer smart, can you please walk me through this as you would your elderly parent? :) thanks
  7. what would you charge for that model? i currently use a Lego Star Destroyer, but yours look cooler! great job!
  8. Sandrem are you updating the points in the next update? thank you for all you do! i really appreciate it
  9. i am a not computer smrt can someone enplane this to me or show me a YouTube video? thanks
  10. are you thinking of adding the other 4 factions? thank you for all of your hard work, I know I really apprentice it.
  11. I just wanted to say thank you for everything you are doing! i dont get to play on the table, this game keeps me sane. please keep up all the good work!!
  12. Hello just wondering if you will be creating more 2.0? I love this game you created
  13. anyone want to try an online game?
  14. ill try with you do you have a room?
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