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  1. i think i found the easter egg?? is it from the dreaded Star Trek?
  2. That’s freaking dope! Thanks for all that you do!
  3. That is not a feature i would use. i want to thank you for your hard work on this as this is my main source of playing these days. not making a request and i am not a developer but how could you 'teach' the AI to drop bombs, boost or barrel roll? thanks again
  4. Members 1,913 1,745 posts Report post Posted 22 hours ago Well I tried it again after a few months away... nothing has changed. Rolling 20 more red die for 2 more hits is ace!!!! Can i ask you a few questions? did you still win? did you play a meta squad vs a generated squad or a meta squad? meaning did the AI have and ships that had bombs, or benefited from boost or barrel roll? i am not trying to be a D on here but to here people complain about a free(unless you are a patron) game. and you won but you should have won by more? i would like to discuss this, if you will.
  5. Hello all i am looking for nicely painted ships. i have no talent for that so i am on here. message me a pic and what you are looking for?
  6. Sandrem thank you and your fellow coders(if that is what you call yourself sorry if it inst i am not computer savvy) this is the almost the only chance i get to play. i do have a question do you want people coming on here to complain about bugs? because it seems rude to me. and to those of you that B about the AI cheating. The AI doesn't barrel roll or boost, it doesn't link actions, it doesn't cloak, it doesn't drop bombs. so if you are playing against a list that has those mechanics you are just spotting yourself points. fly against list like 5 x-wing, 5 resistance a-wings, the FO Ocho.
  7. we need some niceness in this GAME, and to not be so cut throat. Thanks for posting this AAron! in the words of our first world champion- Fly Casual! Erik
  8. Question Folks---- What are some of the hardest list you have had the AI play? Thanks for this tool! i love it!!
  9. Thanks Sandrem- i really appricate this game and everything you and the other guys do.
  10. does any one know if you can change the AI's starting ship placement? i would like to put them in all together. thanks
  11. thank you very much that worked. and i was not trying to complain i am very excited to have this and very grateful for it as well.
  12. i might be vice president? if you are willing to do it i have spent money on dumber things, according to my wife anyways.
  13. hello i am not computer smart, can you please walk me through this as you would your elderly parent? :) thanks
  14. what would you charge for that model? i currently use a Lego Star Destroyer, but yours look cooler! great job!
  15. Sandrem are you updating the points in the next update? thank you for all you do! i really appreciate it
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