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  1. - When you make a Renegade that is a 100% faithful rendition of League of Legends Jinx, blowing extra trade-ins to start with a customized multi-barreled Heavy Stubber that's twin-linked and chain-fed but Best Craftsmanship so it can't jam with a near-infinite supply of special ammo to make up for damage/pen, whose normal role is "place demo packs everywhere within a few square kilometers from where plans are before the plans get put into place," who negotiated a cheaper XP price for the "fire into melee without penalty" talent because she DIDN'T take the part where she can't hit allies on a near miss, who has intentionally sabotaged three negotiations with other power-players in the sector because the massive explosions were less boring... And she's STILL the most reasonable and humane character in the bunch. - When you're GMing a game through a forum, there's a Tzeentian sorcerer and an Alpha Marine in your game, you have full PM/Email records of everything the both of them are up to, and you STILL CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHO'S PLANNING WHAT. - When you get into an argument with the GM about having to make a roll for mutations at the end of character creation because you spent a full day setting everything up and now you need to figure out whether your face-of-the-group, start-cults-amongst-Loyalists, high-Fellowship Apostate is going to have eye stalks, be a centaur, or have a featureless face. And the rest of the players can't figure out why this might be a big deal.
  2. So someone recently got the Shield of Humanity supplement, and wanted to roll a CG uber-guardsman for a mixed-regiment game. Fair enough, he understands full well that he will be treated as quasi-nutjob by other Techpriest and full-on-weird-boy by anyone without implants. BUT. They start off with an Integrated weapon, but no Integrated Weapon talent! Was this an oversight by FFG that was clarified somewhere but not added to the Errata? Or is the need to dump some XP to make your character viable to use with his own equipment part of the "cost" for an otherwise OP character base?
  3. Another point I have to contest: the whole "sending out" the Primarchs. It's one of the few times in, oh, 20+ thousand years that the Emperor was surprised about what was happening. The Primarchs, all 20 of them, were supposed to grow to maturity in their vats, receiving augmetic and psychic tutelage, then be awoken and be taught even more by daddy himself. Then, all together, they would march across the galaxy as one big happy conquering xenocidal family. Obviously, this plan... didn't work. And ultimately, having the most long-lasting case of shortsidedness didn't help: what exactly did you think was going to happen when these "children" you created and then spent a few centuries teaching only war, and engaging in only war, were going to do when the galaxy was theoretically conquered and there was no more war to fight? Just sit back for the next umpteen thousand years and do nothing during the peace? Yes, the Emperor was a short-sided, war-mongering, secret-keeping prick... But with all the faults he HAD, let's not start humping even MORE criticism upon him.
  4. So playing more PbP games than live-action, my Deathwatch experience has thus far been limited (more folks seem interested in DH or RT for forum games) but this one is too good to pass up. Imagine being the only assault marine amongst a group of ranged-happy tacticals, a devastator and a tech-marine. Yeah, sure, you've got a pistol, and once everything gets good and stuck in you're fine... Only problem is, the GM likes starting everything several hundred meters out. Every, single, encounter. Meaning the others have entire hordes chewed to nothing before I'm close enough to use my pistol reliably. For reference, the NPC group of Imperial Guard we rescued in the first encounter had a higher kill count thanks to their help in that one fight than I did for most of the fight. It was a little frustrating, and the GM "already had everything planned" and was unwilling to waver in the slightest. I resign myself to only picking things off randomly with my pistol, as even multiple turns of full-runs only means that I'm going to maybe get one melee attack in, if I'm lucky. Then it finally happens. Tyranid tunnelers burst up right in the middle of the group on the ground whilst I'm on top of a nearby structure (hey, if I'm gonna be useless, I'll look awesome while being useless), knocking all of them prone since they've failed both perception to realize it's coming and dodge to avoid the eruption, and I realize my Storm Warden's time to shine has finally come. Thanks to Quick Draw I now have two roaring chainswords in my hands, it takes me even less time to drop to solo mode, and then I'm in the air. Wings of Angels is a rousing success, as is the charge. I even go ahead and trigger the Moment of Glory demeanor, as I'm descending on wings of fire as an avenging angel to save my battle brothers who are about to be super-ganked. In two turns I reduce three melee-happy hormogaunts (I believe that's what they were) to paste. I then take a moment to remind my battle brothers exactly why I had been seconded to the Deathwatch, and that maybe perhaps they might want to save a few rounds and let me clean up their messes for them. Sadly, the GM had to drop shortly after that, and no one else picked up the mantle. Just when I had finally gotten cool.
  5. So, here's the part that confuses me: the Weapon Training talent is all about being able to use a set of weapons without a penalty to your Ballistic Skill roll. But for flame weapons, you don't even *need* to make a BS roll, nor is there any listed penalty I can find for not having it. As such, I currently have a Ministorum priest running around with a chainsword in one hand and a flamer (not hand-flamer) in the other, and technically there's no penalties to be found. Is this just a blooming oversight on FFG's side? I didn't even see it addressed in the FAQ/errata.
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