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  1. The song tainted love comes to mind.
  2. Got into X-Wing because it is a copy of Wings of War. I like the movement templates better than the cards. So.....YES.
  3. gz1962

    How to delete account?

    Just keep posting on how FFG has ruined the game, it is cheaper to buy on Ebay, and add in some political content and your account will be gone in no time.
  4. X-Wing the game where X-Wings and Tie fighters are not considered usable. Does this disturb you as much as me? The game is in a very odd place right now.
  5. Our gaming group makes copies of cards on a very good color printer using the same card stock. They are printed double sided and with some care the two sides can line up perfectly. I do not round the edges on mine but my friends do. Once they are sleeved they are identical to the original. So to address the OP question I recommend using the best "paper" your printer can handle.
  6. I have and play both the WW1 and WW2 versions of the game. The WW2 WOG with all the optional rules is an excellent dog fight simulator. There are optional rules at the Aerodrome website (dive and climb on all maneuver cards, energy and cannon rules) that add a ton of realism and are easy to play with. Both WOG games are better at portraying aerial combat than X-Wing. Both games have a simple and workable system for altitude. Bumping does not exist, but mid air crashes are possible if both aircraft are at the same height and same place. There is no point system for the aircraft. We use the aircraft service dates to determine what would be in the air at the same time. Games that match weaker aircraft against better ones are the norm. We usually play each game twice and switch sides. If you like X-Wing you will most likely enjoy WOG. That said the gaming community is small and if you cannot get your X-Wing buds into it you may have no one to play against. Disclaimer....I play and enjoy X-Wing, WOG WW1, WOG WW2. I am very lucky in that my wife enjoys all three, and we have many friends that play all three games also. The above endorsement is not intended to shed a negative light on X-Wing.
  7. Going back to the ONE RULER idea for the forum, the only person who comes to mind is ParaGumbaSlayer. I think it is time to free PGS.
  8. After reading all 11 pages I find this PGS cat very interesting. I have even gone back and read some of his older posts. With the right mix of writers PGS could make a really good sitcom. But who could pull off playing PGS?
  9. One daughter 33. She plays, her boyfriend plays, my wife plays. I am really lucky to have my own gaming group. I built her two gaming tables so I do not have to throw mine in the truck when we go to her place for Sunday dinner and X-Wing.
  10. The movie was OK. By no means a great movie but worth the price of entry. However, I feel like I had seen The Force Awakens a long time ago in a theater far, far away.
  11. In competitive play no, the four Tie/fo build will be vaporized. The list can only (excluding range 1) produce a max of 8 hits per turn. You do still have to roll the die, with focus the average is 6 hits. Any ship with two or more evade die is going to be hard to hit. That said in theory if X-Wing is balanced then 100 points is 100 points and all equal point games should be close. In reality at tier 1 level list builds all lists are not equal. Build it, fly it, and let us know how you do. That the only way to really know.
  12. "Most players are here to have fun, and hope to win. Don't be the guy who is just here to win." This should be in the rule book. Spot On DHKnecht!!
  13. To the OP. Here is what you can do. My gaming group does this and it works out just fine. FFG's articles have wonderful images of the cards in the new sets. Copy these images into Word and scale them to match the actual cards. Next print them out and trim them. Finally place them in a plastic sleeve. You now have all the cards and you did not spend a dime. In my area they can be used at game stores for NON TOURNAMENT play. Since there is only one Store Champ, one Regional, and one Worlds a year you are really not out that much. And finally remember that FFG needs to make $$$$ in order to stay in business. If FFG is doing well then X-Wing is doing well. Do not let little things bother you so much. Life is actually very short so spend more time playing X-Wing with friends and have fun.
  14. gz1962

    House Rules!

    Darkcloak your ability to read is very poor. The OP said,"Was just wondering what different house rules you may have added to your X-Wing games?" His post was to see what other players are doing to change up the game. There is no mention of a desire to change the game. Your posts show me that you have control issues. Sorry Darkcloak you cannot control everyone. P.S. I would love to come to your game night. PM me.
  15. gz1962

    Firespray + Aces

    This has worked well for me and is still competitive in the current meta. Fell....PTL,AutoThrusters,Targetting Computer Turr...PTL, Autothrusters, Targetting Computer Bounty Hunter...naked The PS 3 Bounty Hunter is your blocker. Hopefully your opponent will waste time shooting at it. Keep it's flight plan simple and concentrate on flying the two aces. This list is 99 points so if you face other PS 9 aces you have a point for initiative bid. I have found that targeting computer works better for me than the more defensive build of Stealth Device. You could put Stealth on Turr to keep him around longer.
  16. Reading this entire thread has surely placed me on the road to the dark side.
  17. To bring up Turr's damage curve I fly the following. Push the Limit Autothrusters Targetting Computer Hunt PS 6 and lower targets. I use the first action to get target lock. Fire and boost or roll, then PTL for either boost or roll. This build works great with Fell but seldom makes it into the end game.
  18. As of today I have spent over $1700.00. Therefore by the articles reasoning I am 6 times better than Paul Heaver. Sorry you guys I am going to worlds next year and should easily grab the crown. It will be a walk in the park.
  19. I am at $1769.00 as of right now. This is the third year my wife and I have been playing. We play a few times a week at home and with friends on the weekend. Our X-Wing group is fairly big (7) regulars and (4) once a month players. We also play once in a while at the LGS. Based on just four hours a week (or four (1) hour games) all this fun has cost just $2.83 per game. I never looked at the cost this way but wow what a super cost effective way to have fun and relax.
  20. gz1962

    Useful tokens

    Glitterstim would be useful.
  21. I did a search for Star Wars EP 8 cast and here is a bit of news. "However, some of the original cast members like Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher are reportedly not involved in Star Wars episode 8 onwards. It has been previously reported that Star Wars 7 will pave way for the original cast members' send-off." I think the pancake blows up. http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/108473/20140906/star-wars-8-cast.htm
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