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  1. This is going to be a lot of work to accomplish, and I could use quite a bit of help! I'm probably going to wind up compiling this into a PDF file and will obviously credit everyone who contributes! I have started a thread in reddit on this topic as well, but I would like to keep the majority of the discussion here.
  2. Has anyone made some house rules for these new army's? I'm looking to start a campaign sometime soon, and I'd really like to include the Mechanicus in my campaign as an important ally. The units I'd be more heavily using probably are: Both flavors of Skitarii (Vanguard and Rangers) Sicarian Infiltrator (already found some rules for it) Sicarian Ruststalker Kastelan Robots and Datasmiths Kataphron Destroyers and Breachers Tech Priest Dominus Electro-Priests The other vehicles would be used but I'm mainly focused on trying to flesh out the non-vehicle units. I am also looking to make some weapon profiles for the following: Arc Maul Taser Goad Transonic Razor/Blade Chord Claw Prehensile dataspike Electroleech Staff Electrostatic Gauntlets Ranged: Arc Pistol/Rifle/Cannon Stubcarbine Flechette Blaster Galvanic Rifle (found homebrewed rules) Mindscrambler grenades Phosphor blast pistol Phosphor serpenta Heavy Phosphor Blaster Radium Pistol Radium Carbine Radium Jezzail Transuranic Arquebus Cognis Flamer Macrostubber Volkite Blaster Heavy Grav-Cannon (there are already rules for grav weaponry in the new DH edition, so no need to worry about that) Gamma Pistol Torsion Cannon Incendine Combustor Eradication Ray What I'd be looking to do for the mechanicus is make a requisition table for them like the ones for various imperial elements in Rites of Battle, and give them all an appropriate cost. In terms of figuring out their stats I think the tabletop stats should be used as a base with the TT models indicating the first digit, so for example a Kastelan would be WS/BS 30, S 60 (probably unnatural), T 70 (also with an unnatural modifier), 20 Agility (I'm basing this off initiative), I'm not sure about leadership, and its Intelligence and Wisdom would be utter crap. The thing to figure out for these guys is how the Datasmith would work with them. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Dunno if mine is "weird" per se, but here it is anyways:
  4. We also don't know what it's dial is. It better be different from the X-Wing thats all I have to say.
  5. They should all make Ewoks happy and induce dancing. Clearly they need to be at least 5 points. What am I thinking 5 is too cheap, they should all be at least 10 points and take up every munition slot on a ship.
  6. So this is the ordinance heavy wave, but I think FFG has failed to neglect one of the most overlooked munitions. Fireworks. We see rebels making effective use of them at the end of ROTJ, and this game really should include firework munitions to make the game that much more immersive. This is in no way a serious idea.
  7. I think Wave 8 will have the X-Wing fix. Thats all the speculating I'm going to do now.
  8. Bossk would like that guy a lot then! I think crit-based builds will be one of Bossk's best build options.
  9. What would be really interesting is it being range 3 only. That would make it the most uniquest snowflake amongst the X-Wing turret family... thusly!
  10. DEADEYE IS SO USEFUL NOW On the appropriate ships. Crap the K-Wings and Interdictors have no pilots with EPT. Deadeye + Fully Loaded munitions bomber (Rhymer or Jonus) + Extra Munitions + Munitions Failsafe = highly efficient long ranged explodey shooter
  11. To be honest I'm not surprised to see another alphabet-wing ship. But I do like the K-Wing, it will definitely have fixes for ordinance included, and probably new ordinance. I wouldn't be surprised to see it being able to take a turret, it seems like a ship I would want to keep at range 3 to unload its payload of explosions. But I wouldn't be surprised if the turrets help it pick off flanking fighters, which would be useful for the type of ship it is meant to be.
  12. Looks like one of the Kihraxz pilots is PS9 if I read the slide right.
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