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  1. You can't walk with more shields than there are. Fist shot: Proton avg 1 hit Plasma avg 1 hit + shield benefit [force is gone] Second shot: Proton avg 2 hits Plasma 1 + shild third shot: Proton 2 Hits (first crit comes thru) Plasma 1 Hit (no shild left simply 1 hull) On average, the proton torpedo is more dangerous, because at the end a crit comes through and because there is a certain chance that more than 2 hits come through. Especially with the third shot, when the plasma doesn't work anymore because there are no more shields. Its also not importend, you can't one shot a spray.
  2. It does not matter if it is plasma or protons. Shields will be down on both with an average of three ships firing. The most important thing is that a Spray is not gone after that. Even after a blow like that, you still have to deal with both sprays. First strikes are not the holy grail.
  3. Unfortunately, this is also overestimated. Because fire sprays can reinforce action. A spray can survive first strikes very well.
  4. He is also I5. So its much easier to drop an chute with lower initiative, because you know the positions.
  5. Timos Final at Milton Keynes is up.
  6. Exactly. Such an Chutebomb is often the gamechanger. Because it is a good tactic agains aces. The experience shows that is much better than a seismic - wich its also a good choice - because a crit is much better than a hit. And you dont come in situations you hit yourself with the seismic. Fearless and trick shot are upgrades who are to expensive and the trigger is too rare. So the best way is to use cracks or nothing. And trust me, I tested it and more importend I counted it. ;) Fun fact: at the same weekend Timo wins the SOS another german player (and Podcaster) "Scumdan" wins a Store (32). With my own tournaments wins an cuts I can see a small connection to having made the right decisions in list building. 🤗
  7. Drop both proton bombs is a great mistake. Directly after the fact that trick shot is not Hyperspace legal. And on top of this is the rarly situation that your spray is in front of an fighter that is in front of yours. Your decisions don't seem very well thought out. The name BoFrost is a joke. Because there is a company in Germany that delivers frozen food and has the same name.
  8. Thanks to Firestorm Squadron Firecast we can watch some matches on YouTube. UK System Open Cut Timos games start at the time marker 4:34:20.
  9. After the new point update BoFrost remains playable in hyperspace. But the crack shots fall out. So you have to give 4 points in total. Because also the Slave1 title and cybernetics has become cheaper, I would take this with me. This leaves one point bid. Of course you could do without cybernetics and take three points bid. In hyperspace this is also a good choice at the moment, because many I6 pilots fall out. I like the cybernetics a little more because it makes Boba even more flexible. My friend Timo rocks the Milton Keys SOS with it and perfomed very good. You could see it today. Boba Fett (85) Maul (12) Proton Bombs (5) Contraband Cybernetics (2) Hull Upgrade (5) Slave I (1) Koshka Frost (70) 0-0-0 (5) Proton Bombs (5) Rigged Cargo Chute (4) Hull Upgrade (5) Total: 199 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  10. I preorderd it at my Store in Germany. still no mat here. Disapointing.
  11. In the last weeks I played a few games. BoFrost is still fantastic - I won it all and have also a lot of fun. Also my opponents had fun and its the best achivement both players can get. A well known player from Germany - Timo Raabe - played BoFrost at the nationals in the Netherlands and reach also Top 16 Cut. So it is approved the best Firespray List you can get. I also have a few reports for you. Unfortunately, they are still in the development phase of the list, so the upgrades are not yet consistent with the list presented. A tactical thriller against Fenn & Guri: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOPxJjI1mKc A nailbaiting endgame agianst RAC & 3 Inquis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcsQ740dizI A proof of strength against Tavson, Kylo & Scorch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOY6L6UHD5M&list=PLk_Cs5NeGKQsJBake_CiFk0HnYjt2qopq&index=7 One of the decision-making match for proton bombs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pQYCsPwi8E&list=PLk_Cs5NeGKQsJBake_CiFk0HnYjt2qopq&index=8
  12. Close matches are common in X-Wing 2.0. And close matches are a sign of good balancing. They are the most fun. Personally, I like scarce matches in general. But not on tournaments in every game. Because at tournaments it is extremely exhausting to win every game by a narrow margin. It is not and cannot be the goal of a tournament player to use lists that constantly produce scarce games. It sucks resources that you need for the important games. And then they are often scarce. In this respect, the generalization of your statement is not correct. X-Wing 2.0 very often produces scarce results. But a tournament player doesn't want them. Another Off-Topic twist. Maybe we're talking about the experiences someone made with the list? 😀
  13. Its a threat about double Firespray with Koshka und Boba. Stay on topic... 😀
  14. You can provoke an overlap with the target ship as first step. If it is a small ship you can turn oder bank with the 1 in a meaningful direction and underlay it to the opponent in such a way that he immediately gets a stress and afterwards has to fly over it again. The whole thing can also be combined with a bomb you drop right before, since most maneuvers lead the target ship into the area of such a bomb and cannot be readjusted because of the stress (e.g. barrel roll or boost). Against bigger ships you have to fly longer maneuvers. However, you should try this before, because it may not be possible that the opponent flies 2 times over. In all cases you have to be close to your opponents ship.
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