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  1. I know no one who list against swarm. In Germany the Decimator wins 2 tournamants in 1 week an I know there was some swarm lists. So I dont belive that a swarm can best Hot Rod. The swarm player will have a bad time to play against.
  2. First rule of Hot Rod: Never touch the Bombs. They are an autoinclude. Just joking. Ok - not. Its realy importend. The VTG ist the only upgrade that can removed. Because of predicted less Rebelbeef - its also a double OK to remove him. I played the List von now on in 2 different ways: “Whisper” (57) Juke (7) Passive Sensors (3) Fifth Brother (9) Stealth Device (6) Rear Admiral Chiraneau (76) Lone Wolf (5) Darth Vader (14) Moff Jerjerrod (8) Novice Technician (4) Proton Bombs (5) Hull Upgrade (2) Dauntless (4) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 or “Whisper” (57) Juke (7) Passive Sensors (3) Fifth Brother (9) Stealth Device (6) Rear Admiral Chiraneau (76) Lone Wolf (5) Darth Vader (14) Moff Jerjerrod (8) 0-0-0 (5) Proton Bombs (5) Dauntless (4) Total: 199 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 First one are my favorit - because of the tech. I played him long before and the only problem was that the 2 crew slots were already occupied and i couldn't do without either of them. Now the tech keeps the decimator functional. And it works my friends - its works good. The second is very obvious. The Deci wants to be in range 1 - 0-0-0 wants it too. The new sensors are great. Whisper gets what she wants. Rerolls. By the way: I'm not a big friend of Hot Shot gunner in this setup - along with Vader ist seems to be redundant.
  3. It exist one report. We hope to film another one or two soon. @Synel I have played against 4 Fangs and it was a massacre. On top is that the fangs abbilitys do not trigger in the Decimators turret arc. I have managed some double shots with VTG both modified with RAC and so I could do some devastating damage on 2 Fangs too.
  4. Stay on topic guys. It is Hot Rod. Yesterday I won a little tournamant with it. Two times Sep swarm. One 200 : 0 against 5 drones with Maul und one 200 : 37 against 5 drones with a Bellbulab. And I also win against Jedis. A good day to destroy some prequel Stuff. I still love the List.
  5. Its good against all. But as I said I think people wiill go on thinking the Decimator is bad. I dont understand it. I've played against swarms several times. Imperials, separatists, rebels. All were defeated by Hot Rod. If you look at the upgrades and use the tactics I describe. I think it's obvious.
  6. I dont like this upgrade. It is this kind of 1.0 stuff that destroys one of the biggest gameplay parts. Obstacles. On top on this it is way too cheap.
  7. I think it can be good but not with Jerjerod. Because of the stress cycle. And I dont know if its better to have one action more or or to give a damage or to delete a token. I finish all two games a ship with vader so I tend rather to him
  8. The goal is not to remove green markers with the hotshot gunner, which vader has already removed before. He's pretty useless for that. One could take another target than the Vader target, but that contradicts the credo to make focus fire. The opponent often has no token at all because of the blocks and Vader. With the agile gunner you show the opponent quite strongly what you intend to do in the next round. As I said - the list has a development behind it and the components in it have crystallized and all have their uses. The veteran gunner is exclusively against lists with many ships and lists with many ships and little agility. You have to do extra damage or you lose the damage race. With every single damage or every use of a focus provoked by it, it has already been worth it.
  9. A Bid is not important. Only Whisper can make a barrel roll to arc dodge someone. It is certainly not unimportant, but it is totally negligible in this setup.
  10. Thank you for your questions and feedback. First of all I think these list has gone through a development and reached a stage where there is little to improve or change. The following are a few comments He ist also I5 thats good. He costs too little and does too little damage thats bad. The Problem is he doesn't have a good action economy.. If the Jerjerod boost were white, it'd be different. Good point with the obstacels. I had already noticed that I forgot to write something about it. I use the gas clouds. It makes the Decimator even more durable. Intimidation was good - but I want to take out ships. So Chiraneau can not fire on overlapped ships. In such a setup I have to split fire. it's not what it wants. Of course it is one of the major threats. But the most crits are not as bad as you think. In my experiance only the double stress is importent. In my games, that was rarely a problem. I don't think that there will be any changes how the players judge the deci. Sometimes I think it's a waste of time to present something like this, because most players tend to play simpler things. Somewhat complicated things are also good - but the players often don't understand that or don't want to accept it. So lists like this die without being born in a meta. I have played three times against Maarek and it was never a Problem. Because Maarek need one or two engages to wipe out. He's a bad defender. Vader, Juke, and two good modifed Attacks (and/or bombs) destroys him often before he get a good chance to make some importend crits. He is a ship with one action and he is not one of that ships that live long against Hot Rod.
  11. Some people know me. Im the guy who plays the imperial junk (Backdraft, Deathfire, OL and DC) in Top 8 SOS in Germany 2017, or Kylo Kath in some German Regional cuts 2018, or the Reaper-Countdown-Volso List two times in the Hyperspace cuts this season - all mentioned by american podcast - for example the mynocks. (Yes - it was always the same guy) Now I played again some kind of underastimeted list as well as for the last 5 years. Business as usual. A Decimator in a kind of old school list with Whisper. Branded as unplayable (some threats call for buffing the Decimator or some elements in that List and so on - It is a good index for this general view). When I was made aware of this by some German players and asked to translate my articles for you, I agreed. Maybe you are interested. Thank you Mark for helping me translate this one. Hot Rod I am tinkering around with the Decimator since October 2018. I bugged Steffen Kähler (some of you know him because aof the worlds), other well know German tournament players as well as my team members shortly after the release of 2.0 with my ideas. Earlier this year I wrote an article “Ode to Decimator” in the German X-Wing Forum (so far only available in German; http://www.moseisleyraumhafen.com/t18286-taktik-eine-ode-an-den-decimator#297984) explaining why the ship is – other than a lot of people think – not a **** ship and basically “dead on arrival” but a viable option in 2.0 for all the Imperial Admirals out there. Now, around half a year later and after being constantly challenged to “play it in a big tournament if it is that good” I had to turn my ideas into a viable squad for a tournament. On top, I had to come up with a squad not only for myself, but also for my team mate Enno; he committed way before me to bring a Decimator to the SOS in Hannover; eventually he went with RAC and Soontir. A little bit of fine-tuning and a couple of tough matches later his squad was set. At this point and time I was still playing a Sloane swarm and I was undecided whether to stick to it or to play with a Decimator as well. Nine test games later the squad was unbeaten (some of the games I won 200:0) and I was truly surprised by its performance. And when Jack Mooney on top of that won the SOS in Milton Keynes with Han/Jake I was sure that a Decimator squad is able to do this as well. Composition I came up with the name of the squad after the SOS due to the feedback I received and the obvious functionalities of it. The ships in the squad are well known, they are fast and tuned to the max. And thanks to Moff Jerjerrod they are even faster than what you would normally expect from Whisper and a Decimator. Well known, fast and tuned to the max: Hot Rod · Whisper (54) o Juke (5) o Fifth Brother (9) o Stealth Device (6) · Rear Admiral Chiraneau (80) o Lone Wolf (5) o Darth Vader (14) o Moff Jerjerrod (10) o Veteran Turret Gunner (6) o Proton Bombs (5) o Hull Upgrade (2) o Dauntless (4) Total: 200 https://raithos.github.io/?f=Galactic%20Empire&d=v6!s=200!199:123,,82,166:;214:124,,26,50,90,69,164,147:&sn=Hot%20Rod&obs= Functionalities The most components are more or less obvious. However, the there are elements and synergies that you might not get right away, hence a closer look is needed. Most important: both ships have initiative 5; for flying and triggering the abilities it is crucial to have the same initiative. Moff Jerjerrod: Combinations and tactical concepts The core of the squad is Moff Jerjerrod. His abilities allows all friendly ships to perform a red boost action during the system phase. The possibility to reposition before all other ships move doesn’t sound that great at first, especially when you look at the conditions and the price: the boost is a red action, you have to choose and pick the same direction for all ships, you can only trigger it every second round and it costs 10 points. However, it makes the Decimator (and especially Whisper) faster, even more less predictable and gives the option to fly around obstacles easier (instead to fly with a 3 bank-left (white) onto an asteroid you do a 1 straight boost (red) and then turn in with a 1 bank-left (blue)). So it is all about to broaden the engage/disengage possibilities. Especially the Decimator is able to get back into action more quickly after disengaging due to the additional boost provide due Moff Jerjerrod. Same goes for Whisper: she is even faster and more flexible than she already is: Decloak 2 forward (white), boost 1 left (red), fly 3 straight (blue) and then do a barrel roll; hard to see this coming. This example as well as other combinations turns the Phantom suddenly to one of the fastest ships in the game. It is also great to avoid getting trapped between obstacles and enemy ships: just do a boost and you are good to go. It is not as good as collision detector, but pretty useful nonetheless. Downside with the last mention option (boost to avoid being trapped) is that you might not get the auto evade token when you decloak due to the stress. However, you still can get it back using the regular action; and thanks to Fifth Brother and his Force token you are still “tokend up” sufficiently. In other words: most of the time it doesn’t matter whether you boost before or after you decloak (again: the importance of the same initiative of both pilots). Also, as both ships can move within the system phase (Whisper even twice) they can set a block before other ships move (you can say at initiative 0). Especially the big base of the Decimator makes him more resistant to blocks but, at the same time transform him into an efficient blocker himself: due to the boost he is able to move before initiative 4 ships to counter-block them (blocking the blockers). Another tactical component for this scenario is the proton bomb, which can be placed either before or after the Decimator uses the boost action. The imminent danger is quite often enough to force enemy aces or swarms to disengage, and it keeps the stern of the ship protected. The possibility of being blocked or facing a bomb often means that the opposing ships won’t have an action respectively a token: bombs have to be outmaneuvered using a barrel roll or a boost and being blocked means that you lose your action. In the very end all this plays into the hands of Whipsers’ Juke and Vader (Crew) (both are synergizing on their own very well already). Standard Tactic The Decimator is a tank, he wants to get into range 1 to shred enemy ships into pieces. He can either overlap ships with a lower initiative or set block; both is in his favor. Chiraneau with Vader (Crew) works a bit like the old Oicunn: as soon as the ship is in the arc of the Decimator it will get a damage from Vader. Thanks to the Moff and the Dauntless title you are able to set blocks respectively bump into enemy ships and get an action nonetheless pretty easy. This way the Decimator won’t get shot at, but deals damage; and Whisper will take care of the rest. The combination of the re-enforce action and Vader (Crew) makes the Decimator effective in the offense as well as in the defense. On top: both ships can generate a lot of Crits due Chiraneaus’ ability and Fifth Brother on Whisper. The games I have won with this squad were always pretty high points wise; a lot of them were even 200:0… even against squads where I wouldn’t have expected such a result at all. I wasn’t able to pull something like that off with another squad in 2.0 and I wouldn’t have expected to pull something like this off with a Decimator. The Decimator is a good choice also with regards to the current Meta: Juke, Out-Maneuver or Crack Shot don’t matter for a re-enforced Decimator. Once he is engaged in a dog fight, he simply tries to overlap/bump/block; the Dauntless title will provide the action he needs to then deal out massive damage to the ships he is not touching. In case the Decimator is going down he should have done his job by getting rid of the crucial element in the opponents’ squad. Whisper is an highly efficient (and annoying) late game ship that should be able to finish the game (potentially by just surviving to deny the victory points) Upgrades: Lone Wolf: A two-ship-squad including a Phantom might be the only set up to use this upgrade optimally… thanks to the movement options of the Phantom of course. It will boost the offensive output of the Decimator (action should be used for the re-enforce and you can potentially modify a focus using the Force token from Vader) and even could be useful when being shot at (especially from range 3). Dauntless: It’s a must have if you follow the standard tactic (overlap/bump/block) as you are not using Tua to get the re-enforce token. Goal is to ram other ships to deny them the attack on you and, at the same time, engage the remaining enemy ships. Veteran Turret Gunner: It’s very helpful against squads with multiple ships that don’t have a lot of defensive dice; doing more than 4 damage in a round is likely. However, it doesn’t trigger often but when it does, it will hurt. It’s also a great tool against squads with a lot of hit points like Four K-Wings, Rebel Beef, etc. Hull Upgrad: It’s simple: Re-enforce turns the Decimator into a tank, having another hull makes him even harder to kill. More detailed information (with some math) can be found in my initial article on the Decimator (see link above) Vader: As described, he is the jack-of-all trades on the Decimator. He will make sure that you will deal damage, whether directly or indirect by taking away tokens from the opponent ship. Vader finished a ship in every second game I played, without getting Whisper or the Decimator directly involved. He is one of the best Crew options you can get. Stealth Device (Whisper): Ideally Whisper has a Focus, two Evades and potentially a Force token when being attacked. That amount of tokens and three green defensive dice makes it difficult to kill her; when being cloaked you even have 7 green dice. In all games I have played I only lost Whisper twice. The good thing is (or bad thing if you have to face this squad): you can’t ignore the Decimator, but also can’t ignore Whisper as she is a beast in the late game. Whisper is the defensive counter-part to the Decimator: no green dice vs. „too many“. This conceptual interplay between the ships and the difficulty for the opponent to set a target priority makes the squad very balanced. Conclusion: When you follow the described tactics there are not a lot of other squads that will give you trouble. No matter the matchup, you have at least one tool in your box to be able to deal with it. I personally don’t like to joust my opponent’s squad directly, even though it would be the best option most of the time. Squads that deal a lot of Crits as well as using jam actions are to most challenging matchups for the Hot Rod, however they are not unbeatable. This is also the reason why I will stick to this squad for the extended format for the time being. I was able to get into the top 16 at the SOS Hannover and almost made it into the top 8. The overall performance of the squad makes me confident that I could have made it even further that day. Therefore: Stand firm! The Decimator is not ****. The Decimator is not dead!
  12. You explain it well what I mean. I don't think Vader is too cheap. I think he is well priced. Maybe a bit too expansive. The problem here was not a problem with the price of Vader. It is a problem of the Phantom chassis. Having a crew slot in the Phantom is the real problem. The same with Sloane. If Vader costs more it means no one take him on a other chassis. Because of that I think FFG solve the problem in an other way as only by price ajustment. And I think everyone know it. To make him expensive is not thought much.
  13. He needs an arc and it is not autodmg. It is an very costly ability an you will see that thay don't make him cost more. I think players who are afraid about vader dont find answers. That dont need any points adjustment.
  14. I think Nightbeast is not underratet. For only 2 points more as an Obsidian he gains a extra Fokus. Even when he bumps. The same as in 1.0 he is really good. With the reduced number of Ini in 2.0 he can be a good choice for many squads with I2. The extra good Obsidian.
  15. Who will get the correct date? I hope January the 9th Vader Crew -1 (why do people want him cost more?!) Proton Torps + 1 (obviously but I think the chassis will also cost more) Juke + 1 (obviously) Jakku Gunrunner +2 (obviously) Boba Fet +6 (because he can reroll more than one. Its to good n 2.0) Han Solo Gunner +6 (He is to cheap. Especially im comparison to others.)
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