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  1. I'm confused - don't you have to perform your maneuver (the 4 straight) before you perform the action (Boost)? Unless you have advanced sensors, that is. So the order would be: Reveal Red (Green via Nien Nunb) 4 Straight on dial. Barrel Roll with BB8. Perform 4 straight maneuver. Boost. Use PTL for second action : focus or TL. end with 1 stress.
  2. Here's a Quest Creation Guide to show you how to create your first quest: https://github.com/NPBruce/valkyrie/wiki/QuestCreationTutorial
  3. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1628895/prerelease-open-overlord-app-Valkyrie Its basically an editable Road to Legend program, and lets you design your own quests and monster AI. He just released the graphical quest editing system. It is still in development but has huge potential. In my opinion, FFG should have released a way to create your own Road to Legend quests or incorporated it into the Quest Vault.
  4. Check out the Valkyrie program. It lets you design your own RTL campaigns, and is a standalone program. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1628895/prerelease-open-overlord-app-Valkyrie
  5. I think it would be cool to allow the necromancer to reanimate a defeated monster. Reanimation - 3 strain & requires your reanimate to be on the board. You may interrupt after a monster within your line of sight is defeated to use this ability. Replace the monster back on the square it was defeated. Mark it with three strain tokens. You now control this monster and use any surges and abilities it has. Add one green die to it's attack (act I) or one yellow die (act II). Your reanimate familiar is immediately defeated. 1-2 base sized monsters only. After each attack, it spends one strain token. When all strain tokens area spent, the monster is defeated. You may only have one reanimation or reanimate familiar up at a time. I agree the necromancer needs some love to help it out, especially in act II. It would also be really thematic for him to be able to reanimate Overlord's defeated monsters.
  6. I'd like a RTL app update or add-on (which I'd pay for!) to play the Heirs of Blood and Shadow Rune campaigns with the app AI.
  7. This is going to be a dud. The design and artwork just looks bad. And FFG already has like 10 star wars themed games. Come up with something original!
  8. I'm having the same problems - cant add expansions as there is no '+' symbol next to their name.
  9. There's a certain portcullis in this mission - during an activation are monsters on one side able to open it to move towards the heroes? Are monsters in RTL able to open doors if its not on their AI list of actions? or is it assumed its part of 'engage'
  10. The latest update as of 11:50pm July 23rd has broken all the saves. When I try to load a save on my Nexus 7 tablet, i get black screen with ambient background music. All my saves are not working anymore. edit: just confirmed that this latest update has bugged all my saves on both android and steam. Do they even test their updates before they roll them out??
  11. Just checked mine.. I was IN THE MIDDLE of a quest - went to eat for a few hours, and came back to a black screen. All reloads of the save are just black screen with ambient music. I'm so pissed. Edit: the 'create new campaign and then reload old campaign' fix worked for me. Thanks!
  12. My suggestion: Get your credit card to do a charge back on the purchase. They didn't deliver the goods - you shouldn't pay for it. Get your money back and use a company like CoolStuffInc or Miniature Market (or your FLGS).
  13. Wow, so I've been playing it all wrong.. I thought you had to spend 2 fatigue(ex. song of mending) to place a SINGLE song token on the card. No wonder I was running out of stamina so fast. I wish it were explicitly stated in the SoN rules somewhere. Oh and is it true you only have to pay the fatigue cost once per mission until you switch to a different card?
  14. I understand you can only put 1 song token per card each round, but does this mean I can use both tokens each round on different cards? To quote the wiki: "There are two song tokens: a melody song token and a harmony song token. During a game, these tokens are either near the Bard’s play area or on one of his Class cards. Each time an effect allows the Bard to place a song token, he takes either the melody or harmony song token from its current location and places it as indicated by the effect. Each token can be on only one Class card at a time." It doesn't mention that you can have both tokens active on two different cards, although the concentration ability suggests that you can.
  15. On the Rise of All Goblins setup, it asks you to place the Bhargest group on 8A, but the location indicator flashes on 9a. Confirmed this on both the steam app, and android.
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