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  1. Thanks guys, I will keep your suggestions. I think that a faster game could help to play TI3 more times. It is clear it should be a different game. But I like a lot "things" in the box, and I like the idea to use them also for different games. I agree that a "variant" should be designed adhoc. I already designed a couple of variants (on BGG) and I think to design a new one. I'm looking suggestion to define an approach for it. dex
  2. First of all I want to say Hallo from Milano, Italy. Any player in the neighbours? dex
  3. I like TI3 a lot, I like the plastics, the tiles, many of the cards, the turn based logic, but with my friends we cannot spent 6 hours to have a complete game. Do you think is there some variants we can use to limit the game to 2 hours. Thanks in advance dex
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