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  1. I did not read the little story called "high noon on Jakku" or something like that... But I read somewhere that Zuvio was a law man of some sort. With is not very scummy in my book. The unspoiled pilot Sarko Plank once tried to kill Luke Skywalker and has a cool mask which is a must for all cool villians so that pretty approperite.
  2. I Know some would say the reason the turret and the cannon upgrade icon is on the new scavenger Crane is because of big bad Boba. They might be right. But I could not help think about a one shot only cards in the future. like a hot shot blaster for the turret slot… Or a heavy laser ion blast( like the b-wing photo in rebels) for the cannon slot. Many ideas?
  3. I think/hope this might be a possible new scum ship and there are some nice candidates for the pilots in the new canon. Maul has now used it on the telescreen, It appear in one of the digital rebel comic strips where it is flown by a by pirate racing freak and it was used in "the perfect weapon"- a tie-in novelle to the force awakens by the female spy in Maz's cantina. And I like it!
  4. Got a one shoted as Poe by A fearless Fenn Rau yesterday... So now Fenn Rau is know in my gaming group as Fenn Rauhul (danish for arsehole)
  5. Hmm, do you mean you could use this as a attack in the combat phase?
  6. I think it is pretty and more star wars looking than the new Kylo-shuttle... which looks a bit like something from a Bat-movie... But still gonna get me one
  7. This might be considered spoiler… Very little but still. When a tough transport ship is needed, Krennic’s Shuttle is the perfect choice. With its starkly geometric hull shape and folding bat-like wings, the approach of Delta-class T-3 is a imposing sight, which would make even Kylo Ren smash a control panel in jealousy. I think this could be a lovely large ship (maybe we will see the turtle shuttle as a epic ship) as it is meant to carrying Director Orson Krennic and his squadron of death troppers, so it should have one or more crew slots, maybe even three? I imagine it being extreme solid have lots of hull and a couple of shields, but only having zero agility. The lego model comes with two spring loaded shooters, so maybe it could have only 2 in attack. Normal arch cause this is an Imperial vessel we a talking about. Few attack dice would make it difference from the two other Imperial shuttles. Maybe it should have either a cannon slot or lots of missile/torpedo slots. What do you think? It could be funny to have a large imperial shuttle with a decent dial(maybe kylo’s is amazing?) something like the Shadow caster… And a plain and simple action bar with focus and target lock then give it a title with some weird ability like a barrel roll after you have preform your manuever even with stress. Maybe an advanced targeting computer like Vader’s. I dont know!! any suggestions? Orson Krennic could be both crew and pilot, but i have no idea what he should do, maybe stress or messing with target locks. We could also throw agent Kallus in as a pilot, he is also a member of the Imperial security bureau. What do you think, could this be a contender for wave 11? Do you also hope to see the turtle shuttle(https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/5aD5EvAaEKHixrYVIgPsGw--/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjtzbT0xO3c9ODAw/http://media.zenfs.com/en-US/homerun/the_drive_165/f1a118208f9d067d8c88ff047ff4f672 ) in epic? Or Do Vader and Pal already have enough rides? Could this even be the unknow SWX58??? I just hope we will get this model, cause it looks so hardcore and OT.
  8. I think I read somewhere that it would not be Dash and the outrider....
  9. Hmm... I think the spaceship looks like a Neimoidian escort shuttle... know as the Sheathipede-class transport shuttle which was used by the Trade Federation during the clone war... there must be a ton of these left from the war.
  10. I do not like the prequels... but they did many things right: The jedi cruiser, Slave 1 being the boss and 1 second of Aurra Sing which had a moded Jedi Cruiser... are you reading this FFG? Nice pick for a scum epic ship! But I also like the Naboo fighter... It just looks so classic and sleek... so this is my take: Naboo figther. Dial like tie figther. But no 5 forward and no 3 k-turn but with 1 forward green. focus, target lock and barrel roll. torpedo and astromech. 2 attack. 3 evade 2 hull 1 shield Pilots: ps 2 Naboo Party Pilot (see last part of RoTJ)- 13p ps 4 Sosha Soruna- you may preform a target lock action before you revealing your dial 14/15p ps 5 leia- at the start of activation phase you may remove a stress token from a friendly ship at range 1. 15/16/17p EPT ps 6 Shara Bey-when attacking you may tread the blue target lock from other friendly ships at range 1-2 as your own. 17/18p EPT New cards: Astomech: R5 D4: when you are destroyed or this card gets discarded, all other friendly ships at range 1-2 get assigned a focus token. 0p 2 titles both unique: Wartime relic: When attacking a unique pilot roll one additional dice. 1P. Royal treasure: When attacking a pilot with pilot-skill 6 or lower roll an additional dice. 1p
  11. Well I really like the idea about a cheap scum glasscannon.... And then I bought three of the Scyks and tried many combos, with both named pilots and generics. But the ship is just not paying its worth. When FFG first introduced the Scyk they said it could be modified in many ways, well the only way you could mod a Scyk was with either a Cannon, missile or torpedo and a Mod. Upgrade. Which all ships can get(-Huge ships). But maybe the mod. Slot could be a way of fixing the ship. So this Is ny suggestions fore scum aces( with Starviper and Scyk) Scum aces. M3a and Starviper: Four new M3a pilots all unique: Ps. 3 Genesis Red: The first time you lose a shield you may assign your ship a shield tonen. 15p. PS. 4 Inaldra: Once per round When you suffer damaged you may chose a enemy ship at range 1, that ship suffers One damaged. Ept. 17p. PS. 7 Aleas Rans'ery: When attacking or defending you May reroll one dice if within range 1 of an astroid. Ept. 18p. PS. 8 Tansarii Point Hero: After preforming an action you may preforming a free action on a equiped udgrade Card. Ept. 19p. Modifikation cards: Car'das Surprise M3a only. Unique. When attacking with a Flecther Cannon you may assign stress even if the defender has stress tolkens assigned. You can only equip this Card if you have equiped a Flecther Cannon. -1p. Smuglers Gambel. M3a only. Unique. When you hit an enemy with a Flecther Cannon you may choose to make the defender suffer an additionel damaged instead of assigning it a stress token. You Can only equip this Card if you have equiped a Flecther Cannon. 0p. The pull from Ord Mantell M3a only. Unique. When attacking with tractor Beam Cannon, if that attack hits the defender suffers one damaged. +1p. Overcharged ion Cannon M3a only. Unique. When attacking with a ion Cannon, if that attack hits you may chose to make the defender suffer a faceup damaged Card instead of a facedown damaged Card. 0p. Gamma Station Improvement M3a only. Unique. When attacking with a mangler Cannon you may chose to turn a blank dice result into a hit instead of turning a hit into a crit. 0p. Starviper 2 new unique pilots and one generic: PS. 4 Black Sun Ace: Generic. Ept. 28p. PS. 6 Typer Zann: When spending a targetlock, instead of discarding it, you may assign the blue targetlock token to a friendly ship at range 1-2. Ept. 30p. PS. 8 Urai Fen: When attacking a ship at range 2-3 you may change a blank dice result to a hit result. Ept. 32p. Title cards: Starviper-Class attack platform. Starviper only. Title. Your upgrade bar gains an additionel Torp. Slot. Torpedo cards: Buzz Droid Starviper only. Torp. Attack 3. Range 2-3. Targetlock- discard this Card to preform an attack. If this attack hit, cancel all dices results then roll an attack dice. On a blank resul the defender suffers a facedown damaged card and is assigned a stress token. On a hit or crit. Result assign the defender a faceup damaged card. 0p.
  12. warrasmus

    Suicide king

    I have been thinking about G-1A with dead Mans switch and Electronic baffle and making it the ultimative kamikaze plane. If you only have one hull left you can make a red manuver, if you Are within range one of Any enemy ship...Trade the stress for a damaged and explode oin a glorius fireball, dealing damaged before many of the aces even have moved. You could probaly give this trick to three G-1As, 4-Lom, zurkuss and a gand findsman all with push it to limit, which I Think could be funny.
  13. if they make it, I think it will be 2 attack, 3 evade, 4 hull, 2 shields with rear arch. crew and tech upgrades....
  14. I don't think we will see a Corellian freighter for the scum, the upcoming punisher One will have that role. The Jumpmaste 5000 was also produced by Corellian engineering corporation but looking even weirder than their most well known product.
  15. I have posted this in another post, but here we go again. I like others also think that the two scum ships which need most love is the Scyk and the Starviper: Zann Consortium used Starvipers in the game Empire at War, forces of corruption a RTS. game. so if FFG ever did a aces version of this ship it might not be the refined Virago but one with more cost value. The Starvipers in this game was so sort of grey, and looking way more mass-produced that the Virago. I like the idea about still being able to afford four Black Sun Enforcers but they need a little extra something. They could give it a Zann refit title: StarViper-class attack platform, grating a free torpedo costing up to 3 or 4 points. Or like someone else suggested used the Torp. slot for a free Buzz droid missile which can only be taken be a Starviper… maybe- Attack ((focus) 3att. 2-3 range) spend a focus token to preform this attack. When dealing damaged assign the defender a stress token instead of a hit and a ion token instead of a crit. Then cancel all damaged. discard this card. The aces for this pack could be the crime lord Typer Zann and his personly aid Uric Fen a Talortai warrior who was second in command of the Zann Consortium. They should have a low pilot skill PS6 for Ulic and PS4 for Zann still making it possible for them to take the Virago title but their abilities should somehow make it more reasonable to take some of the new upgrades… maybe something like when When attacking with secondary weapon that instructs you to discard it to preform the attack, do not discard it unless the attack missed. making a deadly combo with munition failsafe. They could go a whole other way and make a aces box with three Scyks, all with difference paint jobs looking as various as possible. The box should contain lots of new named pilots, maybe all with a defensive ability of some sort, this already being the theme for the M3-A pilots to be slippery. Some could be more scum like and have the ability to use other ship’s focus tokens when defending while other could be more group minded being able to assign its evade token to friendly nearby ship. They could then give it a new title: Lightweight Scyk with a reduced price -1p or -2p but making it for unique pilots only thus making it possible to have mini swarm with uniques. They could take this a bit futher by also(or instead) making lots of crazy uniques ship titles going by the mantra that all these smugglers use their own(or a stolen) special customized ship. This could be something like “The Concealed Menace ”-you may equip a modification with the large ships only limitation 0p. “Timeslip”-your action bar contains the boost action 3p. “Rust-bucket” you may equip a turret paying its normal cost 2p. “Double trouble”- you may equip two difference illicit upgrades paying its normal cost 0p. “The Great Missiles Carrier”- You may equip two XX-23 S-Thread Tracers for free 0p. There are many funny possibilities going this route but it had to well balanced but this would be easy just price the titles right. This might open up for some really funny or weird builds but it could be a new way of solving the problem that a ship is overpriced.
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