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  1. IMO, ….NOTHING about 'Career', 'Specialization', 'gear', 'weapons', 'force sensitivity', et al.... will make your character what you want it to be. If one step ahead is going to be the idea, then they're never really going to face him. If they ever to face him, he probably won't last long because the nature of FFG is that everyone is pretty vulnerable to getting hit. As a GM, I don't like to pin myself down by deciding ahead of time what this person "IS". This allows me the flexibility to add to the bad guy as I go. It also avoids that quandary when you really need him to be a Politico, but you already decided he was an Explorer/Hired Gun. That's just my preference. Also consider that the PC's aren't going to know what he is, are they? I mean, he should be an enigma....a mystery, right? Rather than, "Mr. X is a renowned former soldier and explorer", it should say, "Mr. X is a renowned escape artist who is impossible to find." Just have vague references to his personality. This will let the player try to imagine what he is and add to the mystery. I get it...Mentalist.... Force Power Sense. Maybe just go all-out in that? Forget the other careers. They really don't matter. You can't give it away early on, either. Rather, you disguise it in dialogue and clues. i.e. "Mr. X WAS here. About five minutes ago he suddenly got up, checked his commlink, and left! Didn't even finish his meal!" The players will think that he has spies out there or an inside person. This will hide the fact that he senses things with the force. My own personal preference is to make the villain sympathetic. Maybe he does good, benevolent things along the way. Plant a seed of doubt in the player's heads. Have a Dooku-like story of how he really is innocent! That might not apply, but it is fun to throw the players off.
  2. The thing with SW FFG is that (unlike d20 systems) things like hit points (Wound/Strain Threshold) and to-hit difficulty do not generally scale with leveling. In d20, you level up and add 1d10+Con to hit points and around 8th-10th level, you are up near 100hps. In SW FFG, you WT and ST are always going to be 12-14-16-etc... You're only going to get "so" high. Whereas a 100hp PC in d20 can take 5-10 average longsword or weapon hits, in FFG a blaster rifle will take out a PC in 2-3 hits, sometimes 4 or more with a high soak. Difficulty? Melee is always 2-purple. Short range, 1-purple. Doesn't matter how much XP you ever get or how much XP your opponents have. In d20 games, your AC, hit points, and to-hit keep scaling and scaling as you level-up and get better stuff. Sure, sure, you can "technically" improve your defenses and such in FFG, but it's not on the same scale. A lot of the Nemesis characters, yeah, might need a few thousand xp to get what they have (attribute increases with Dedication, and all). It isn't at all like building NPC's in d20 (where NPCs are built like PCs). You want the NPC to have a 5 Brawn, 4 Int, 4 Presence? Just give it to them. XP-wise....you buy things in 5xp increments. Some people like to add in the 1's and 2's here and there for role-play, mission completion, getting engines online, etc... (breaking down every part) in order to add up to their xp per session. IMO, why have the bookkeeping? We generally give out 5xp per hour of table play. If it is 3 hours of table time, but an hour of fluff and out-of-game chatter, then 10 xp. Achieve a momentous thing? Then add in an extra 5xp (20 total) for that three hours. IMO, it is not worth being legalistic over what xp/hr is "correct". I say, give what you are comfortable with. It all comes out the same in the wash, as they say. Whether you rationalize it out like "5+1+2+1+4+2=15 xp", or "you get 15xp for our 3-hr session tonight," it makes little difference how you do it. To be sure, showing up and even during a talk / role-play evening with very little combat...… showing up deserves some xp. To me, 5xp for 3 or 4 hours of my time feels like I wasted my time. Might as well of shot up some guards to get that up to 10 or 15!!! To each their own! We generally give out 10-15-20 per session. Once I got experienced in the game along with the players, we get "a lot done" in the campaign and I give out 20-25-30xp for good sessions where I felt like we accomplished a lot.
  3. Reinforcements, maybe, sent after that first group with Han & co.? Remember Lando saying, "Han will have that shield down. We've got to give him more time." ? Well, maybe they got nervous and sent a second support group? Maybe a rebel agent finds out about the Emperor's trap and your group is sent to warn Han's away team? You can't send a signal without risking being overheard, so they have to go in person. Maybe they use the same stolen code ("It's an older code, but it does check out.")? Maybe they have to 'blockade run' and get down to the planet?
  4. Could be, yes! I ran it last weekend and the player under scrutiny hired "Space Matlock", as he called him, for 10,000cr. That got him a YYYG+B on Kn: Education skills on Law. The Public Attorney was only GGG, a standard prosecutor. The guilty former partner was GGG on the stand and lied successfully to the jury (Red-Red-Purple) twice! It put some suspense into the roll, but the accused PC escaped.
  5. Yes, more xp (the +5 extra beyond normal purchase). You career and spec gets you what it gets you. Maybe it's bad wording, but those are your "career" skills. I see what you are saying. But look at it as: Career Bounty Hunter gets you "Athletics, Perception, P-Plan, P-Space, Streetwise, Vig, Brawl, & R-Heavy". All BH's get them. You "ADD" to your career skills those of your Specialization. Diff Spec, Diff Skills added. An Assassin isn't getting Mechanics, but a Gadgeteer does. But the Assassin gets Stealth & Melee. It makes sense. One calculation that helps me is figuring out the costs. To just get ONE skill you want, another career spec costs +20xp +5 more for the rank (25 total xp), but to buy a rank costs only 10xp (5+5). To get TWO ranks in ONE skill? Buy a spec: +20 for 2nd spec, +5, +10 = 35 xp. Buy it as non-career skill? 10xp (5+5) + (10 + 5) 15xp = 25xp. If all you want is two ranks in melee, then just buy it outright. Save the xp.
  6. I have a similar scenario yet to be played out. One pc was associated with an accused murdered. I assume yours does not include a pc on trial, does it? Kn: education for the law. PC has option of defending himself, but with setback dice for not being a lawyer. Paying prices gets you a better lawyer (better dice pool). Your pc's should definitely testify, at the very least. COOL for being questioned, not sweating, not being nervous. Discipline for resisting tricky questions. Each pc on the stand will have his/her defenses tried. Charm vs Presence to resist the seductively beautiful asst prosecutor. Failed/Made rolls I add to a dice pool. A dice pool to determine the guilt or innocent. Add a die here or there based off of evidence and dice rolls. A pc being a attorney can even play off vs the jury. Make an argument, roll Leadership vs an assigned difficulty. The ultimate dice pool will be rolled once at the end to determine the outcome. I added a gimmick of the Lead District Attorney being a Chadri-fan in a suit! Walks in carrying a pile of books. Thick law books he uses to climb into his seat! Squeaky voice. Streetwise checks to gain info. Next recommendation is tricky lawyer questions. So, you DO know the defendant??!!??!! Doesn't' this make your testimony unreliable? How much did you get paid to testify? (Witness makes Charm check vs jury to sound credible). Are you and the defendant romantically involved? Maybe it was YOU whole stole the credits!!! (Cool Check to not react poorly to a false accusation!). Have you ever stolen anything, yourself?!?!? Do you owe people money? Are you in debt? Have you ever smuggled illegal contraband? (Yeah, things not relevant, but add to credibility. "Lying" is always RPP difficulty vs the jury pool. Failing a roll to lie upgrades the guilt difficulty dice pool once.) Yeah, you get to bring back all the PC's past actions into play. The Attorney has researched their witnesses!!! They know about those credits you palmed from the blind beggar in Mos Eisley. To be fair, the Prosecutor can make a streetwise on each PC to dig up stuff. A good roll and they pull up witnesses from cantinas and such. Hope it goes well!!!
  7. So, Star Wars RPG has had several types over the years, but I understand that you are getting into the current FFG version. FYI, the last edition (Saga Edition) was a d20 system which closely resembled D&D 3.0/3.5. Before that was the West End Games version (WEG) that focused on the d6 as the basic die type used for most things, as I understand it. FFG actually re-released the WEG version this past year (I think), so enjoy your Star Wars whichever way you like it! Yes, you CAN "multi-class", or rather, pick another Specialization. And, as some have said, it is wisest to put most all your beginning XP in Attributes since you *cannot* buy them up with xp after creation. After creation, you use xp to buy up skills and talents. To be honest, some perfectly good characters are had by just buying up skills (which you use all the time) and less of the talents (which usually only apply in certain circumstances). In new D&D versions, sometimes that FIRST character is somewhat lacking because you didn't fully understand the system. Not buying up attributes at the beginning is that mistake. IMO, buying skills over talents is better to do for beginning characters because you'll be rolling better dice sooner. I always felt that talents felt like an xp-waste in my first few characters, but that's just my opinion. In contrast, the DICE are the BIG difference. Imagine, if you will, D&D where you would roll a 1d20 AND a 1d8 on every check. The 1d8 being a sort of "luck" die that could be good (1-4) or bad (5-8). So....you could "hit" and have something good happen (foe takes a further -1 to AC next round), or "hit" and have something bad happen (attacker off-balance, -1 to his AC). Conversely, you could 'miss' and have the same good or bad thing happen just like with a hit. That's what it'd be similar to. Plus, maybe a '1' would be major good luck ,and an '8' would be major bad luck. It takes a session to get used to them. Yes, you can fail the check but something good may go your way or you can make the check but have bad things happen as a consequence. It is not all hit or miss, succeed or fail. The players have a role in explaining the Advantages, Disadvantages, Triumphs, and Despairs. This is more of a cooperative storytelling. With the combination of dice, there are A LOT of possible outcomes. It is really everyone working together to tell a story. Lastly, as the GM, you cannot control the story as much. You have to be flexible. A great roll can turn an enemy into an ally.
  8. Nothing wrong with building a character to be really good at something. Always let a player do what his character was made to do! And, yes, trying to out-sniper him is a losing strategy. Sure, he takes out people easily, but thanks to the system, HE can be taken out easily as well. He does not have outrageous soak or wounds so he's vulnerable. 600+ xp is a lot, but many people play to over 1,000. He's going to get better at what he does. Still, last I checked, a sniper rifle is quite long and there's probably lots of places the laws does not allow it to be taken. Battlefields? Yes. Hunting areas? Yes. Cities & Spaceports? NO, not usually. At the least, he'd have to get a license for it to carry it around legally. ….and there's nothing like a paper trail! I imagine he'd become quite famous after taking out some big-time people, right? Assassinations? He might acquire some influential enemies. The "other" portions of his life might become quite difficult when people put the squeeze on him. Banks freeze his accounts. Ship can't land anywhere. Huge bounty. Inability to use public transportation. Some businesses won't serve him. A slicer sets him up. Friends or family get kidnapped, etc... In addition, his "mode of operation" might become well-known. A sniper always takes that, high, advantageous spot. Bad guys would come to learn his tendencies. Set explosives on that rooftop, lay a trap, ambush, etc... I'd also think he'd become a VERY desirable "hire". Who wouldn't want to employ him to take out a politician, enemy, or diplomat? He probably one of the best in the galaxy. He can make a lot of credits and a lot of enemies. Someone could even "hire" him just so they can set him up.
  9. That might makes some sense, but I think that it comes down to the group enjoying the game. If they don't approve of (don't like) the home-brewed rule, then it's probably best not to force it on them. The 'less than 50%' crits are actually pretty pertinent to gameplay and if you're going to do it, then that's a good way of going about it. Perhaps a middle-ground can be trying it for an evening. Then, ask for feedback at the end of the session and then pitch the idea again. I'm more curious about the 13 soak. How's that build look? Specs, brawn, armor?? Also, what sort of galactic escapades has this group been involved in? Kill Jabba? Face Vader? Win the war? Conquer a planet?
  10. Yes to all. Maybe for 1F, 1 Thr = no speeder and you paid 10 credits for the application fee. (Those 1-Adv, 1-Thr's we occasionally have, I like to just say, "You found/lost 10 credits." One of those irresistible "Know your fortune!" token machines in the shop on the way out! Or, "You find 10 credits on the ground." I tend to agree that "no successes" = "no speeder". 1F 4 Adv? He has a different vehicle on-hand, a bit more pricey or a bit different than needed.
  11. Maybe it isn't even pliable, but someone has the idea and the players need to dissuade the crowd that it would not work (Kn: Education, Leadership = crowds.). In a panicked situation, not every idea is going to be a "good" one!! I saw a remake movie based on The Fog where a group of men didn't want to stay in the grocery store any longer. They said it was 'just fog' despite the others insistence that there were deadly monsters out there. Never saw them again. So, maybe a panicked group of villagers want to explode a bomb or fuel tank? Build some crazy EMP device one of them says will work. It's not always a choice of which idea is 'best', but rather, steer away from the bad (disastrous) ideas. The players have to defend against BAD ideas, too.
  12. Maybe something like The Matrix and a giant EMP device? As in The Matrix, they had to get it operational before the hunters droids broke in and killed them. Perhaps it is insurmountable odds? Say the droids cut communication (jam it). Perhaps it is a time challenge issue for the group? i.e. hold off the army with negotiation and delaying tactics while they convert a huge generator in town into an outwardly-focused, massive EMP device (Skill Challenges). Sure, it'll wipe out their own devices, but will save the town. A last resort, maybe? Maybe half the town disagrees with the tactic? If anything, then a political debate within the ranks as to the tactic or do something else? Leadership skill, Negotiation, Deception, Charm, Coercion, ….all the social skills. Then maybe Computers, Mechanics, Knowledge: Education.....skills to pull it off. Usually when I can involve a LOT of varied skills, I know I have a winner. It almost never seems to be a good choice to have a handful of pc's take on a small army. You (I) usually have had to 'fudge' rolls in the past or have the army act stupidly in order to avoid a TPK and ruining my own campaign. Lesson learned!
  13. Colonist, Smuggler, and Explorer are obvious career selections, based on what's not there already. After Endor, isn't a Diplomat a good idea? Either that or someone familiar with getting by in the world? (i.e. Trader, Fringer, Politico) Who's going to reach out to (potential) new allies? Who's going to persuade Imperial Loyalists to surrender or change sides? Who's going to get a good deal on a new hyperdrive or ship weapon attachments?
  14. Has anyone seen something about 'Star Wars' on here? I was told I could find something about 'Star Wars' on this forum. 😕
  15. A player has 5xp he has not spent. As the session is in progress, it comes time to make a Streetwise check. The character has a 2 Cunning, but no ranks. He then wants to spend his 5xp (right now) to add a rank in Streetwise before making the roll. Is there a rule/guideline forbidding that? Is it: A) "Okay, spend it. But no take-backs." B) "No. You can only spend XP before or after a session, not in gameplay."
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