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  1. Exact same idea that came up in our group a few weeks ago. One player, a Firefly fan, suggested it. Even made his character based on... "My first idea is a young idealist (male, handsome, possibly human) - friendly, outgoing but with a bit of a wild side." As a group, we went with the Sector Ranger idea, too. I would have a couple of suggestions. 1) Consider not allowing jedi (for this campaign). Once you go down the jedi path, it can tend to consume a campaign. How'd you get force powers? You a jedi? After the fall, do jedi just spring up everywhere? Are their darkside users out there? Sith? Is everyone taught by Luke? Leia? Etc.... It is just SO MANY questions and decisions to make to figure out how and why one or more characters can do what they can do. For us, it just means headaches in trying to have it all make sense. If someone DOES choose to play a jedi (force-user), then to what extent do they expect it to play out? Is it just some guy/gal who pilots better than others for some uncertain reason? Or, are we talking full-blown guardian-consular-whatever? For our group, we have difficulty jiving the FaD careers and such with Luke, Leia, Vader, and what we saw on the movie screen. The partial-jedi group usually (again, with us) seems to have that character on a different path than the others. Everyone wants one thing...the jedi want to find some relic or learn a power. OTOH, one cool idea is that Luke personally sought out a few people with "the gift" and sent them on missions as sector rangers (maybe in search of relics). That could work. 2) Have the Empire exist in remnants. In the void the Empire left, systems need law and order. But it's always cool to throw in some Empire here and there. Have you considered Thrawn in any way? Or at least some of his schemes. The rangers seek to re-establish law and order, yet an Imperial remnant also seeks to re-take the system.
  2. We generally do not use such characters as main NPC opponents or allies. Our style is to view them from afar or maybe have a brief interaction with them (i.e. "OMG!!! Han Solo just walked through the hangar!!!". We're not the type of group that plays alternative histories or gets a kick out of killing Vader or Tarkin in an RPG. We tend to stay "hands-off". But that's just us. I don't know if it matters or correlates, but we're also purists when it comes to the original movies. Not much tolerance in our group for things that mess with the originals (whether it be in a movie or RPG). I actually think it accentuates the RPG experience to play out missions tangential to the movie plots. IMO, there should be SOME connection to galactic events.
  3. EotE, p.21 "Upgrading More Dice Than Available". So, if you have Yellow-Yellow because you have a 2 Agility and 2 Ranks of Ranged-Light, and you upgrade that attack, then you add a Green die. Upgrade again ant he recently added Green die becomes Yellow. Upgraded a 3rd time? Add another Green die.
  4. Yeah, not sure that a force-user fits in there at all. Probably best that way. We've found that the splat books to be somewhat underwhelming because a boring character is a boring character no matter what Career or Spec you pick. Our group is more focused on character and background. Settle on a career later. Pick a career AFTER you have a character, not pick a career and create a character.
  5. One rule of thumb is maybe 10-15 per player per session. Another suggestion is 5xp, per player, per hour of gameplay. Four hour game = 20xp. Playing every other week, we give between 20-30 because we don't play much and we want more progress over real-life time. On Play-by-Post, it could be months of postings between XP so we've done about 5xp per month of play and then a little bit past that. We desire to be able to get to Dedication or buy another tree sometime within the first year of play.
  6. Ah...the desire to be "different". No problem with that so long as you define the parameters and add as many hindrances as benefits. A devious player may have an angle to combine some weird alien benefit with something on that tree. I have a player like that. One who looks +10 steps down a the road to see how he can possibly get the Stalker Talent about 5x's. So, a "pink" Rodian, eh? I guess there's two kinds of different. One, just be a clone for the Frankenstein-like background, but be completely like any other of his species. Or, two, be a fabricated member of his species and get something "special". Some may even gimp themselves with a clone-like drawback and use that to play off of. Another option is just having a rule: only humans have the ability be cloned. Probably not the way to go and I am not sure if EU or anything has cloning of non-humans. I thought I also read somewhere about 'clones' not having rights and being more like droids in that respect. It's your campaign, so do as you please. For us, I'd ask WHY it has to be a clone and WHY it has to be THAT species. Why can't it just be a 'regular' Rodian, for instance. As Vek B said above, "If you want to play a cloned Rodian, awesome. You have a Rodian's base stats." I wouldn't give them clone-human benefits, but access to a clone tree would be okay so long as it is not a round-about way to game the system. However, you're sort of setting a precedent in your campaign to take any tree you want with any species or career you have. That can be dangerous when everyone want to play the exception to the rule.
  7. In the course of their adventures they encountered many Imperial leaders, right? Mentors, superior officers, fixers, contacts, ISB, etc.... Well, you can go back and pull up some of those NPC's and have the NPC's choose up sides and decide which way they are going. That is: Join the rebellion? Old Empire? New Order? Isolated remnant? Go independent? Go criminal? Power grab? Individual Moffs go rogue? Form a new Senate? Etc.... The NPC's reach out to the PC's as "trusted associates" and beg them (or offer them riches & power) to come with. The PC's play out who to join with, who to trust, who not to trust. They even see lesser NPC's joining up sides with certain leaders. Certain Pacts form. Had a PF group called the Shadow Pact. This, as a GM, let's the group decide which way to go.
  8. The temptation is to "help". As good-intended as that may be, it is not useful and sort of undermines the current GM (as well as slows the game down). For me, I say pick your times and let the small things slide. Maybe even keep track of how many times you help. Limit it to three, maybe. Save the rest for later. Quite often, people (like me) do not realize how many times they are interjecting. Sometimes playing a 'one-trick pony' of a character helps with having too much npc knowledge. I mean, you do the same thing every time. i.e. mercenary solves every situation with a gun, a charmer talks his way out. This way you already know what you're going to try to do and do not weigh your options when recalling what their Soak of Willpower is and deciding if it is worth it.
  9. Glad to hear it!!! It really is about "the play" and not so much which career and specs you have. You can always play another campaign down the road and explorer other options.
  10. How do you have a "bounty obligation" if you do not roll it??? There is no need to "weave the bounty obligation into the narrative" unless it comes up on the roll. You ignore it until it comes up, BTR. I just assumed it was double-talk nonsense, as in, "This Pink Elephant Post is not about the Pink Elephant. How can I best weave a Pink Elephant into the story?" That aside..... Outside of a roll, it is just character background. Weave it in like you would any other character background. Why would bounty obligation be different than any other obligation?
  11. There isn't a satisfying way. Sometimes you plan ONE adventure and then the Obligation roll inserts someone's past you hadn't planned on getting into. It F's it all up. For example, you land on a desolate moon. Not a single thing alive, but you roll someone's obligation and now you need to make it like the player feels stress from the bounty situation. We started just saying, "You feel stress. A bad memory." But that's so cheesy. What we mostly do is ignore the narrative of the roll if it does not fit in, apply the penalties. In some games we ignore Obligation altogether. To us, it is background. Something you want to undo eventually. Use it more to form narrative and ignore rolling it. It just gets in the way of a good story.
  12. You'll find the FFG books greatly lacking in common sense when it comes to organization. I did the same thing.... looking where IT SHOULD BE instead of where it actually was. FFG has lots of things "split" up for no good reason along with incomplete descriptions of skills. (e.g. starship weapon Rarity, cost, HPs. Split on two different graphics 30 pages apart. ) Good luck!
  13. The entire planet of Coruscant is a city and it has over a TRILLION inhabitants. That' roughly 142x's as populated as Earth! IMO, there is no way to keep track of it all. It is impossible. My advice would be to focus on important sites and timeline events. I like using Wookieepedia. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Coruscant There's at least 20 locations listed there. I use the important or notable places to develop stories. Otherwise, the rest is just (underground) city block after city block, each one looking like the other. I am doing the same and just give areas they are in random sector numbers.
  14. Didn't the Empire pretty much "find and kill" all of the Jedi? So doesn't that make it somewhat Rogue One-like as far as everyone not making it? Not sure it really fits canon by having a group of survivors walking around and not dying. Pretending a group of them will make it is sort of anti-canon. FaD typically has players as part of the Order or part of some secret Palpatine group. Another typical theme is everyone starts a Jedi. What if they were just ordinary people living their lives and having jobs? Then during some town meeting, some hooded figure walks through and points them out in a crowd, "THERE! The woman. That bartender!" (Some sort of mystic force jedi detection or test). Maybe everyone in town has to "take the test"? The ones who fail are locked away and not told why. While in captivity, everything is cryptic. Obscure tests are given (allowing them to use their minimal force powers to some extent). "Move this candle without touching it! Concentrate on this picture! Run this obstacle course!" In essence, THIS is their training. No typical padawan, no master. Like test subjects, they want to see who responds and how they respond. An npc or two are taken away and never seen again, adding to the mystery. But that might be too dark for your group's tastes. After that, it could go many ways. Could be an anti-Vader Imperial on the down-low. Could be the Emperor's plans. Could be a good group trying to identify and save force sensitives. PROs? Your players don't know which way it will go. They cannot foreshadow the ending. They don't know who to trust (adding intrigue and leading to a great reveal). They'll be ordinary people like Luke with gifts unknown to them at the time.
  15. Long-running Play-By-Post (PBP) page looking for new players (or, former players who have found time again to game!). Time requirement is checking in 3-4 times per week to post (daily if you're a GM). Especially convenient for player whose IRL groups don't meet frequently enough for their tastes. Game Openings include: A-Squad: specialist "A-Team" (1980's TV show) mercenary group trying to clear their name while doing good deeds in the Old Republic time shortly after the Sacking of Coruscant. (1 player needed) Galactic Race Circuit: galactic racing pit crew. Modding, promoting, driving, criminal underworld, crooked racers.......multiple tracks around the galaxy. (2-3 players needed) Scouts of the Republic: Clone War game. Playing Clone Troopers. See a clanker? Blast it! Scenarios mostly from the cartoon series. (1-2 players needed) Uprising: a Post-Hoth Age of Rebellion theme in the Anoat sector. Loosely based off of the never-released video game. (1 player needed) [Full Games that could open up]: Dark Academy: Students of Tyranny, Tales of the Old Republic (jedi), Dormant games that could be revived given enough player interest: Hyperlight Echoes: galactic cantina band making it on the cantina circuit while dealing with anti-alien politics and the underworld Various smaller games, some based on the published beginner games (Arda, Beyond the Rim, Escape from Mos Shuuta, etc...) Post in a game's OOC thread if interested. http://nemeses.xyz/gaming/phpBB3/index.php
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