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  1. Why would the "range one" tactic not work for the K-Wing? I believe it's because the K-wing still throws a two dice PWT attack out. Not quite as consistent as the TLT damage, but still capable of chipping away at your ships. At range 1, a K-wing would have a 3 die pwt attack.
  2. Clayjar

    Boba Fett Crew

    Same ruling with Integrated Astro and the EPT droid. Nothing happens. You don't lose the extra EPT. funnily enough if you discard Dash's HLC because he has Outrider, he is unable to attack.... like at all. No. When Dash loses his secondary weapon (cannon), he reverts back to his 2 die primary. The Outrider title even says if you have a cannon equipped, he cannot use his primary. But taking away his cannon means he no longer has a cannon equipped.
  3. Clayjar

    Tycho and Rage

    After a battle, I don't to want to piss Tycho off. He needs to let off alot of steam.
  4. It can work with Keyan if he has the B-wing/E2 title and Kanan as a crew member. Can work with Chewbacca or Lando with both Kanan and Ezra as crew.
  5. Go ghetto and glue a piece of a toothpick to your x-wing. Paint it.
  6. Friendly ships within range 1 of you, receives 1 extra hull at the beginning of combat. And the end of the End phase, remove the extra hull from each ship that received it. If the ship has 0 hull, it is then removed from play.
  7. Well there are plenty of ships to choose from. But if they want to do major changes, they can have another faction. LIke Alien faction where they can group the Chiss, Trade federation, Yuuzhan Vong, etc. Or the Sith Empire or Old Republic.
  8. C3-P0 and Jan Ors are crew that can help. But just having a mod that gives an evade token may be too powerful.
  9. You are using almost half of your squad points for a ship that can't do direct damage with its weapon.
  10. At the start of combat, you must make the pilot ability 12 and have to turn all hits into blanks and all crits into focus die after the initial roll. Discard this card when up against Han Solo. This is keeping in character in the movie post-1997.
  11. Given that, during the battle scene on Maz's planet we quite clearly see a TIE/sf firing out its rear, I think a rear firing arc is more than likely actually. That or we'll finally get a turret, since, you know, it has a turret. Except if you try to fire that turret in a 360 degree, you shoot off your wing panels http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/TIE/sf_space_superiority_fighter.
  12. I would like to see upgrade cards that affects the entire squad if certain conditions are met. For example having a card where if the whole squad is composed of all x-wings of 5 or less pilot ability, each can add a boost to their action bar. Something like that.
  13. Spending 2 pts for the title and Hera is waste on Keyan. You should do red maneuvers to put him in an attack position so he can spend his stress when he attacks.
  14. I seem to be in the camp that Inquisitor negates autothrusters because why word his ability as "treat the range of the attack as range 1." It suggests he gets all range 1 advantages which includes not activating autothrusters. I mean they might as well word Inquisitor's ability as just getting one additional attack die at range 2-3 if that is not the case.
  15. So many. Chewbacca, Dash, and Vessery. Though having 2 great IG-88s are great.
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