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  1. z0m4d

    WHAT DO!?

    That's not... The definition of Clickbait.Clickbait is like, "You won't BELIEVE how this player ONE SHOTTED FAT HAN!" or "MIND BLOWING build to make Scyks viable in all metas!" or even, "10 ways you can make your list building technique BETTER!" Your subject left one guessing what you could possibly be posting about with a title in all caps, exclamation point and question mark. You don't want it to be called clickbait. Fine. Could you please be more specific and less over-dramatizing in your subject lines? It just helps folks know which posts to read. Thanks, bud.
  2. z0m4d

    WHAT DO!?

    Clickbait. Subject: Family of 4, Only 3 Factions
  3. z0m4d

    Mini card storage

    I have many Broken Token storage solutions, but I'd rather have the convenience of flipping through the pages and seeing every card at a glance.
  4. z0m4d

    Mini card storage

    These just arrived yesterday, and they're far superior to the UltraPro 12-pocket sticker pages, any business card pages I've tried, or side loading the upgrade cards. You could fit multiples if you wanted into each slot, even sleeved, though I prefer only one each so I can see exactly how many I have. The cards don't slip out by inadvertent movement like other options, but will if you shake vigorously upside down. (But why do that?) Can't recommend highly enough. I've been waiting a long time for this solution.
  5. I want an incredibly powerful pilot for my favorite faction at a huge discount. So I can has moar winz.
  6. Obviously suitable for homebrew only, but -4 is too much. Damage is typically priced at 3 (hull) or 4 (shield) and this is only a 50% chance per round for 1 damage total. I'd make it a -2 discount as is. However, adding a crew slot to any ship is silly to me, so I'd say limit it so that it MUST take a crew slot that was already available. That opportunity cost can push the card back to -3 discount or possibly even -4.
  7. z0m4d

    Mini card storage

    My order just shipped. 5% discount code HAUMPH from Channel Fireball.
  8. z0m4d

    Mini card storage

    I've been waiting a long time for something like this. Just pre-ordered them.
  9. They were misled by their radical clergy. (Too much wine and moldy cheese.) Who's with me?
  10. z0m4d

    Episode 1-3 ships

    The CEO said, "More generally we're looking at the sort of game as it is, the Galactic Civil War going way forward". So Episodes VII-IX aren't hypocritical. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/114870-no-prequel-ships-settled/
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