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  1. If Han Solo in a YT-1300 has Wedge in his primary arc, but Biggs (with active ability) is at R1 of Wedge, outside of Han's primary arc at R2, can Han decide to say "I'm ignoring my Turret Primary Weapon" and target Wedge? I thought we had a ruling or something in the FAQ about this that basically said "Nope, Turret Primary Weapon is not a choice". Since Turret Primary Weapons and Auxiliary Firing Arcs share practically the exact same rules text, I don't see why one would allow a choice and not the other.
  2. I'm not sure I agree... Unless I'm mistaken, it is well established that a ship with a Turret Primary Weapon does not have the option of limiting its attack to its Primary Arc. For example: If Biggs is out of arc, and your desired target is in your primary arc, you must still attack Biggs. The wording is almost exactly the same as the Auxiliary Firing Arc. From the Rules Reference:
  3. If you think the way your opponent has his squad identified, painted or modified might be a problem, talk to your opponent about it. If you can't reach an agreement with your opponent, talk to a TO about it. No matter what FFG meant by the things they put in the rules, the final interpretation and decision will come from the TO. IMO, this is one of the more useless "rules" discussions this forum has seen... And god knows there are some useless threads that go on for pages and pages.
  4. Taking a step back for a second here... Does anyone really care? Has this ever really been a problem? Or are we just arguing for the fun of it?
  5. Yes, that was covered in the most recent FAQ.
  6. Play more, it'll average out. Every I feel like the dice screwed me over during a game on VASSAL, I'll run the data through Lady Luck and... it's never really that unbalanced.
  7. Don't you get it man, everyone's been wrong for years! WAKE UP SHEEPLE !!
  8. I was under the impression that part had been settled... AFAIK, the second part of the card is not dependant on the first. The card doesn't say "When [...], you may [...]. then [...]" nor does it say "When [...], you may [...]. If you do, [...]."
  9. In case you missed it, my comment was sarcastic. Very sarcastic. I thought the hashtag would be a big enough hint
  10. lol, so typical. Using a logical fallacy to call out someone using logical fallacies... #LEARN2DEBATZ
  11. No, it's just that, in X-Wing, "rolling 0 dice" is still a roll. Similarly, you can spend a focus to change 0 eye results (eg: for Garven), or spend a stress to change 0 eye results (Keyan), etc.
  12. I'm not sure what you're getting at here exactly... If someone drops a Proximity Mine (or other similar bomb) on your stressed ship before it activates, your ship suffers a crit that makes it's turns red, and then reveals a turn: your ship effectively revealed a red maneuver while stressed and will be forced to perform a white 2 straight. If your stressed ship performs a hard turn and the maneuver template overlaps a Proximity Mine (or other similar bomb) while performing the maneuver : the effect of the critical damage does not affect the difficulty of the maneuver.
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