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  1. @Undeadguy vs @jp82729 round 2 match ends in a 800 -425 (8-3) win for me. Great game with a lot of dice flying both ways. Unfortunately, I didn't split the log file, so the size was too large for Vassal to save. But here was the final board state: We played my blockade run and basically lined up across from each other in firing lines. Engagement happened on turn 3. All four of my Vics unloaded their disposable capacitors on two ISDs and were able to take one down and severely cripple a second. Turn 4 had his squads ravage my flagship, wiping it out while I took out another ISD. Turn 5 we traded one more ISD for a Vic, and then his flagship was picked off by some rear Vic shots and the Quasar. 40 ponts were scored for my 2 destroyed ships while nobody made it into the end zone.
  2. @themightyhedgehog vs @jp82729 was a 664 - 255 victory for myself (8-3, 409 MoV) HH was first player and chose my contested outpost. An alpha strike from several of my dcap Vics was able to cripple two of the MC80s on turn two, and take them down on turn three. The remaining MC80s were able to pick off two Vics in return, but a 6-squad strike from my Quasar and some hot dice allowed my squadrons to pick off a good chunk of the Rebel squads. The last turns were the Quasar drifting around the station to keep it under Imperial control. Crazy game with a good opponent, thanks for the game @themightyhedgehog Log file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/116MTILDl2TflyDR572PgEuOoBCZCt-Ux/view?usp=sharing
  3. Average Median Max Min Bid 3.95 0.5 20 0 Ships 4.86 5 6 4 Squads 8.91 8.5 18 0 Deployments 9.27 9 13 6 Activations 5.41 5 7 4
  4. Ran some quick numbers on this insanity: Average Max Min Bid 3.95 20 0 Ships 4.86 6 4 Squads 8.91 18 0 Deployments 9.27 13 6 Activations 5.41 7 4
  5. @jp82729 vs @Visovics good game with a good opponent. Result is a 222-8 win for myself. I went first, and selected planetary ion cannon as the objective With deployment and activation advantage Thrawn’s ISD and Arqs were able to continuously avoid any black range shots from the twin Kuats. It took multiple volleys from Thrawn’s ships due to a lot of obstruction tech, but they were able to bring down the non-flagship ISD and Raider.
  6. I think the hard part would be how to check to see if it gets damage on maneuver. I only see two options, and neither seem very good. Option 1 - If the maneuver template overlaps an obstacle after you lock in. This seems kind of strange since the maneuver template is to the side of the ship and not in front like X-Wing. So a ship flying too close to a asteroid may have the template overlap the asteroid even when the ship does not. Option 2 - Check the position of the ship at each joint to see if it overlaps at any of them. This would probably be cumbersome, and there is a chance that the ship could overlap the same obstacle at multiple joints.
  7. Some quick analysis of the Fleet Patrol fleets: Bid Average: 6.75 Maximum: 34 Deployments Average: 6.45 Minimum: 3 Maximum: 11 Activations (includes Strategic Advisers) Average: 4.9 Minimum: 2 Maximum: 7
  8. This seems like it would be a big boon to squadron heavy lists against large ship lists. I can see situations where you would be down 3 commands and be able to activate 2 flotillas + a carrier in a row (for example, 2 Gozantis + Quasar or 2 GR75s + Yavaris). That's going to wipe out an opponent's squads pretty quickly.
  9. The fifth defense token under the contain looks to be a brace that is probably for Gar Saxon.
  10. Spending a token gives the same effect as a dial? With Tarkin, you could generate 2 full dial effects (at a minimum).
  11. Enjoying using this app, thanks for all your work. I had a few additional comments: - Any chance you can add the spoiled content from wave 7? - Looks like there are two copies of each version of the MC80 Liberty in the Rebel ship list. - When adding a new squadron, is it possible to get an option to sort the squad lists by type to group squads of the same chassis together? (for example, grouping Mauler, Howlrunner, Valen, Black and generic TIE together)
  12. I’d like to sign up as a non-prequalified. My local time is GMT -5 (East Coast, USA) Weekend evenings are usually the best, but I can make weekday nights other than Tuesday work if arranged in advance. I don’t play anyone in particular regularly. I am not prequalfied.
  13. This might be what you are looking for: http://www.cogotwo.com/armada-compatible/armada-movement-rulers-detail
  14. Gets to be unnecessarily complicated, but at the very least, it seems like there should be different damage applied depending on the colliding ship sizes. For example: Large x Large - deal both a face down damage card Large x Medium - deal both a face down damage card Large x Small - deal a face down damage card to the small ship, and deal one damage to the large ship (can be applied to shields if any remain) Large x Flotilla - no damage to the large, deal one face up to the flotilla
  15. Aurora is definitely a good benchmark to follow, and the app looks good so far! I did have a few suggestions though: - Unless I'm missing it, there needs a way to duplicate ships. - Using the +/- to duplicate squads is a little tedious. Need to press "+" every time to increase by one in the little pop-up menu. It would be nicer to just have +/- buttons without the pop-up menu. - Currently takes 2 steps to add an upgrade cards to a ship. Step 1 is selecting from the list, then step 2 is pressing "Add". I know Aurora does it in one step by including more card details in the list.
  16. Looks like there is a Leia as well: https://www.ebay.com/i/272878152661
  17. A tight win for@Maturin to finish up the final game of round 3. Playing opening salvo, Tycho took the final pot shot of the game on my ISD to swing a 208-206 Imperial victory into a 281-208 loss! Overall a fun game with a good opponent.
  18. Kuat is probably going to be the new go-to base for Avengers.
  19. Kuat Refit + Opening Salvo + Devastator + External Racks + Concentrate Fire = 17 dice with a max of 28 damage. I believe that is a new high (however unlikely).
  20. @Undeadguy with a 9-2 win over me (311-81, 230 MOV). He out fleet ambushed me pretty easily.
  21. Only played a few random single Vassal games here and there, but I would like to give this a try.
  22. As he doesn't have any strategic, I would also agree with ion cannons. Try to set up the first token in a position where it will barely clip Bright Hope in the first round and cover its potential flight paths for the second round. Hopefully that will be enough to take it out I would use the remaining two tokens to fortify around your setup position.
  23. Yeah, the Imperial march, klaxon and various Vader quotes will definitely be on the playlist.
  24. So I've opened up one of my Star Destroyers with the intent of lighting the engines, and while waiting for the parts to come in decided to try something else. https://www.amazon.com/Groove-Cube-Smallest-Wireless-Bluetooth/dp/B014I0BZ7Y Had one of these small Bluetooth speakers lying around. Once out of the housing, the PCB, battery and speaker fit perfectly inside of the Star Destroyer. Once I get the lighting installed, I will be able to glue it in place. Here it a video of it in action. It's actually decently loud. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDuoEPOPY0g&feature=youtu.be
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