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  1. I don't think you can. On page 3 of the Corellian Conflict manual in the "Short Player Edges Diagram", only the 3 foot short ends of play area are defined as the team edges. The sides are not defined as the team edges, so you wouldn't be able to deploy only touching the side. Best might be able to do is deploy in the corner and use your first few turns to maneuver into a blocking position.
  2. A local player in my area has had some success utilizing them as long range snipers (at lease for one shot). Typical load out would be something along these lines: Raider II-Class Corvette (48 points)- Veteran Gunners ( 5 points) - Disposable Capacitors ( 3 points) - Heavy Ion Emplacements ( 9 points) = 65 total ship cost You could also switch out vet gunners for gunnery team to get 2 shots off, but you would need to be confident in your blue dice to get that HIE crit.
  3. The upgrade cards also look to be nearly the same size as the squadron/objective cards, so I would take any scaling in this image with a grain of salt.
  4. As of now, there's nothing in the rules as of now to prevent you from taking both Lando and Han squadrons in the same list.
  5. Here's another question though: would the ship need to be at speed 1 to do this? JJ says "change the first yaw value of its current speed to 'II'". So if the ship is at speed 2, you've only affected the first click of speed 2, and not the speed 1 maneuver that will be used by Ozzel.
  6. Seems like it should be possible to use JJ during the Ozzel maneuver. From the rules reference (Ship Movement section): To execute a maneuver with a ship, its owner proceeds through the following steps: Determine Course Move Ship Making the Ozzel maneuver requires you to enter the determine course step and JJ can be triggered during the determine course step.
  7. Curse you Amazon for feeding my plastic spaceship addiction!
  8. Executor II will also be able to get to 11 red dice (technically the quad turbolaser die is not rolled, and you would need an accuracy in the original roll): Executor II - 5 red Opening Salvo - +2 red Spinals - +1 red Concentrate fire dial& token + Ravager - +2 red Quad turbolaser cannons - +1 red ...and an ISD II can get 12 blues: ISD II - 4 blue Devastator - +4 blue Concentrate fire - +1 blue Opening Salvo - +2 blue QBT - +1 blue Max I get for blacks is 10: Forgot Sato! itzSteve has it below. MC75 ordnance front - 3 black Opening salvo - +2 black Concentrate fire - +1 black External racks - +2 black Expanded launchers - +2 black
  9. Technically, you could still activate engine techs if you did decide to then spend the token ( you would miss out on the extra yaw afforded by the dial though). Seeing as you are not going to spend the token, you are correct - no engine techs this turn. Just spending the original nav dial to get the token is not enough to trigger engine techs. You didn't spend the dial to resolve the command, you only spent it to get a matching token. If you check page 5 of the rules reference, upgrade cards with the command icon as a header can only be resolved when the ship is resolving the matching command.
  10. I can see a case where the star cruiser might be a platform to use NK7s. It is quite a bit of points to put into a sometimes fragile platform though. MC80 Star Cruiser (96 points)- Mon Karren ( 8 points) - Intel Officer ( 7 points) - Caitken and Shollan ( 6 points) - Quad Battery Turrets ( 5 points) - X17 Turbolasers ( 6 points) - NK-7 Ion Cannons ( 10 points) Shooting at a large ship (for example, an ISD), assuming they spend only the brace due to Mon Karren it will be dumped to the intel officer. If they aren't careful and discard a contain for the NK7s, they are left with the two redirects which are almost useless because of XI7s. Shooting against smaller non-bracing/ECM ships, you still have enough flexibility in the blues and C&S to generate accuracies to lock down evades.
  11. On page 11: "Players who won a battle during the Battle Phase have the opportunity to construct a new base or outpost at the location of that battle." I don't see why not. The only limitations seem to be: A battle took place at the outpost you want to upgrade (can't just upgrade any Rebel outpost) Rebel player won the battle Rebels wouldn't be going over the limit on number of bases they can have (depends on the number of players)
  12. By bonus objectives I assume you are referring to Asteroids, Nebula Outskirts and Independent Station? These only come into play when the battle is taking place at an unoccupied or Rebel presence location (objectives for bases or special assaults are different). Each location on the map should have a box with the pertinent objectives for that location. Here are some examples: "+3 objective cards" - The attacker gets to choose from the defender's 3 standard objective cards. "+2 objective cards, Asteroids" - The defender chooses two of his standard objectives and adds the Asteroids objective. The attacker then gets to choose from these 3. "Nebula Outskirts, Independent Station" - The attacker can only choose from these two objectives. The defender's 3 standard objectives are not used.
  13. @CommanderDave and I just finished up our game. I knew it was going to be an uphill battle, but it turned out to be more of an Everest than a hill! Final was 328 - 125 for Dave (203 MoV, 8-3) Destroyed on my side: Screed's ISD, non-Vader Gozanti, Ciena and Valen (+7 tokens) Destroyed on Dave's side: Demo, Ciena, Firespray I chose his Fighter Ambush as first player. His Demo and Interdictor both split wide on the first turn, giving me no good choice. I decided to turn towards Demo, which I though I had a better chance of heading off. Dave's squad ball was able to pick off Screed's ISD fairly quickly even though it was repairing almost from the get go. The non-flagship ISD managed to run down Demo late in the game, and we traded a few squads. Very well played on Dave's part.
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